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Let’s compare two well-known ecommerce shopping carts. In this AbanteCart vs PrestaShop review we will compare extensions, themes, features, and more.

AbanteCart Vs PrestaShop: 9 Differences (Easy Choice)

Let’s find out a few things about both shopping carts. 

AbanteCart was founded in 2010 and it is a New Jersey-based e-commerce technology and business solution provider that was created by Pavel Rojkov.

PrestaShop was founded by Bruno Lévêque and Igor Schlumberger in 2007. PrestaShop is a free, open source e-commerce solution that currently has over 250,000 ecommerce shops worldwide.


Extensions – Extensions extend the abilities of your website. 

PrestaShop offers over 3000 free and paid plugins for your website. You have plugins to help you customize your storefront, increase your site traffic, improve conversion rates, and more. The only downside to PS is that some of the paid extensions are expensive. Some of the most popular plugins are Amazon Market Place, PayPal Official, SEO Export,  Google Merchant Center (Google Shopping) Module, Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro Module, and Advanced Search 4.

AbanteCart does not offer even close to the same amount of extensions that PrestaShop has to offer. AbanteCart has less extensions by a long shot but their paid extensions are cheaper than PS. Some of the most popular plugins are Whitelabel AbanteCart, FoxY Customization Theme, SEO Google XML Sitemap, Ellie Customization Theme, Simply Stylish Responsive Template, Payumoney Payment Extension (india), and AddThis Social Media Buttons.



When you have an online store, your design says a lot about who you are. Your website design can result in a sale or a potential customer leaving your site.

PrestaShop offers their customers thousands of beautiful templates to choose from. Not only can you purchase themes from their website but you can also purchase themes all around the web.

AbanteCart offers 34 themes from their website that customers can purchase. If anyone compares themes they will easily notice that PrestaShop themes are more attractive.


Footer text

With AbanteCart you have to pay to remove the Powered by AbanteCart text at the bottom of your site. This footer can be removed for $15 by purchasing the Whitelabel AbanteCart extension. Links pointing to another business is going to be detrimental to your business. This is why the Whitelabel extension is the most popular extension that they have to offer. This is one advantage that PrestaShop has for AbanteCart.



Both shopping carts are free to use. However, you will need web hosting. SiteGround offers a cheap monthly website hosting price of $3.95.



In the competitive world of ecommerce, SEO should always be a priority. When you host your platform with SiteGround you will get the benefits of using their multiple data centers and their 300ms page load speed.

Also, both shopping carts offer SEO extensions to boost your websites SEO. Just as I mentioned in my OpenCart Vs PrestaShop review, there is no real winner in the battle of SEO. However, more features can help you. When it comes to increasing SEO check out your themes, extensions, number of pages, permalink structure, and more.



Virtual blogging equipment is always needed for your website. For years one thing that AbanteCart has been missing is a blog module. They have finally heard the cries of their customers and they have given their customers a blog module.

Blogging generates traffic, highlights your products, gives your site a boost in the search engine, and helps you gain email subscribers. Never mitigate the affects of a blog on your online store. PrestaShop has many blogging extensions to choose from.


Feature comparison

PrestaShop features

  • 50+ world-class payment solutions and gateways.
  • Seamless customer checkout
  • Product image zoom
  • Multiple images for each product with automatic image resizing.
  • Enable SSL
  • Connected to Extensions
  • Affiliates System
  • Powerful set of integrations
  • Powerful Store Builder
  • Product cloning
  • Tax Exempt for tax rates or Customer Groups


AbanteCart features

  • Responsive HTML5 template
  • Automatic Image Resizing
  • Downloadable/Digital Products
  • Products Viewed/Purchased & Sales report
  • Custom blocks with custom data
  • Discount Coupon System
  • Mobile-friendly storefront for Google
  • HTML cache Beta
  • API Enabled
  • Multiple Tax Rates and zones
  • Orders monitoring by email



Both platforms give you the ability to handle thousands of website visitors. Especially when you host with SiteGround, hosting bandwidth will not be an issue at all.

Check out SiteGround.



It doesn’t matter which platform you are using. The larger platform is usually going to have more support options. PrestaShop is the larger and older platform which means they have a larger community to help you.

You have more extensions, docs, guides, and you will love their forum. AbanteCart offers a forum as well.  They also offer many how-to articles and manuals for their customers.


Which is better?

Both are great shopping carts, but I find PrestaShop to be a more organized platform. PrestaShop offers more of everything and this is why I recommend it over AbanteCart.

PrestaShop offers more website designs, built-in features, and extensions. It is the more established platform. AbanteCart is still growing. When you do a keyword research it is clear that more people are choosing PS.

You can actually test both platforms for yourself and see which one you like best. All you need is hosting. SiteGround offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Below I will help you to set up your PS or AC site today in 5 minutes using SiteGround hosting.


Start SiteGround here. (60% off)

Follow the step-by-step sign up process and then install the PrestaShop platform in your hosting cPanel. It is that easy.


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