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The best choice between Jimdo vs WordPress will be extremely clear after reading this post. Let’s understand a few things before we start. Jimdo is a WYSIWYG web hosting service. It’s a website builder with ecommerce features for the non-techies. WordPress is an online, open source website creation tool.

Jimdo Vs WordPress: 9 Reasons Why The Choice Is Easy

This is not a comparison between free WP and Jimdo. I wrote an article showing the differences between and and why you should never choose the .com version AKA the free version for your site. Let’s begin!


Ranking comparison between them.

In the Datanyze Universe reports it shows that Jimdo is the 24th overall cms, while is the #1 cms.


Jimdo websites ranking

Sites in the top 100K – 55

Sites in the top 10K – 8

Sites in the top 1K – 3

Sites in the top 100 – 0


WordPress website ranking

Sites in the top 100K – 21,548

Sites in the top 10K – 2,154

Sites in the top 1K – 256

Sites in the top 100 – 24

Not only do these reports show that WordPress is the most popular Content management system, but they also show that WP websites rank better than Jimdo sites.


Price and hosting comparison


Jimdo has a free option, but I would never choose it because of the lack of features. Your website will show Jimdo advertisement. You will have no company email, no custom page url, no XML sitemap. You have to have a domain instead of a real one, and more. It is never wise for professional and ranking purposes.


JimdoPro – $ 7.50 /month Billed annually – Great for bloggers

  • Custom domains – 1
  • 5GB of storage –
  • Store items – Up to 15 items
  • URL redirects
  • Custom page URLs –
  • Individual page meta titles –
  • Individual page meta descriptions –
  • XML sitemap


JimdoBusiness – $ 20 /month Billed annually – Best for your small business or online store.

  • 2 Custom Domains
  • Unlimited storage
  • Store items – Unlimited items
  • Business Email Package
  • Priority Support
  • Robots meta tags
  • URL redirects
  • Custom page URLs
  • Individual page meta titles
  • Individual page meta descriptions
  • XML sitemap


JimdoElite – $ 80 /month Billed annually – Jimdo Business subscription
+ dedicated coaching



WP is cheaper and here is why. WP does not cost anything, but you have to pay for hosting. I strongly recommend (SiteGround) which is $3.95 a month. With WP you are getting everything with Jimdo and more.



Jimdo will host your website for you, but it does not have any export functions. That means if you ever want to leave from them you won’t be able to transfer your website to another host.


Once click install plugins 

Even though Jimdo shows users how to implement some plugins it is not the same as WP. WP is a different animal.

With WordPress you have the option to install over 25,000 plugins. This is a huge reason why it is the top CMS in the world. These sophisticated plugins add different features to your website. For example, if you go to the app store on your phone and install a flashlight, your phone will have flashlight capabilities. If you go to the plugin store and install an SEO app it will be easier for you to achieve higher rankings on Google.

You will be amazed at what they have a plugin for. Any type of site that you want you can have. These one click install plugins will come to the rescue. You can install drag and drop frontend page builders, a Disqus Comment System, spam blockers, wish lists, page view counters, various sharing buttons, font and color changers, poll systems, video thumbnails, membership website capabilities, forums, and more.


Which is better for SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) are the things that you do to try to increase a site or a page in the search engines. While they both have SEO functions, WP wins in this category. The reports show that WP sites rank better. With WordPress you have the ability to install plugins like Yoast which boosts your SEO. Some plugins also give you the ability to optimize images and block things that are making your website run slower. On top of that you can actually buy powerful themes that are SEO optimized like Genesis and Thesis.


Comparing customer support

Jimado has a helpful live chat feature along with email chat. They also have awesome getting started guides and setup guides. You can also find answers to frequently asked questions with their FAQ page.

WordPress has a larger community than any site builder and I am part of that community. What does that mean for you? That means you are going to have a bigger opportunity to do anything. You have a better opportunity to find a developer if you choose. You will have more resources. You have more forums, guides, tutorials, answers, and friends with WordPress. You have a better chance of landing a setup job. You have more experiences. Everywhere you go online WP is there.


Which offers you more templates to choose from?

Jimdo has 16 themes to choose from. If you check online you will find that they don’t have a huge selection of themes so it might be difficult finding a theme for your site. Other sites that have Jimdo themes are Matrix-Themes and Gud Themes. Remember that Jimado is a website builder and you can easily customize the templates in WYSIWYG mode.

WordPress has an extraordinary amount of themes both free and premium. With over 10,000 themes you will have no problem finding a powerful beautiful theme for your website. All you have to do is install it on your site and you’re set.


Which is better for selling?

Once again it is WordPress because to have a powerful full feature ecommerce site all you need to do is install the Woocommerce plugin. Many popular sites are using Woocommerce. You are able to hold thousands of products and you have more features than with Jimdo. It’s an awesome thing when you have the best blogging platform and the most powerful ecommerce plugin in the world all in one.

JimdoPro only allows for 15 products and a lack of features. To get full store features you are going to need to buy JimdoBusiness for 20/month, but Woocommerce still gives you more capabilities for a cheaper price.


Easy to set up and use

Jimdo is for people who are not into coding. You don’t need to know CSS and HTML, but there is an option for it if you choose to use it. To build your site all you need to do is drag and drop. The problem is that they don’t have preview functions. Every change that you make will be saved directly to your site.

With WP you don’t need to know CSS and HTML either. When I set up my first WordPress site it took me minutes. With SiteGround you can set up your site in 5 minutes. If you don’t believe me try it for yourself it’s simple. They provide a domain free of charge and they guide you. Once you are in your dashboard all you have to do is install a theme and you can start writing.

They both are simple to use, but WP is quicker and easier because you don’t need to have drop and drag functionality. You don’t need to build anything. Install a theme which takes seconds and you’re done.


The best choice is obvious.

It is clear that the best platform is WP. Their sites rank better. It’s more popular and the top professional bloggers in the world are using it and make 100K plus a year with it. It offers more features, more themes, and more help. It’s not even a competition. WP is at the top for a reason.


The best time to start a website is now so you can start the ranking process. 

I will show you step by step how you can create a site with WP in 5 minutes today. 

1. Start here with SiteGround at 60% off.

2. See plans and choose the $3.95 plan.

3. Create a domain for free.

4. Fill out page and continue.

5. Choose the first option on the Website Setup Wizard popup to automatically get WP installed.

6. Create login & pick any template for now. 

7. Congratulations! You have a WordPress website. Now dominate the online world!


Quote – “If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.” ― Tony A. Gaskins Jr.
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