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eHost Vs SiteGround

Web Hosting

Have you been searching for the best web hosting company for your next blog? I have compared eHost vs SiteGround and I found that between these two the choice should not be hard at all.

eHost Vs SiteGround: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)

You will see why the choice is clear and I will even aid you in starting up your website today.


  • eHost is a US-based hosting company, which was started in 1996.
  • SiteGround is a leading web hosting service that was founded in 2004


Free domain comparison. Tie

Both eHost and SiteGround offer free domain names for .com, .org, .net, .info, etc. This is a huge advantage when choosing one of these companies.


Data center comparisons. SiteGround

There is a huge difference when it comes to the datacenters. partners with CyrusOne to house all of their servers. Currently, all of their servers are hosted in their Houston, Tx data center.

One of the things I love about SiteGround is that you are able to choose your datacenter for faster website speed. SiteGround has servers in datacenters in 4 countries including Amsterdam, Chicago, London, and Singapore. Because of their servers on different continents your website will be faster which helps you get a boost in the search engines.


Pricing comparison: eHost

This is where it gets a little interesting and here is why. Both companies offer very cheap hosting plans, but eHost has a chance to be cheaper and here is why.


eHost is $2.75/mo, but to get hosting at this price you have to pay 36 months in advance. I always recommend paying annually for a cheaper price. Although I don’t recommend it you also have the option of paying monthly which jumps the price to $7.00/mo. They also have a 12 month $4.99/mo plan and a 2 year $3.49/mo plan. At the end of the day they offer good plans and their 36 month plan is attractive.


SiteGround offers hosting for $3.95/mo. Although this is very cheap and attractive as well it is not cheaper than the eHost $2.75 plan. But we have to remember that the eHost $2.75/mo plan is a 36 month plan.


Performance comparison: SiteGround


SiteGround currently has a 99.99% monthly uptime and they even display their monthly uptime on their website for people to see which gives you more assurance. You hear nothing, but good things about SiteGround.


eHost has a 99.98% monthly uptime which is great, but it is slightly lower than SiteGround. You might notice slight downtime, which some users have complained about, but for the most part many are satisfied with their service.

When it comes to performance EH is decent for beginners, but I couldn’t recommend it over SG because SG has a higher tested uptime rating, more datacenters, and more top bloggers are using it, which says something about their reliability. I don’t know of any top bloggers who are using eHost.


Review comparison: SiteGround

Out of a 5 star scale with 15 verified reviewers eHost scored a 3.7 star rating, which is good, but not great.

On the same 5 star scale with over 600 verified customers SiteGround scored a 4.6 star rating.

“eHost” Google monthly keyword searches 12,100

“SiteGround” Google monthly keyword searches 60,500.


Features comparisons: Tie

They both have the same basic features, but SiteGround has a bit more features that you won’t typically see a hosting company offer.

eHost features

  • High Performance Load Balanced Servers
  • 24×7 Network Monitoring
  • Virus Checking
  • Enhanced Security Suite
  • Free Online Store
  • Free Cloud Storage Account
  • Visitor Statistics/Site Traffic Reporting
  • Extensive Online Help Center
  • Step-by-Step Tutorials


SiteGround features

  • Servers on Three Continents
  • Free CDN for extra site speed with each account.
  • Full SSD Storage
  • Unique Account Isolation
  • Free Daily Backup
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Spam experts
  • Free PCI Compliance
  • Free SSH and SFTP Access
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • WordPress Special Cache
  • SuperCacher


Support comparison: SiteGround

Both companies do a superb job in offering 24/7 phone support so you can talk to their associates whenever a problem might arise. If you are more of a live chat person you will be happy to know that both eHost and SiteGround offer fast live chat response times.

When it comes to phone, chat, and email support they are the same. SiteGround has slightly more articles and they have meetups going on all the time. This is huge because you get to meet other SG users and members from SiteGround.

It seems more like a family and shows trustworthiness. There is a good chance they are coming to your area. Check to see here.


Which should you choose?

SiteGround is better built for hosting and it is far more popular than EH. eHost is not a bad company, but it is not on the same level as SiteGround and it is not as trustworthy. I can only recommend the top companies.

SG offers better performance to help you rank better on Google and overall it has a cheaper price. Not only do I recommend SG to first time site owners. I recommend SiteGround to everyone above all other hosting companies. It really does deliver.


Create a website in 5 minutes with SG. Their preinstall wizard is what makes the installation so quick.

  • Start SiteGround here at 60% off.
  • Choose a plan ($3.95)
  • Make a name for your blog for free.
  • Add personal details such as name, address, cc information, etc.
  • Let their wizard install WordPress for you.
  • You’re finished! Now create your WP login and log in.


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Web Hosting
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