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When it comes to website building there are always people who wonder, out of Dreamweaver vs Muse, which is the better Adobe product for me? I will help you make the right choice today.

Dreamweaver Vs Muse: 7 Differences Between Them

1. Who should use which?

DW- Dreamweaver is for people who want the nitty-gritty. It’s for programmers and code junkies. If you’re a techie and you are in love with HTML and CSS then Dreamweaver is for you.

AM- Some people hate to code. If you’re a web designer and you are not into coding, then you are better off going with Muse. Muse allows you to be what you want to be and that is a designer. If you are used to InDesign you will see that the interface is similar.


2. Code learning

Learning Dreamweaver is not what you need to do to get started. If you want to be effective on DW you must learn to write and edit HTML, CSS, and other code. Once you do this DW will become easier for you. You will also find that Dreamweaver helps you with learning code.

With Muse you will never have to see a code and this satisfies many people, but not all people. If you want to be able to edit the HTML inside Muse, then you will be very disappointed.


3. What are the price differences?

Adobe Muse CC is going to cost you $14.99 monthly.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC is going to cost you $19.99 monthly.

You also have the option of buying Adobe Creative Cloud which gives you everything for $49.99, which is what I recommend for serious designers, developers, and Adobe fanatics.

Check out Adobe Creative Cloud.


Some of the things you get wth CC

  • Adobe Dreamweaver® CC
  • Adobe Muse CC
  • Adobe Flash Professional CC
  • Adobe Illustrator® CC
  • Adobe InDesign® CC
  • Adobe Edge Animate
  • Adobe Edge Web Fonts
  • Adobe Extension Manager
  • ExtendScript Toolkit


4. Which one creates better code?

DW for the most part creates better code than Muse. Don’t forget that with Dreamweaver you always have the option to edit it and clean it up.

Although this statement can mean something different to different people it is well-known that Muse doesn’t create clean code. You will find that the Muse code is very messy and there is more code then necessary. AM was never meant to create a better code, but what it does have is better design tools. If you are just looking for the quickest way to design something then Muse is for you.


5. Dreamweaver features
  • Responsive design
  • Device Preview
  • Extract with batch export
  • Improved code editor with Emmet support and linting
  • Live View
  • Improved FTP performance
  • Edge Web Fonts
  • jQuery UI Widget


6. Muse features
  • Adobe Typekit fonts
  • New Adobe add-ons
  • HiDPI support for Windows
  • Secure FTP auto-detection
  • reCAPTCHA spam protection
  • Rebuilt with 64-bit support
  • SVG import
  • Dark UI
  • Self-hosted web fonts
  • Single click bulleted and numbered lists
  • New Effects panel
  • Layers panel improvements


7. Out of Adobe Muse and Dreamweaver which one has responsive capabilities?

This is important because you have to check to see how will your site work on different devices. Muse does not have responsive capabilities. With DW the responsive feature is not a problem. In fact, there are many DW tutorials that teach you how to make your website responsive.


Which one is easier for beginners?

DW is for Pro web developers so of course it is going to be harder than AM. Adobe Muse makes it simple to create a website. It even includes pre-built widgets such as accordion menus, dropdown navigation, slideshows, and lightboxes that you can drag and drop onto pages.


If you want to use both you can.

They both have their own strengths and weaknesses. Some people are using both. Some want the power of Dreamweaver and some people want the easiness of Muse.

In my honest opinion I feel like they should have combined them both instead of making them separate. I feel like Adobe left some features out of Muse so people would buy them both.


Are you struggling with time?

Time is a problem because some of us don’t have that much time. If you don’t know code and don’t have the time to learn how to code, then DW is definitely not the best choice for you because it has a steep learning curve.


Here is what it all comes down to.

DW- If you want to create something more robust, then go with DW. If you want to create a bigger site, then go with DW. If you need and want full coding functions, then go with DW. If HTML and CSS doesn’t scare you then buy Dreamweaver here.

AM- Use Muse if you have little to no coding knowledge. If you want a fun and easy to make static site or hobby site then go with Muse. Because of the limitations of Muse I would never use it for any commercial or professional sites. Buy Adobe Muse.


If you want a better option besides these choose WordPress

If you are a beginner and you want the best and easiest option, then I recommend WordPress which powers over 25% of all websites.

It gives you over 30K plugin features, ecommerce features, no coding is needed, larger community, it is free and all you need is hosting, it offers better SEO and they offer SEO plugins, it only takes 5 minutes to create a site. If you want to create your website or business today in 5 minutes or less, then you need to choose WordPress.

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I love what Adobe Muse has done with the software, in a comparison I think Muse could be a leader in web design and development.

I’m a Web/Graphic Designer and a Web Developer and I really love using this product. I’m very comfortable using it.

Dreams don’t work unless you do. John C. Maxwell.

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