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Web Hosting

In this review I will be comparing MDDHosting Vs SiteGround Vs HostMonster. MDD was established in 2007 by Michael Denney. HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996.

MDDHosting Vs SiteGround Vs HostMonster (6 Differences)

SiteGround is a web hosting company founded in 2004 and it services more than 450,000 domains world-wide.

I will show you why the choice is easy and I will show you how to set up your website below.


Free domain comparison

I always check to see which hosting company offers a free domain for their users. MDD is going to cost you $15/yr for a domain. For those who want a company that offers a free domain name SiteGround and HostMonster both offer free domains when you sign up with them.


Control panel

One thing that all three of these companies have in common that you will be pleased with is that they all offer cPanel as their control panel. cPanel is the easiest control panel to use plus it offers a large amount of features for you. Most likely if you had hosting before you will be familiar with cPanel.


Performance comparison

After observing all three hosting providers, it is clear that SiteGround comes out on top. MDDHosting does not have its own personal data center which means they rent from somewhere else. This really says something about their reliability and it shows because they have mixed reviews online.

HostMonster offers a 99.97% uptime which is awesome and they have a page load response time of around 350ms. When it comes to performance they really deliver for your website. The HostMonster data center is located in Utah. It operates on Intel Xeon quad processing servers connected through fiber optic OC-48 backbone connections to the main network hubs of the internet. Check out HostMonster.

SiteGround offers a 99.99% uptime and they even display their monthly uptime on their website. SiteGround has a 300ms load response time. Among all the sites I have reviewed SiteGround has the highest customer satisfaction rating. SiteGround specializes in WordPress hosting and they use data centers on three different continents for more site speed. Check out SiteGround.


Price comparison 

SiteGround offers one of the cheapest premium hosting plans in the industry. You get hosting for $3.95 a month, which is awesome. Start SiteGround here at 60% off.

MDDHosting offers slightly cheaper hosting than SiteGround, but the 1 GB storage is a huge drawback. MDDHosting offers their services for $3.50 a month. Start MDDHosting here.

Hostmonster is far more expensive than both of these companies. Hosting with HostMonster is going to cost you $4.95 a month. The drawback of this is that to get the $4.95/mo price you have to pay 36 months in advance. If you don’t pay 36 months in advance you are looking at $6.95 a month which might be a deal breaker for you. Start HostMonster here.

Bottom line – Although MDDHosting has the overall cheaper price by $0.45. You are more likely going to pay more because the 1GB storage space is a killer. The best price is going to be SG because you get more space with SiteGround at $3.95 a month.


Hosting features for all three hosting companies. 

MDD hosting

  • LiteSpeed Powered
  • All servers are 48 Core or higher with 256 GB of RAM or higher.
  • Dual Xeon Quad Core processors (8 cores) and a minimum of 12 gigabytes of ram.
  • Spam Filtration
  • Community forum



  • Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers
  • UPS Power Backup
  • Linux Operating System
  • Multiple 10 Gigabit Ethernet Connections
  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Unlimited GB of Site Transfer



  • SSD Storage
  • Free CDN with each account for faster site speed.
  • NGINX web server technology to speed up the load of the static content of all your websites.
  • PHP7 and HHVM
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • SuperCacher
  •  WordPress Autoupdate
  • Power & Hardware Redundancy
  • LXC-based stability
  • SPAM Experts Spam Prevention
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help
  • Free Drag & Drop Builder
  • WordPress Special Cache
  • Servers on Three Continents and 4 data center locations.


Support comparison

The only company that I feel that truly lacks in support is MDD. The reason for this is because they do not offer any live chat. What they do offer is 24/7 ticket support and also they offer phone support for sales and billing. You can reach them from 8am to 5pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday.

If you’re anything like me you want to be able to talk to the company that hosts your website at any time. There is no downside to SG and HM. When you host with them you will receive various support features such as extremely fast live chat especially with SG. You will also receive email support, a large knowledge-base, phone support, and more.

All of these support features are 24/7 365 days if the year. Worst-case scenario if your site was to go down late at night you can immediately get on the phone with your hosting representatives to find the problem.


Which is better?

SiteGround is the most popular hosting company between the three and it offers the best performance. MDDHosting and HostMonster still need to work on a few areas before I can recommend them.

SiteGround has more website features, support options, more customers, cheaper prices, faster site set up, higher uptime, faster site speed, more speed features, extremely high customer satisfaction rating, etc. Below I will show you how you can start ranking right now.


Create a website in 5 minutes or less with SiteGround. (They offer a preinstall wizard which does everything for you.)
  • Start here with SiteGround at 60% off.
  • Click see plans, choose the $3.95 plan, create a domain, and add your website details.
  • Now allow the SiteGround WordPress preinstall wizard to automatically install WP.
  • Set up your WP login information. You official have a website!


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Web Hosting
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