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Oh no my website is slow! Stop complaining! Don’t worry I will show you how to make your website load faster, the easy way in minutes. That’s how we all react when we check our site speed from the various different online tools and we come up short of expectation. 

How To Make My Website Load Faster: 12 Ways To Speed Up

In 2018 Google and other search engines use your site speed as a ranking factor. You can have it all. You can have the killer content that will wow your readers. You can have the best looking site on the web.

You can be friendly and give out prizes on your site, but if your site is sluggish you have nothing. Kiss all your dreams goodbye and get ready to buy some Tylenol because you’re going to need it. My grandmother is faster than your blog and she’s in her 90’s. Let’s get started below.


Disadvantages of having a slow site.
  • You will lose sales and potential customers.
  • You will end up having a bad reputation.
  • You can get penalized or your site’s rankings can go down.
  • Your readers won’t receive the help they came for.
  • You will get less email sign ups.
  • It will cause you to stress and who wants that.
  • You will have a high bounce rate which can also lead to a Google penalty.


1. Check Your PC and Internet connection.

I know what you’re thinking. Seriously my computer! You would be surprised. The first thing you need to do is check to see if your computer is slow. There were a few times in my blogging career where I thought that my blog was running slow, but the real problem was that my Comcast was lagging. If all the other sites are loading at the same speed that makes it clear that it is not your blog. It is your internet connection or computer. If your site is the only site that is loading slow, then I will now start showing you some awesome tips in the next steps.


2. Switch your hosting.

Your hosting is not good. It is extremely important that you make sure that you have a reliable web host for your website. Maybe your pageviews are growing and you have too much traffic. Sometimes the problem is that we need a new monthly hosting provider or a new plan. I highly recommend that if you’re using GoDaddy or a bad hosting provider stop and use SiteGround, which is recommended by If you have a high traffic site or your website is growing at a fast rate, then buy Media Template.

Check out SiteGround here.

Check out Media Template.


3. Delete plugins that you don’t really need.

Stop hoarding plugins! You know that you’re not using them all. I recommend that you delete some of your plugins because too much of them will give your blog the turtle effect if you know what I mean. Too much of anything is not good for you. Install a plugin that has multiple features that you need like the JetPack plugin which offers a comment section, sharing, contact form, and more. Try to get rid of all the useless plugins.


4. Find out which plugins are slowing down your WordPress site.

Did you know that there are plugins that can actually aid you in identifying the culprit that steals your speed? Try installing this awesome free plugin P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) which creates a performance report for your site. After you find the criminal with this plugin, make some adjustments and then you can uninstall this plugin.


5. You need to add the W3 Total Cache plugin.

This is one of the first plugins that I install when setting up my sites. I can honestly say that this is the best cache plugin and it makes your site very fast. You might have a cache plugin installed already. You might be using the WP Super Cache, if so deactivate it and install W3 Total Cache.


6. You need MaxCDN.

I use this for my blogs and many top bloggers use this as well. If you’re trying to add turbo to your website then this is a must. If you don’t know what MaxCDN is I will tell you. They are a large and popular Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider. They speed up your blog and reduce the server load. They do wonders for your SEO. Pictures and videos are no problem when it comes to MaxCDN. I have been using them for a long time and I have nothing, but positive things to say. Not only do I use them, but many top sites use them as well like Yoast, Disqus, BuySellAds, Kodak, The Washington Times, and more. I absolutely love their customer support and the good thing about MaxCDN is that it integrates perfectly with the W3 Total Cache plugin. “I’ve long relied on MaxCDN’s services to speed up my site for visitors from all over the world and couldn’t imagine running my site without them.” – JOOST DE VALK, CEO, Once again if you want better rankings in Google and a faster site, then you are sleeping if you don’t have MaxCDN. Check out MaxCDN


7. Too much advertisement.

You have too much ads on your site especially above the fold. We get it you would like to receive income for your hard work, but seriously cut down on the ads. Be careful with having a lot of ads above the fold because this can result in a penalty. I’ve been to so many sites where my screen became frozen because their Adsense ads slowed their site down tremendously. I tried clicking the back button, but even that froze. I won’t expose them, but if I see a site like this I never go back.


8. Get a new theme

If you’re not using the Genesis or Thesis theme that is your problem. Those themes at Elegant Themes and Forest Theme are not in the same ballpark as the Genesis Framework, which is what your favorite bloggers are using. Even Matt Cutts the head of Google’s Webspam team is using this theme. I guarantee you that if you’re using a theme other than Genesis and you switch to Genesis you will see a big improvement in PageSpeed insights and Pingdom Tools. Not only will you see an improvement in your page speed, but you will see an improvement in your SEO. Thesis is great too, but if you’re a beginner and don’t want to have to deal with coding then go with Genesis.

Check out Genesis

Check out Thesis


9. You need to install Leverage Browser Caching Ninjas.

Is Google giving you a leverage caching error message? Check out this plugin which will make your site speed jump high. This plugin is really worth it. If it worked for me it will work for you. All you have to do is install it and press enable and you’re good to go. After you install it check out the improvements on PageSpeed Insights.


10. Optimize your images.

If you’re using a lot of images on your site make sure that you’re optimizing them. Always pay close attention to the image size. I recommend that you add image optimization plugins to help you compress them. WP Smush – Heavy image files may be making your site slow, but don’t worry this plugin takes cares of that for you and gives you the faster site that you desire. PB Responsive Images – Adds support for the proposed responsive image format in post content and helper functions for theme authors. This plugin has over 1000 active installs. EWWW Image Optimizer – The benefits of this plugin are that it loads your pages faster, reduces bandwidth usage, best jpg and png optimization, your root access is not needed, and your image quality remains the same.


11. Reduce the size of your logo.

I am in no way saying make your site logo tiny. What I’m saying is that we can shave some time off of our site load by just slightly reducing our logo size or header image. Test to see what size is the best while still keeping the look that you desire for your site.


12. Remove popups.

There is nothing wrong with popups, but sometimes they can be annoying and they do indeed make your site slower. If you have any popups on your site such as an email subscription popup and you want to make your site faster, then remove it. Popups do indeed slow down your site. For better site performance use a widget in the sidebar or footer instead.


Tools that will help you check your speed.


In conclusion

If you do everything on this list I guarantee that you will have fast page speed. The three things on this list that is a must is your hosting, CDN, and your theme. If you have a no name hosting provider for your site that can be causing you the trouble. It just can’t handle your site. Make sure that you are using top of the line hosting. MaxCDN is like adding NOS or turbo to your car. It makes the race even more sweet and people will be impressed. Don’t get caught without this or the Genesis framework, which is the best in the blogging industry. Once again check out SiteGround. Once again check out MaxCDN. Once again check out the Genesis theme.


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