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Web Hosting

Many people wonder which one is better out of DigitalOcean vs HostGator web hosting. Shared hosting or unmanaged VPS. After this review of DigitalOcean and HG, you will see that the choice is not hard at all.

DigitalOcean Vs HostGator: 8 Differences (Easy Choice)

Here is an introduction of both companies.

DigitalOcean is an American virtual private server provider based in New York City, which was founded in 2011 by Ben and Moisey Uretsky.

HostGator is a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting which was founded in 2002 by Brent Oxley.


Which hosting is easier to use for newbies?


DO is not for everybody. With DO you have to learn and know how to handle your own servers. That means you have to read numerous DigitalOcean tutorials on how to protect your servers, how to stop spam, how to protect against DoS and DDoS, how to set up and test firewalls, how to set up SSH keys, you have to understand service auditing, and more. I’m not saying it’s going to be hard, but these are some of the things you are going to have to know and do. That is why for beginners the best choice would be to choose Hostgator.



HostGator handles all the difficult tasks for you. It’s basically a ready to go hosting kit. Having used HG I never touched a thing and they handled my security perfectly and I never ever ran into a problem. HostGator is protected from DDoS attack (UDP flood), they have brute force protection enabled, and more. This is a great benefit of having shared hosting. You can easily set up your site in minutes. The interface is simple to understand and everything is just one click away.


Prices and plans

HostGator has 3 different plans. I recommend the Baby Plan because you will receive an unlimited amount of domains for when you make other sites. The cheaper you pay in advance the cheaper the price, that is why paying in advance is always the wisest choice because you are going to pay for it anyway. With the Hatchling Plan for $8.76 you can start your journey. Below I have listed coupon codes.

     Hatchling Plan                           Baby Plan                       Business Plan 

  • Single Domain                        Unlimited Domain           Unlimited Domains
  • One Click Installs                   One Click Installs             One Click Installs
  • Unmetered Bandwidth         Unmetered Bandwidth    Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Shared SSL Certificate          Shared SSL Certificate     Private SSL & IP & Tool Free #
  • 3 Years – $5.56/mo*              3 Years – $7.96/mo*         3 Years – $11.96/mo*
  • 2 Years – $6.36/mo*             2 Years – $8.76/mo*         2 Years – $12.76/mo*
  • 1 Year – $7.16/mo*                1 Year – $9.56/mo*            1 Years – 13.56/mo*
  • 6 Months – $8.76/mo*        6 Months – $9.56/mo*      6 Months – 13.56/mo*
  • Monthly – $8.76/mo*           Monthly – $9.56/mo*       Monthly – 13.56/mo*

BLOGGER100 – 1 free month

WPBLOGGER25 – 25% off


DO has 10 plans. These are the first set, the others are the high volume plans.  You can check both monthly and hourly pricing. For all WPVsBlogger readers here is a DigitalOcean $10 credit.

digitalocean monthly pricing plan


When it comes to pricing although it is close, Hostgator wins and here is why. Although DO has a $5 a month plan I wouldn’t choose it because it will only offer you 512MB of memory.


Storage space and bandwidth 

With HG you are not charged according to the amount of disk space or bandwidth you use. You will have unlimited bandwidth and you will also have unlimited storage space. DigitalOcean has some limitation in this area. You have to think about the future. If one was to choose DO it would be best if they choose the $10 plan and up.


Here are some features


  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
  • Instantly install over 75 open-source scripts with just a click!
  • Website Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, Referrer and Error Logs
    Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Portals, Forums, Counters, and Formmail
  • Web Based File Manager, Hotlink Protection, IP Deny Manager, Redirect URL
  • $100 Google Adwords and Bing Offer
  • Unlimited Sub Domains,
  • Unlimited Sub FTP Accounts
  • 4,500 Free Website Templates



  • SSD Hard Drives
  • Simple Control Panel
  • API V2
  • IPv6
  • CoreOS
  • FreeBSD
  • 55 Second Provisioning


Which has better support?


The better support is going to be Hostgator. Having used HG I have nothing but good things to say about their knowledgeable support staff. One time a plugin broke my blog and right away I called HG and they quickly fixed the problem for me. Any problem that you might have they can handle it for you.

Things like that rarely happen, but if that was to happen with DigitalOcean a beginner would be dead meat because it is your job to fix it on your own. Along with 24/7/365 phone support Hostgator offers live support, forums, ticket support, tutorials, Twitter support, and since HG has a larger community you are going to get more help from others.



DigitalOcean only offers their customers ticket support, tutorials, and forums. They lack in the phone support and live chat department, but I must say that I was impressed by their ticket support. They were able to give me detailed answers to my questions in an extremely short amount of time. They might not have the other support features, but what they do have they excel in.


Hosted sites

Total sites using hostGator – 2887553

Total sites using DigitalOcean –  134279


Both have awesome uptime and you should never worry about reliability. 

HG 99.99% uptime

DO 99.98% uptime


Which to pick?

I strongly believe that the best choice for beginners or experts is going to be HostGator. With DigitalOcean you are going to have a lot to learn. HG is easier to set up and use. You are going to have no problem setting up your site in minutes today. They have more support, better prices, more space, etc.

I am not saying that DigitalOcean sucks because it is an awesome unmanaged VPS provider, but if you don’t want to have to worry about managing your own server, then DO is not for you. If you are new to blogging, then DO is not for you unless you want to handle everything.


My top hosting recommendation is SiteGround.

You are given a free domain for life, 300ms load response time, more features, 4 to 5 minute setup time, 99.99% uptime, and it is way cheaper than HostGator.


Create a site with SiteGround and start ranking in 5 minutes today.

1. Start hosting at 60% off ($3.95/mo.)

2. Choose the start up plan.

3. Make a domain.

4. Enter your information in. 

5. Their WordPress preinstall wizard automatically installs WordPress.

6. You are now on the web. 


Quote – You have to dream heard, wish big and chase after your goals because no one else is going to do it for you.
Web Hosting
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