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I will help you find out the best selling platform out of Shopify Vs Amazon. We all know that Amazon is closing their webstore in July 2016. When you go to it says that their services are no longer available to new merchants. Don't worry because you can still sell on Amazon. When I [...]

OpenCart vs PrestaShop is a showdown between the best shopping cart softwares in the world. One good thing about these two ecommerce platforms is that they both are free. Let's learn more below. PS features  Featured Products Customer subscriptions and the creation of customer accounts Large amount of supported payment methods Google Checkout integration Unlimited [...]

The comparison between WooCommerce Vs PrestaShop is a comparison between the best ecommerce plugin in the world and one of the best platforms in the world. Just to be clear PrestaShop is an ecommerce software that was founded in 2007, but WordPress is not. WordPress is a Content Management System. The WooCommerce plugin is extremely [...]

When it comes to website building there are always people who wonder, out of Dreamweaver vs Muse, which is the better Adobe product for me? I will help you make the right choice today. 1. Who should use which? DW- Dreamweaver is for people who want the nitty-gritty. It's for programmers and code junkies. If [...]

You are down to your last two options. Adobe Muse Vs WordPress, which one should you choose? Adobe Muse is for people who would rather design and not code. Many people don't want to get into all that technical stuff when building websites and that is where Muse comes in. WP is more for people [...]

Thesis Vs Genesis

The Thesis Vs Genesis framework or DIYthemes vs StudioPress debate has been going on for a long time. I don't care what anyone says, when you want to have the best WordPress theme for your blog there is no other competition besides these two. None of the themes on ThemeForest or other theme sites can [...]

Many people ask is DigitalOcean good and reliable and the answer is yes, they are amazing. The only real downside of DO is that you will have to manage everything because it is not managed. Below I will help you learn more about them with a DigitalOcean review. I strongely recommend if you are a [...]

In the fight between DigitalOcean Vs Bluehost both of these companies offer great performance. You must first understand that Bluehost is shared hosting and DigitalOcean is unmanaged VPS hosting. I will help you with making the best hosting choice for your blog today.   Difficulty & Security Digital Ocean is for the more advanced. With DO [...]

Many people who want to jump into the blogging world get confused about the difference between Bluehost Vs WordPress. I used to be the confused guy so I know how it feels. I will help put you on the right road to success. First, you must understand that Bluehost and WordPress are not competing with [...]

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