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I began angel investing virtually by accident, which appears strange to say.

I began angel investing virtually by accident, which appears strange to say.

Who “accidentally” invests tens of thousands of cash into extremely speculative projects? Well, I did.

A friend launched me to Clayton Christopher, who had been increasing cash for their latest liquor company Deep Eddy. Their particular basic items, a sweet teas vodka, was incredible and then he had been a professional business person, thus I gone in.

Investment was actually a thrilling, interesting techniques.

Then your business shot to popularity, and I also got to inform folks i am aware that I dedicated to that new vodka that everybody in Austin got consuming. Successful is the best intoxicant, and from that point, I became hooked.

I started investing in businesses left and correct. I became a huge supporter for angel investments. We wrote about how precisely big it had been, I recommended anyone do so and helped a bunch of individuals begin.

You will find completely give up angel investing, and I’m suggesting to never begin.

Be obvious: Angel investing as a hobby is excellent. If the right anyone exercise in the correct manner, great agencies are manufactured and everyone gains. I’m maybe not treating my situation on task it self, best on who must be carrying it out.

By the end of the section, my hope is you will understand four affairs:

  1. Precisely why we stopped positively angel spending
  2. Why you should never furfling Zoeken beginning angel spending
  3. Whom should-be carrying out angel investing
  4. Do the following as an alternative (and how to invest if you must angel spend)

My Angel Investing Background Tucker Max. (Image: Randy Stewart/Flickr)