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Let’s easily compare KartRocket Vs Shopify. This is not even close and with this ecommerce comparison you will know why Shopify is a better platform to use for your next website.

KartRocket Vs Shopify: Which Is Better? 12 Differences

Price comparison

kartrocket pricing plans

The KartRocket professional plan is going to cost you 3000 Indian Rupee/mo, which is $45.41 in the U.S. The next plan is the unlimited plan, which is for 7000 Indian Rupee/mo, which is $105.95 in the U.S. These prices are extremely expensive compared to Shopify and other platforms.


shopify pricing plan comparisons

The $9 plan is not for an online store, but only a FB store. Shopify has more attractive plan options. The $29 plan gives people more than enough things to start an effective store. Their Pro plan is the most popular plan because of more features and cheaper rates. What would you rather pay $29 or $45? Most likely it is going to be the cheaper price. (Try a free 2 week trial)


Payment gateways comparison

It is crucial that you have a wide range of payment gateways. The more payment gateways the greater chance of a sale.

KartRocket offers their customers 15 payment options, which are mostly Indian payment gateways. Shopify connects to over 70 different payment gateways all around the world. Some of them include PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, PayU India, NETbilling, 2Checkout, BitPay, Amazon Payments, and much more. When you choose KartRocket you are limiting yourself. I guarantee that because Shopify has a wider range of payment gateways you will get more sales.

I would like to note that KartRocket’s professional plan doesn’t list PayPal as one of their payment options. A good majority of people will not buy anything online without PayPal. The PayPal option is only available with their unlimited plan which costs $105.95 a month. Is it worth it?


Number of products

KR’s professional plan – 5000 Products

KR’s unlimited plan – Infinity

All Shopify plans – Unlimited amount of products

For the most part 5000 products should be more than enough, but some people need unlimited to make room for growth and future inventory. Every Shopify plan and the KR unlimited plan lets you sell an unlimited amount of products.


App store comparisons. 

Both companies have app stores where you can install apps in just a few clicks to extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. KR only has 90 apps and while that is an OK number that is nowhere near the amount that Shopify has. Shopify has over 1000 apps. Most likely you will find an app that you need with them.


Do they have blog features?

There is not one company that will agree that blogging is not an effective marketing strategy. Almost every company has a blog and if it doesn’t they pay people to blog for them. Blogging will always increase sales and expose your business to a large amount of people.

Shopify and KartRocket both allow you to easily blog on your website. Now you have a great way to drive traffic to your store.


Theme comparison 

With KR you will get access to over 100 web and mobile ready shop designs which are custom tailored for your industry. They have some good looking themes, but you’re limited in your choice. Usually you will find that you will have a different option of themes from third party sites, but KR is such a young company that you will not find any extra themes online.

Not only does Shopify have more beautiful, optimized, and dynamic templates to fit your brand, but they also have a larger selection. You can choose from free themes to premium themes. You can get them from their website or you can buy them all over the web from third party theme stores like Theme Forest, Template Monster, and more.


Multi-Channel Sales

When you can sell your items in different places that results into more sales.

Facebook Store – KR has a Facebook store, but it’s only for the unlimited plan. Shopify has a Facebook store for all of their plans.

Company apps – You can sell through the KartRocket Android App. Shopify also has a company app to help  you sell products.



This is where Shopify gains the massive edge because it allows you to sell directly from your Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram account. With the combination of all of these social media platforms you will have a bigger opportunity to make money. There is no other ecommerce platform that allows you to do these things.



When it comes to features, Shopify has all the KR features and then some. There is nothing that you can’t find in their app store, whether it is affiliate, carts, shipping, analytics, sales, tools, or marketing apps Shopify has everything to help you compete.



  • Sell in person – Equipment such as card readers provided or you can use your own equipment.
  • Multiple languages, taxes and currencies
  • Shopify Experts
  • Custom Gift Cards
  • Discount cards
  • Detailed customer profiles
  • A live chat feature that learns from your answers and turns into an employee for you.
  • Fraud analysis tools
  • Automatic carrier shipping rates
  • SEO friendly product reviews.
  • Free advertising credits
  • Shipping label discounts
  • Bulk upload
  • 1000 apps



  • Google Adwords Credits
  • Zopim live Chat
  • Page Autoload
  • Smart product filters
  • Easy Bulk Upload
  • Groups, Discounts, Coupons
  • Add HTML, CSS and Javascript Anywhere
  • SMS Integrated
  • Mobile Ready
  • Daily Deals


Servers and rankings

When it comes to servers Shopify has blazing fast servers. In comparison to Shopify, KR servers are not on the same level.

I must be honest, KR is not good for SEO. One thing I don’t like is that on all your pages you will have to have a backlink that points back to their website, which is kind of shady. This is not only shady, but unprofessional. Their SEO apps are not the best. Many verified customers complain about their buggy SEO apps, unindexed products, missing SEO features, and duplicate content.

I checked the site speeds for many KR sites featured on their website vs well-known Shopify sites and it was a blowout. I used Pingdoom Tools and GTmetrix and it was no competition. The KR load times were undoubtedly slower. I even checked the rankings for some KR clients and compared to Shopify they were well outranked.

Shopify is better built for SEO. It automatically generates sitemaps.xml files so new products and site changes show up on search engines quickly. They even have proven SEO plugins that you can install to help rankings.


Technical support

KartRocket has phone support and ticket support

When asked about KR support, customers don’t have good things to say. Many complain that their sales team gives you inaccurate information and they are slow. Before I can ever recommend KR, they need to fix their support.

KR has a knowledge base that has getting started guides, customizing, settings, designing guides, and more.

Shopify is known for their great technical support. Since hundreds of thousands of people are using Shopify you will have a way bigger community than KartRocket. There is way more information out there to help you. Shopify has amazing phone support, live chat, ticket support, a large forum, a large amount of guides and tutorials, etc. It’s not even close.


Ease of use

They both are easy to use and they will help you set up your store very quickly. The difference is that Shopify gives you more toys to play with which allows you to have a better experience.


Customer Satisfaction

It was extremely hard to find reviews on KartRocket because they are not a big company nor do they have a lot of customers. But from diligent research I found that KartRocket has terrible reviews online and you will find that as well.

People complain about orders not going properly and more. There are so many negative things about this company and not that many positive things. I could never recommend this platform even if you live in India. Over 90% of Shopify customers are satisfied with their service. Shopify has amazing reviews all over the web.


Please read these final words thoroughly. 

KartRocket is still raw. There is not that much information about them. Are you going to use a company that you know nothing about? That is not wise especially when it comes to your future business. Shopify is a well established company. The resume that it has is no match for a young company like KartRocket. There are a plethera of extremely successful Shopify clients

It is highly regarded as the top ecommerce platform in the world, not only in the U.S and in India, but the (whole world). KartRocket is designed for Indian ecommerce. If you live in India you must know that more people are using Shopify than KR. Choose Shopify! Why use a platform that is only designed for one country when you can use one that is designed for the world? I don’t see how anyone could pick KR over Shopify. More features, better SEO, better prices, better indexing, faster, more designs, better support, etc.


Don’t procrastinate. Try a free 14 day trial and see how easy it is.

Try it – Start a free Shopify site here no CC info required.

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