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Let’s compare TicTail Vs Shopify to find which ecommerce platform is more beneficial for your next business. In this review, I will be comparing the cost, support, SEO, and more.

TicTail Vs Shopify: 11 Differences (Easy Choice)

I guarantee you that you will make the choice today after seeing the huge differences of both platforms.


Custom domain name


With TicTail you have to use a company domain such as A domain like this is unprofessional so you are going to have to connect a custom domain to your ecommerce shop.

With TT, you must install their Custom Domain App which is $1.50 per month. Then, you have to buy a domain through their domain partner which is You can also purchase your domain through GoDaddy, Namecheap, and other domain registrars. After you have purchased a domain name, all that is left is to connect it to TicTail.


With Shopify, you are also given a company domain. However, you can purchase a domain through them or through a domain registrar. Unlike TicTail you don’t have to pay an extra $1.50/mo for having a custom domain.



Compared to other ecommerce platforms TT lacks in site templates. As of this review, there are only 17 basic themes to choose from. If you want to have a certain look for your business it is harder with TicTail because the option is so small. The only other option would be to code your own template using their documentation.

Shopify gives you many beautiful free and paid themes to choose from. When we compare the quality we easily see that Shopify offers better looking themes. Prices for their paid themes range from $100 to $180. With Shopify, you can also find themes being sold from third party sites.

Check out all the Shopify themes here.



This might be the single most important factor in this entire article. As an entrepreneur, you want to know, will my site rank well in the search engines? If your site doesn’t rank well kiss your dreams goodbye. Your business will not go anywhere.


TicTail is not optimized to rank well in the search engines. It is hard to find popular TicTail sites. I just checked the Alexa rankings of some TicTail sites and they were not the best. When you choose a free platform, you are throwing SEO functionality out the door. If the search engines can barely find you how will your customers find you?


Shopify was the first hosted ecommerce website solution to use a content delivery network for faster site load speeds. Your site will be hosted on their blazing fast servers. Just as I said in my Shopify vs Weebly review, Shopify offers built-in SEO so your site is ready to rank out of the box. You can also install various SEO apps. There are many well-known successful Shopify businesses such as Tattly, Skinny Dip, Look Mum No Hands, Budweiser, Red Bull, Corkcicle, and more. Shopify is proven when it comes to SEO and it is the highest rated ecommerce platform.



Both platforms are easy to use. However, TicTail is not much of a drag and drop site builder nor is it big on features. In terms of front-end, Shopify is pretty customizable. Shopify allows you to really get under the hood and they offer hundreds of apps to aid beginners.



Features are a huge part in having an online store. Features can result in you making more sales and losing more money.


TicTail features 

With TicTail you have to purchase features from their app store. I was disappointed to find out that they only have 33 free and paid apps to choose from. Their paid apps range from $1 – $12 a month. Their top paid app is Product Upsell ($7.50/mo) which helps you increase sales, by recommending relevant products to your customers based on what is in their cart.


Shopify features 

Shopify accommodates you as your business grows. Shopify also has an app store with both free and paid apps to choose from. The difference is that Shopify offers hundreds of apps. You have a far greater selection which means you are given more free apps. Some of the free apps that you will receive are SEO Image Optimizer, Privy – Free email popups, Facebook Chat, Social Sharing Buttons, Instagram Shop, Pre-Order Manager, Bulk Discounts, and more. Shopify also offers awesome built-in features for their customers.

  • Shipping label discount
  • Fraud analysis
  • Website and blog
  • Free SSL certificate
  • XML Sitemap automatically generated.
  • One click submission to Google Product Search comparison shopping search engine.
  • Gift cards
  • Daily backups




TicTail is free to use but it will not end up being free. TicTail lacks in functionality and you are going to definitely have to purchase some apps. The average price for an app is $6 a month. There are some apps that you are supposed to have built-in that TicTail makes you pay for. The price will add up fast depending on your business goals. Any serious business owner is going to be paying at least $40 or more a month with TicTail apps.


Shopify costs you $29 a month and you get built-in features that you will not get with TT. For everything that you are getting with Shopify $29 is a steal and you are also given the option of adding apps.

Start a 2 week trial here.


Social media shops

Once you create your website you should immediately be using different social media platforms to your benefit.

Shopify allows you to sell your products directly to Twitter users, Facebook users, and Instagram users.

TicTail only has an app to help store owners sell on Facebook.



Blogging should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. Blogging around your products and your company will help you build your brand, gain loyal customers, and it will help you increase sales. Blogging will even help you to increase your page rank. If you are an ecommerce business and you are not blogging, you are losing.


TicTail doesn’t allow you to blog which is a huge disadvantage for your business. The only option that you have to blog is using a free platform such as Tumblr and This is time-consuming, unprofessional, costly, and free platforms are bad for SEO. You always want your blog to be connected to your shop.


Shopify comes with a built-in blogging software that is powerful and easy to use. In your dashboard you can do various things such as write new articles, imbed videos, promote open discussion among your visitors, and moderate comments.


Selling digital products or services

You never know when you are going to expand to selling services, audio files, eBooks, videos, designs, PDF files, video files, product codes, etc. TicTail doesn’t allow you to sell digital products unless you purchase Sellfy for $15 a month including 2% transaction fees. Selling digital products is free and simple with Shopify.

Start a Shopify trial today.



TicTail makes it clear that you can’t customize your cart, checkout process, or receipts. The checkout process is plain. This alone can drop your sales as it could hurt the perceived legitimacy of your business.

Lastly, with TT your customers can’t remove items from their cart without backing out. Why make it hard for your customers? Small site flaws can lose potential customers. With Shopify, you won’t have these issues.




TicTail has a full Help Center where you can browse all of their topics such as settings, marketplace, products, shipping, payments, etc. You can also check out their frequently asked questions for answers to all common questions.

If you can’t find your question, you can ask your own question. The thing that I dislike about TicTail is that they don’t offer any phone support nor do they offer any live chat support.


Shopify also has a large Help Center where you are able to search for the documentation that you need. What separates Shopify from TicTail is that Shopify offers a chat feature. You are able to chat directly with their experts. Not only are you given a chat feature, but you are also given 24/7 phone and email support.

As a business owner, you want to be able to reach your support team immediately in case of an emergency. With Shopify, you don’t have to sit and wait for your question to be answered. Shopify gives you that added sense of security.


Which is better?

Between these two platforms, there is no competition. There are too many disadvantages of using TicTail for me to recommend it. TicTail is not even in the same class as Shopify. Shopify is the top ecommerce platform in the world. Shopify is better in SEO, built-in features, apps, support, customization, shipping, the checkout process, blogging, price, customer satisfaction, and more.


Get the feel of it and build your website today. 

The setup is quick and easy.

(Click here, try a 14 day Shopify trial no CC required.)


Quote – “People were doing business with one another through the Internet already, through bulletin boards. But on the Web, we could make it interactive, we could create an auction, we could create a real marketplace. And that’s really what triggered my imagination, if you will, and that’s what I did.”- Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay
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