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I will show the differences between Liferay Vs WordPress to help you find out, which is the right content management system for your upcoming website.

Liferay Vs WordPress: 6 Reasons To Choose WP

What are they?

Liferay Portal is a free and open source enterprise portal software product that is written in Java.

WordPress is written in PHP and it is one of the most popular content management and blog publishing applications on the web today.


Ease of use comparison

WP uses PHP and LR uses Java so WordPress is going to be the easier platform to learn and use. Liferay is more of a developer platform for those seeking to make large websites. I would not recommend it for beginners as it does have a steep learning curve.

If you are a beginner and you want a small site, blog, or a large business website you should go with WordPress because there is no real learning curve. You don’t have to have any coding knowledge. At the end of this article I will show you how you can create a WordPress website in less than 10 minutes today.


Template and business design comparison. 


If you are searching for the perfect design for your website LR hinders you greatly and the reason is that they lack in themes. If you are not a developer there is not much that you can do. There are only 14 paid themes available and most of them cost about $130. When it comes to free themes Liferay only offers 21 free themes to choose from.



WordPress allows you to achieve the perfect look for your business. There is not one type of theme that you won’t find whether corporate themes, post formats themes, ecommerce themes, parallax theme, business themes, responsive themes, magazine themes, SEO themes, social media themes, etc. WordPress has 2000 more free themes than LR. When it comes to premium themes WordPress has 7000+. You are guaranteed to find “the look” for your website.


Blogging comparison

If you want the best blogging functionality, then you defiantly have to go with WP which is the best blogging platform for beginners, developers, and big brands. Although Liferay offers some WP blogging features it does not have the extensive list of features because it wasn’t built for blogging. It is mostly used by enterprise companies.


Plugin comparison

When comparing CMS we must always compare plugins because plugins are a big part of the internet. You always want to be able to extend the functionality of your website. One of the reasons that I would stay away from Liferay is because it lacks in plugins.

Their marketplace has around 400 free apps, but these apps are basic and you would not consider using most of them. Plugins that would be free with WordPress are going to cost with LR. For example, the Quick Search portlet is going to cost you $65. TwoWay Authentication is going to cost you $530. The Contact Manager app is going to cost you $2,000. The cost is going to rise quickly because as your website grows you are going to want to implement new features. Those features I just named above are free with WP.

The WordPress plugin database is growing at an exponential rate. There are 37K+ plugins that you can install directly from your dashboard. Not only will you find more plugins like ecommerce, social media, shopping carts, payment gateways, community, security, and SEO plugins, but you will find more complex features that bring your website to new heights. Why have to pay for features that you need when you can get them and more for free?


Popularity comparison

This topic lets us know what most people are choosing. Over 75 million people are using WordPress. New W3Techs reports show that over 25.4% of the internet is built on WordPress. Liferay is at the bottom of the CMS list with only 0.1% of the internet built on LR.

You will not find large brands using LR. I was unsuccessful in my search, but I did find many large brands using WordPress. The Walking Dead, BBC America, LL COOL J, CNN, MACLEANS, Quartz, ExpressJet Airlines, Sony, Marks & Spencer for Business, Nokia Conversations, and more. From the stats way more people would rather go with WordPress for their website.


Documentation and support comparison

LR has gotten better when it comes to documentation, but their documentation can be overwhelming and complicated for newbies. WordPress is easier so of course their documentation is going to be easier to understand. Both have an adequate amount of docs, but WP has more docs that you need.

When it comes to support both CMS have forums, but the WordPress forum is larger and more active. If you want the CMS that allows you to build a friendship with other people then you need WP.

The WordPress community is the largest CMS community in the world. You get more designers, more videos, more bloggers, more blogs, more developers, more clients, and more experts. Since LR is not that large it will be hard for you to get help outside of their website.


WordPress is the clear choice. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want a blog, a business website, or a large ecommerce platform WP wins in all categories. It offers you more features and plugins. It is easier and it allows you to create a website faster. It offers you more resources. You can rank better with SEO plugins. It is the worldwide leader in blogging. There is no other CMS or website creation tool that is more popular than WordPress.


Why wait? Let’s make a WordPress website today!

I strongly recommend SiteGround. They give you a free domain and they make installation easy. SG will cost you $3.95/mo. Their preinstall wizard automatically installs WP for you.

Because of this feature it will take you 5 minutes or less from now and your site will be up. Choose see plans, choose the startup plan, make a name, add your information, let the WP preinstall wizard do the rest, and you are done.

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Quotes – “You already have the courage to face, explore, accept and respond to fear. All you have to do is move beyond inertia and discover your true potential. Then, courage will enable you take action in spite of fear.” ~ Brahma Kumaris
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