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Make the easy choice! If you’re contemplating between a CMS vs Html for your next site. Let me show you why you are way better off with a CMS. If you choose to go the HTML route it will take you longer to design your website. Something that could have been done in less than half an hour [...]

Oh no my website is slow! Stop complaining! Don’t worry I will show you how to make your website load faster, the easy way in minutes. That’s how we all react when we check our site speed from the various different online tools and we come up short of expectation.  In 2018 Google and other [...]

In the fight between DigitalOcean Vs Bluehost both of these companies offer great performance. You must first understand that Bluehost is shared hosting and DigitalOcean is unmanaged VPS hosting. I will help you with making the best hosting choice for your blog today.   Difficulty & Security Digital Ocean is for the more advanced. With DO [...]

I was asked, which is better between a CMS Vs WordPress? This question is usually asked by beginners who want to start making sites and don’t know where to start. If you are new to the world of website creation this is the right article for you and I will help you begin today. You [...]

If you want to start an online business I will explain why Big cartel Vs Shopify is no battle. Whether you want to start a clothing line or clothing store, digital, electronic, homemade products, etc. Shopify is always a better choice than BC and I will prove it. Differences on social media. Big Cartel Facebook likes [...]

I will compare WP Engine Vs GoDaddy to help you find the best hosting platform for your next website. In this review, I will be comparing prices, uptime, control panels, speed, support, features, and more. Let’s begin with a quick introduction of each platform.   Quick intro of both companies.  WPE was founded by Jason [...]

Do you need the best web hosting for your next website? I will compare eHost vs HostGator to help you make the right choice today. Both HostGator and eHost are well known hosting companies. HG has been a popular web host for a long time, in fact HostGator is used by many new and top [...]

I will help you make the best choice between Dreamweaver Vs WordPress for your website today. First, I must say that this is not that accurate of a comparison and here is why. We all know that WordPress is an open-source Content Management System. Is Dreamweaver a CMS? No. It’s a software for building websites. [...]

The numbers speak for themselves. There is no denying that WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. Using W3techs I found that WordPress is used by almost 30% of the entire internet. The next platforms are Joomla, Drupal, Magento, and Blogger. Joomla has a usage rate of 3.2%. Drupal has [...]

Do you need powerful hosting for your next blog? I will compare 8 different points between Site5 Vs SiteGround to help you get started with blogging soon. Here, at WPvsBlogger we believe that SG is one of the best hosting companies in the world and we highly recommend them to our users. This is really [...]

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