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I will help you find out the best selling platform out of Shopify Vs Amazon. We all know that Amazon is closing their webstore in July 2016. When you go to it says that their services are no longer available to new merchants.

Shopify Vs Amazon: Which One Is Better?

Don’t worry because you can still sell on Amazon. When I started to sell on Amazon I didn’t create a webstore. I started as an individual FBA seller and I did very well. Here are things you need to know and here is what I highly recommend to maximize profits.


Let’s checkout the prices between the two!



An Amazon professional account will cost you $39.99 a month + other selling fees. The benefits that you get with this account that you don’t get with an individual plan are, you get to customize your shipping rates for products other than books, music, video, DVDs, software, and video games. You get to offer promos and gift wrap options, eligibility for top placement on product detail pages, and if you have more than 40 sales a month you will be saving money. An individual account which is what I have will cost you $0.99 + other selling fees.

With Amazon you also have the option of shipping your items yourself or using FBA. With FBA you send your items to one of their FBA centers and they will ship it out for you. I use Amazon Fulfillment because it saves me a lot of time, they deal with my customers, they package the items for me, and it will boost your sales tremendously. Always remember that not everyone uses FBA and there are fees associated with it.

You do have to pay referral fees on each item sold ranging from 8 – 15 percent. For jewelry products you have to pay 20%. Just to give you a picture, I sold an iPod Touch for $315 and I had to give a referral fee of $25.20 because the fee for consumer electronics is 8%.



To start an online store with Shopify it is going to cost you $29. They also have a $79 and a $179 plan if you want even more features. You also have to take into account credit card rates. When it comes to the price. Shopify is a better choice because you won’t have to pay referral fees on every sale. Start a free 14 day trial no CC required.


Which one gives me more exposure and gives me a better chance to make a sale?

The obvious answer is Amazon. Amazon has an incredible number of daily shoppers. No other site can compare. It didn’t even take me a week to get my first sale. When you put your items on Amazon you are exposing your products to millions of eyeballs that you will not find anywhere. With Amazon your traffic is already there for you, with Shopify you have to drive traffic to your site.


Which one gives you a more brandable site?

This is another obvious one. You want to make your own brand for future benefits. I made it clear in my Shopify vs eBay ecommere review that people don’t go to sites like Amazon or eBay to search for your online store. They go to Amazon to buy products. You want people to one day search for you or your products on Google. You want your company to be a household name. If everyone placed their items on Amazon, then we wouldn’t have online stores like Forever 21, ASOS, Baublebar, and more. In this day and age your business should stand out. Whether we are comparing Shopify vs Etsy, or Amazon, or eBay. Choose the option that removes an ordinary business and allows you to stand out and be yourself. 


Features that you get with Shopify.

Blogging feature – Which is great for driving traffic to your website and allows you to write blog posts about your product. This is a guaranteed way to get more sales.

Shopify Facebook store – Which allows you to sell your products directly through Facebook.

Sell on

Sell on Twitter – Sell your products directly on Twitter.

Free and premium apps to help your site and give your website a lot of different capabilities.

Simple interface

Business tools

Built-in mobile commerce shopping cart.


Here are 4 notable stores that are using Shopify.

TattlyFaucet FaceSkinny Teatox, Lollapalooza


Which one offers better support?

I love Amazon support and the whole community. I can’t say enough good things about them. At the end of the day both are well established companies. They both offer phone, email, and chat support. They both have a plethora of guides for beginners. There is no true winner I would feel safe using either one.


You need an actual online store not just a place to sell your products.

Once again Amazon webstore is closing so you can no longer signup for it. They are making all of their users go to Shopify. You can still sell on Amazon, but it won’t be a store. Going with Shopify actually gives you an actual professional online business.


The wisest choice is to have both… Let me explain

The wise business owner is going to think if I go with both I will maximize my profit. With Amazon it might not be your own online store, but you will get sales immediately. Many of the big Amazon sellers have their own websites.

Not only are they getting money from Amazon, but they are making money from people who come to their site from the search engines. You can have your own Shopify store and let FBA handle your Shopify store for you. They will handle all of your customers, package your items, and ship them off. Those are some of the advantages of FBA.

With great promotion in the next few months or years your online store can be big. Now you have a successful professional store front and you are still generating income from Amazon. The features that you’re getting from Shopify such as the blogging and sell on social media features will help you greatly. Get them both you will thank yourself in the long run.


After you test out Shopify, I believe that you are going to want to stay. Try it for yourself today! Click here and (get a free 14 day Shopify trial no credit card required).


Quote – We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” Jeff Bezos
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