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You are down to your last two options. Adobe Muse Vs WordPress, which one should you choose? Adobe Muse is for people who would rather design and not code.

Adobe Muse Vs WordPress: 7 Reasons To Choose WP

Many people don’t want to get into all that technical stuff when building websites and that is where Muse comes in.

WP is more for people like me and the majority of site owners who want something that is right out of the box.


1. Interface

AM- Are you used to using Photoshop? If you are you will see that Muse has a very similar interface. I will admit that if you are not used to Adobe, then it can be very intimidating and that would be a reason to stay away from it.

WP – The WordPress admin interface is way easier to understand. It’s a full course meal right in front of you. On the top you have the admin bar. Right under it you have the updates and news section. On the left side you have the easy navigational tools section that displays everything for you. In one click you can access posts, media, pages, comments, appearance, plugins, tools, settings, etc.


2. Which one costs less?

AM – Muse will either cost you $24.99 for a one month plan or it will cost you $14.99 for a 12 month plan. Are you willing to pay this monthly amount?

WP – WordPress doesn’t cost a dime. All you need to worry about is hosting. With SiteGround you will only pay a little under $4 a month.

With SG it will take you 7 1/2 years to pay the amount that you are paying with Muse in two years, which is $360. Remember that this is not even taking into consideration the amount you have to pay for hosting your Muse site.


3. Blogging

Muse does not have its own blogging features, but there are ways that you can get around this. There are many tutorials that can help you embed a Tumblr blog or a WordPress blog into your website.

When it comes to blogging WP wins. Originally WP was made for blogging, but it has grown into not only the most popular CMS in the world, but a powerful CMS.


4. Themes 

You have to understand that Adobe Muse is a builder. You use it if you want to start from scratch. You are not offered any pre-built templates nor are you supposed to be offered any. You have to make all the customizations and changes. With that said that doesn’t mean that you can’t buy ready-made themes from somewhere else. There are even places that you can get free Muse themes, but there is not a huge selection. Places like,, and offer Muse themes.

WP offers thousands of free themes. There is a larger selection of both premium and free themes to choose from. Whether you are trying to start a news site, magazine site, E-commerce site, etc. WP themes are better optimized and you will have a better chance of finding the theme that best fits your site.


5. Ease of use

AM- Most will agree that Muse simplifies everything. You can make a good looking static website without knowing how to code. All you have to do is drag and drop, which is simple and fun. One of the downsides to this is that sometimes people want to get into the code.

WP – WP does way more than Muse and it is easier as well. With WP everything is there for you. That is why most people take this route. All you need is a host and you’re done. You don’t need to start building from a blank canvas. Once you install WP to your hosting from there you can start writing.


6. Which one is responsive?

The responsive feature is a big one for most people and this is an area where Muse falls short and I haven’t heard of a new feature coming any time soon. Muse needs to come up with a solution fast. When it comes to responsive layouts, WordPress easily wins. This feature alone causes clients to go the WP route.


7. Widgets

Adobe Muse does have widgets, but not a huge selection like with WP. There are many third party sites that sell Muse widgets for around $9, but you could get them and thousands more with WP for free.


Here is why I recommend going with WP.

With Muse there is not a lot of built-in options and it’s expensive. You have to take into account that Muse has a lot of limitations.  Muse is best used for amateurs or hobbyists to make small static sites.

WordPress is for people who desire to work online. If you want a more complex and better looking site, then go with WP. If you’re just a beginner and you never created a site before and you want the easiest way possible then you need WP. Some people don’t understand how easy it is until they try it. I can make several sites in under an hour with WP.


Start now! It literally takes 5 minutes to create a site. SG does everything for you with their WordPress preinstall feature

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