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Let’s find out what is the best email marketing service with this Aweber vs MailChimp review. There are many things that I will cover in this review such as deliverability, prices, support, features, templates, ease of use, branding, and more.

Aweber Vs MailChimp: 15 Differences (Easy Choice)

I have had the privilege of using both companies and for me it’s an obvious choice.


A quick intro to both companies. 

Founded in 1998 AWeber is an email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Aweber’s web-based tools help businesses grow by staying in touch with customers and prospects through email.

MailChimp started in 2001 as a side project funded by various web-development jobs. MailChimp sends billions of emails a month on behalf of their users.



Deliverability is probably the most import thing when searching for the best email marketing platform. Deliverability is a way to measure the success at which your emails get into the receiver’s inbox.


From experience, I was not pleased with MailChimp’s deliverability, which led me to switch. Many of my emails were landing in spam folders. I was especially upset by the deliverability of emails sent to Gmail addresses. When emails are not reaching inboxes, you are missing out on potential profit. You are hurting your brand. You are throwing hard work down the drain. You are missing out on long-term friendships and readers.


With Aweber I have not had deliverability issues. Aweber has the industry-leading deliverability rate with a rate of over 99%. Aweber improves deliverability by deleting inactive subscribers and Aweber unsubscribes someone who repeatedly gets bounces.

Start a free Aweber trial here.


Affiliate links comparison


One of the worst disadvantages of MailChimp is that they block access to affiliate marketers. If you check out their TOS, you will immediately notice the problem for those seeking to generate income with their blog or website.

For those who have work from home jobs or dating sites MailChimp is not for you. Even if you are a beginner blogger who wants to eventually blog full-time for a living it is going to be extremely hard if you can’t refer products/services to people.

Affiliate income is a great source of income for bloggers and MailChimp dashes your hopes of going full-time. I have heard of many sites getting shut down due to their affiliate links. MailChimp is more geared towards those who desire a newsletter and nothing else.


With Aweber you can use multiple affiliate links in a single campaign without a problem. If you are a hardcore marketer or if you feel as if affiliate marketing is something you would like to dabble with in the future, then the only option would be Aweber.


MailChimp’s TOS

“Some industries have higher-than-average abuse complaints, which can jeopardize the deliverability of our entire system. Nothing personal, but in order to maintain the highest delivery rates possible for all our customers, we can’t allow businesses that offer these types of services, products, or content.”

  • Escort and dating services
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Work from home, make money online, and lead generation opportunities
  • Gambling services or products
  • Multi-level marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Credit repair and get out of debt opportunities
  • List brokers or list rental services
  • Selling “Likes” or followers for a social media platform


Pricing comparison


Aweber does not offer a free plan. However, they do offer fair prices.

Their cheapest plan is going to cost $19/mo which allows you to have up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails. Their $29/mo plan allows you to have up to 2500 subscribers. Their $49/mo plan allows you to have up to 5,000 subscribers.

Receive a discount here by paying quarterly or annually.


Other Aweber plans:

$69/mo – 10,000 subscribers

$149/mo – 25,000  subscribers

Start a free 30 day Aweber trial today.



One good thing about MailChimp is that they offer a free plan. MailChimp is free for your first 2000 subscribers or if you send under 12,000 emails a month.

It must be noted that their “Forever Free” plan does not have autoresponder capabilities and it lacks in some features such as Inbox Preview, Predicted Demographics, Product Recommendations, Abandoned Cart, Automation, Delivery by Time Zone, Advanced Segmentation, Social Profiles, Chat/Email Support, you can’t remove their MailChimp logo, and more.

Their paid plan starts at $20 a month. This plans allows for 1,001 – 1,500 subscribers.

Their $25/mo plan allows you to have 1,501 – 2,000 subscribers.

Their $30/mo plan allows you to have 2,001 – 2,500 subscribers.

The last option you have in their Growing plan is their $35.00 plan which allows you to have 2,501 – 2,600 email subscribers. MailChimp may be free in the beginning but as you grow in subscribers it gets very expensive.


Double opt-in vs single opt-in

What double opt-in does is add another conformation to your signup process. Instead of being added to your email list automatically users have to confirm their subscription. There are many benefits to having a double opt-in form such as, you will get better open rates and you will be better protected from spam bots.

While there are some advantages of using a double opt-in process there are disadvantages as well. Single opt-in forms will allow you to build your email list faster and it makes life easier for your users. Switching to single opt-in with MailChimp is a hassle.


Interface comparison


MailChimp’s interface is cleaner than Aweber’s interface. I find that it is easier to navigate through. This does not mean Aweber’s interface is clunky which is far from the truth, but MailChimp targets newbies, which means an easier interface for beginners.


While Aweber is less intuitive when it comes to the interface it is far more powerful than MailChimp and you have more options available to you. MailChimp in my opinion is more geared towards looks than function.




Aweber gives your business over 700 mobile-responsive email templates. I love that these templates can easily be customized to find the right look for your brand. With Aweber you also have the option of having professionals design your theme for you.



MailChimp has a few template pros such as you are able to import your own template and MailChimp is easy to customize. However, while it is easy to customize with MailChimp there is not that much that you can do. Also, MailChimp offers fewer ready-made templates than other email marketing services. Those who are looking for a quick and ready template solution might be a little disappointed at the templates that they have to offer.

Most users find that MailChimp templates are very basic. You are going to have to spend a little money on the right form for your brand or business. This means you will have to either spend time to import your own forms or spend time changing the existing forms and that’s time away from growing your business.



Many people don’t realize how important a footer logo is for their brand. It is better to have no footer logo at all then to have another companies logo.


With Aweber you are easily able to brand your messages with your company logo. To do this all that you have to do is click on List Settings under the List Options tab. Then, go to Personalize Your List. On the right side, you will see an area where you can upload your company logo. With Aweber you are able to place the image anywhere you would like in your email.



With MailChimp’s Forever Free plan you are stuck with the MailChimp logo on all your emails. This greatly impacts the legitimacy of your business, blog, non-profit organization, etc. Having another company’s logo exudes unprofessionalism and it may scare off potential customers or donors.

In a nutshell, whatever you are trying to get across in your email is competing with your email marketing company. Some of your email recipients will end up clicking on the MailChimp logo over the things you have to offer.


Emailing more than one list at once

If you have ever used MailChimp than you know that emailing multiple lists at one time is a huge hassle that might end up costing you hours of your precious time depending on your list size because you don’t want people receiving multiple copies. With Aweber emailing multiple lists can be done without a sweat.

Check out Aweber here.


Importing your email list comparison 

This is another huge advantage that Aweber has over MailChimp. If you have ever imported your email list, then you know that this can be a tedious process. Usually, when you import your list your subscribers are required to reconfirm that they want to continue receiving emails from your company.

This process always leaves you with less email subscribers than you had before. I have heard of horror stories such as a woman who lost half of her subscribers. With Aweber you are able to import your subscribers without requiring them to reconfirm their subscription.


Autoresponder comparison

Autoresponders allow you to set automatic answers for email accounts.


First, MailChimp’s Forever Free plan does not include an autoresponder feature. You are going to have to upgrade if you want this feature. MailChimp has really stepped up with their autoresponder feature, but compared to other email marketing platforms their autoresponder is basic. Though it gets the job done it doesn’t offer the extra features that Aweber has to offer.


AWeber has excellent autoresponder features. One of the features that I love so much that is so beneficial is their feature that allows you to view emails that are received.

Check out Aweber’s autoresponder.


Stock images 

MailChimp does not give you any stock images to add in your emails. Aweber on the other hand gives you 6000+ stock images to use.


Tracking/Reports comparison

All email marketers know the huge benefit of better statistical tracking.

Once you switch from MailChimp to Aweber you will immediately see that Aweber’s tracking features are far more superior. There is a huge difference as Aweber goes more in-depth. Also, Aweber allows for conversion tracking for marketers.

I’ve received an increase in clicks using Aweber because Aweber points to your actual domain URL when you enable click tracking. With MailChimp your subscribers will notice a long spammy link that is then redirected to your domain.


Feature comparison 

MailChimp features 

  • Email Designer
  • Email Templates
  • Multi-User Accounts
  • Merge Tags
  • Email Beamer
  • Custom Forms
  • A/B Testing
  • Reports
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Comparative Reports
  • Automation
  • Product Recommendations
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Geolocation
  • Email Delivery
  • Predicted Demographics
  • Delivery by Time Zone
  • Inbox Preview


Aweber features

  • Connect your AWeber account to social media, landing pages, shopping carts and many more integrations.
  • Beautiful Graphs
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • ANTI-SPAM policy
  • Content filter checking tools
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • AWeber Stats App
  • Instantly engage subscribers
  • Tons of email templates
  • Track performance
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Subscriber Tracking
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Free Stock Image Gallery
  • Unlimited Image Hosting
  • 3rd party app integration.


Support comparison


MailChimp has a large knowledge base but they have no phone support. Their free plan doesn’t even allow you to have email and chat support. For a beginner not having phone support can be so frustrating. Phone support gives us an added sense of security. There is only so much support you can get from live chat support. While they do have a large knowledge base if you are an amateur you will feel naked because you are alone in the setup process.



Aweber offers more support for their users. With Aweber you are given a large knowledge base. You are also given free live webinars. With these free webinars, email experts present the ins and outs of email marketing. You are given video tutorials. With these tutorials, you will easily learn how to use Aweber with step by step video tutorials. On top of all these Aweber has live chat support and phone support for their users.


What do I use?

For all my sites, I use Aweber and wouldn’t be caught dead without it. Not only am I using Aweber, but many of the top bloggers such as Darren Rowse, John Chow, Amy Lynn Andrews, Steve Chou, Lisa Irby, and more are using Aweber as well. If the top bloggers in the industry are using Aweber over MailChimp that really says something.


Here are Aweber testimonials from many well-known brands.

Jill Winger – The Prairie Homestead – “I’ve used several other providers, but just wasn’t happy with the results. I had heard about AWeber for ages from the top blogging gurus. I finally decided to do a trial membership, and I was completely impressed. It’s ease of use instantly got my attention and helped me know it was the right program for me.”

Kathryn Aragon – CrazyEgg – “I use AWeber’s click-through rates to identify topics of interest for our audience. I also use it to “grade” our headlines, since click-through is tied closely to the title of the article in the newsletter. Email has also been a great resource for setting expectations and building relationships with our audience.”

Shane and Jocelyn Sams – Flipped Lifestyle – “Nothing is as easy to use and set up as AWeber. It has a solid, easy-to-understand interface and is perfect for just starting out. We were able to get our opt-in forms up quick and create emails on the first day.”


How to move your subscribers from MailChimp to Aweber?

Go to Go to all subscribers and export your list. Export as CSV!

Then go to Go to the subscriber’s tab and click on add subscribers. Click on import more than 10 subscribers. Then, import subscribers from a file. Export the MailChimp file that you recently exported. It is that easy!

Once you’re finished, then it’s time to create your new list. Go to List Options and click On List Settings. Now enter in your basic info such as list name, from name, address, etc.


Which platform is better?

There are far too many disadvantages for me to ever recommend MailChimp to anyone. The one clear upside and the only reason that someone would ever choose MailChimp over Aweber is that MailChimp offers a free plan, but remember it’s at a huge cost to your company.

You get limited features which will affect your newsletter and marketing efficiency. When we think about email marketing we have to think about the long-term and the future hassles you are setting yourself up for.

The wisest decision would be to use Aweber. Aweber gives you greater deliverability which results in more page views, more profit, more long-term visitors, etc. Deliverability alone is why you should choose Aweber over MailChimp.

If your emails are landing in spam folders that will cost you thousands of dollars a year. When we take everything into consideration such as features, templates, tracking, performance, branding, support, and more we see why choosing Aweber is an easy choice.

Click Here To Sign Up For Aweber For Free.


Motivational marketing quotes.

“To be successful and grow your business and revenues, you must match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.” — Brian Halligan

“Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” -Seth Godin

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