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Are you thinking about upgrading from your free WordPress plan? If so let’s find out is WordPress Business worth the money. Any experienced blogger who has reviewed WordPress Business will tell you that this is not a hard question at all.

Is WordPress Business Worth It? 5 Important Things To Know

You can either self-host and get your own web hosting company or you can pay $25/mo. Let’s find out below. I will even help you to put your business on the web today!


If you self host you will receive more features. 

The WordPress Business plan allows you to create a free custom domain name for your website. Also, you will get Jetpack which is a bunch of plugins in one. With Jetpack, you are getting SEO, spam protection, social sharing, stats, and more.

Although you get a few features such as Jetpack, you don’t get the full extent of what WordPress has to offer. Whether you choose their WordPress Premium plan or their Business plan, you will not get the large plugin library. offers 50,000+ plugins. To give you an idea of what you are missing out on I will name a few unique plugins.

WooCommerce shop to Facebook is a plugin that imports your WooCommerce shop to Facebook in minutes. This powerful plugin basically gives you a Facebook store for increased revenue.

If you have ever been trying to increase the time that readers remain on your website Pinpoll is a great plugin. Pinpoll increases time on your site by 13% by allowing you to create exciting polls.

WP Super Cache and other cache plugins speed your website up immediately and the speed advantage can be verified with PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom Tools

Online stores with Woocommerce (largest ecommerce platform in the world), forums, social media platforms, social sharing, email newsletters, discount codes, Search engine boosters, video uploads, webinars, and more. These are just some of the plugins you will be missing out on. You can build your site into anything with these features. It’s not only the plugins that you will be missing out on. You will be losing a lot of money because these plugins will have the potential to generate your business profit.

Also, these plugins are free. With any other platform, you will have to pay for these plugins. With all that said, when it comes to features their Business plan is definitely not the best option.


The Business plan is far too expensive. 

Their Business plan is definitely not worth the price. I pay nowhere near that amount and I have more features. It doesn’t make sense to be paying $25 a month for only a few features. What are you actually paying for?

It is extremely rare to find a professional blogger who hosts with If you’re willing to pay $25 a month, then why not host a website on your own platform. SiteGround is the highest rated hosting company.

Their Starter plan only costs $3.95/mo. Their GrowBig plan which is crafted for growth is more than enough for those seeking a website. $7.95/mo for the most popular hosting company is a steal. Along with more web space, and available domains GrowBig also gives you SuperCatcher for more site speed and a Premium Wildcard SSL Certificate.

Even if you choose their largest plan which is their GoGeek plan for $14.95/mo that is still better than WordPress Business. With GoGeek you get all essential features, premium features, and advanced features such as Free PCI Compliance, Premium Backup & Restore Service, Staging, Pre-Installed Git, and SG-Git for WordPress repo creation.

For the price that you are paying you could definitely be getting something better.

Start SiteGround  at 60% off.


Their Terms of Service leaves business owners in an awful position.

When you host on WP servers you still don’t have a website of your own. You are basically renting and anything can happen to you. I’ve heard of terrible stories of how bloggers lost all of their work when their site was shut down. The rules do not change just because you have a WordPress personal plan or Business plan. Many people every year get their site shut down.

Here is a snippet from their terms of service page. “Automattic may terminate your access to all or any part of our Services at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.”

Why take that chance with your business? Rule #1 of having a business is make sure that you own your business. You want to be able to do anything without having to worry about termination. When you host your WordPress platform on SiteGround, the site is yours because you own the server.


There is no phone support. 

With the WordPress Business plan, you will receive some support features such as email and live chat. However, even with their Business plan you will lack phone support which can be crucial in case of emergencies. When you use and have your own hosting company you will have 24/7 phone support through your hosting provider. You will even be given Anti-Hack Systems & Help.


Self hosting gives you more design options.

WordPress Business plan does allow you to choose from a large number of themes. However, you must remember that these themes will cost you. Also, you can’t shop for different themes outside of WP which is a drag and it limits the uniqueness of your business.

If you self-host your WordPress blog you will get access to over 2000 free themes and you will be able to shop for WordPress themes all around the web. Self-hosting gives you greater brandability. I recommend Genesis which is what many of your favorite bloggers use for better SEO.


What I do like?

If you are ever using a free platform I can almost guarantee you that you won’t succeed. WordPress is an upgrade from their free plan. One thing I do like about their Business plan is that it comes with unlimited storage space for more images, video, and audio.

Also, Business gives you the ability to attend live courses to get the most out of your website. The Business plan does have some benefits but if you have been blogging for a while, then you know these are things that you should already have. It is far better, safer, cheaper, and easier to self-host your website.


How to self host your site? (5 minute setup)

Click here to start SiteGround (60% off coupon.)

  • Go to WordPress services and go to WordPress hosting.
  • Choose either their Startup, GrowBig, GoGeek plan.
  • Create a domain (free add-on)
  • Setup process
  • Proceed with their WordPress wizard to automatically install WP.
  • Create WordPress sign in info and sign in.
  • Congrats!
  • Choose a free theme in the appearance section. (You can change it later.)


Quote – “The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.” – Debbi Fields, found Mrs. Fields Cookies


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