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Web Hosting

Many people ask does Bluehost charge monthly or all at once and the answer is that there is no option on their website to pay month to month, but I have some important things to tell those seeking to start a website.

Does Bluehost Charge Monthly? 5 Important Things To Know


Let’s start out by finding out information about Bluehost.

Founded in 1996 Bluehost is one of the largest and most popular web hosting companies and it is owned by Endurance International Group.


1. BH does have a low monthly cost. 

Many people see that Bluehost is 4 bucks a month and get excited and think all I have to pay is 4 dollars. The truth is all you do have to pay is 4 bucks a month, but you have to pay for it in advance. There are no Bluehost hidden fees or other fees. All it is, is that you are paying for the service upfront. If you are going to end up paying for it anyway, then should it matter that you pay for it in advance?


2. One of the reasons that I still recommend that you go with BH is that you are given a free domain with your sign up.

Bluehost does what many hosting companies don’t do. They give you a free domain name upon your purchase with them.


3. Another reason that I recommend that you choose BH is that other companies are going to cost you more.

Most hosting companies who charge month to month are not at the same quality as Bluehost and it’s going to cost you around 10-12 dollars.


4. You also have another option when it comes to hosting. 

Although it is cheaper to pay in advance I know that some people would rather pay every month because a monthly price will be cheaper for the moment, some people don’t have the money at the moment, and some newbies are kind of afraid. If this is you I understand and I’ve been there before.

Having started many websites and working with different hosting companies I would recommend that you go with the Bluehost 3 year plan, but once again if you would not like to pay the BH yearly plan that is understandable. Below I will help you out with finding a solution for your dilemma.


5. If you want your site up and running today for less than 9 dollars a month, then why not try HG.

Maybe you would actually like to use Bluehost, but you would not like to pay monthly, then check out HostGator. HG is the same thing as BH and they are both run by the same company. They both have a flexible and user-friendly control panel. They both have unmetered bandwidth. With both you are given a 45 day money back guarantee and also with both companies you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

The only difference between the two is that with HG you get to pay monthly instead of yearly and with HG you will not get a free domain name when you sign up. I’ve used HostGator and have nothing, but great things to say about them. Simple to use, great service & support, fast website, and more.

I recommend the baby plan because you get unlimited domains, but you can also go with the hatchling plan which will cost you $8.76 a month. So for $8.76 you get to start your website today and you will get one domain, one click installs, unmetered bandwidth, shared SSL certificate, free offers, and more.


Make your site today it will take less than 25 minutes. 

If you want to pay monthly, then buy HostGator here.

If you would like to use BH, click this link to receive a discount and a step by step tutorial for starting your WordPress blog with BH.


Quote – If you know what you want, blogging can get it for you. But you need to want something beyond blogging. Use your blog to figure out who you are and what you are good at and who the best people are for you to connect with.
Web Hosting
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