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Blogging is a big commitment. Today we will be comparing Blogger Vs Tumblr to find the best blogging platform for you. To be a successful blogger you will need to post regularly, and your content must be engaging, informative, and shareable.

Blogger Vs Tumblr: 14 Differences (Easy Blogging Winner)

If you are blogging to promote a business you will need to find a balance between quality content and promotion. Even if you are overflowing with articles you just can’t wait to write, the technical aspects of making a blog can be overwhelming.

The platform you choose can decide whether you have a satisfying blogging experience or not. There are many platforms to choose from, but two of the biggest  are Tumblr and Blogger. If you are deciding between these two blogging platforms, here are some things to consider.

What kind of content do you want to post? Are you a photographer looking to highlight your work, a food lover who wants to write about recipes and post pictures, an insurance agent who wants to create auto insurance comparisons? Will most of your writing be text? Taking what kind of posts you want to make into consideration will help you decide which platform is best for you.


What are they?

Tumblr is a simple, easy to use blogging platform that is best for those who do not consider themselves to be tech-savvy. People who like your posts can easily re-blog them or like them. Tumblr users can follow you as well.

If most of your posts are pictures or other visuals, like videos or artwork, Tumblr will serve your needs well. While you can post text heavy articles on Tumblr, that’s not what most Tumblr users are looking for, and your content may be missed.

Blogger is easy to use and well thought out, but it offers many more opportunities for customization (and confusion), when compared to Tumblr.

Blogger is better for posts containing lots of text, but will handle pictures and videos as well. Blogger allows for connecting with your readers through commenting much easier than does Tumblr.


Custom domain comparison

Tumblr and Blogger both allow you to buy your own domain name and will redirect from your old Blogger or Tumblr address.



Tumblr and Blogger are free. If you want a custom domain name, you will have to pay for domain registration. You can also buy premium themes for either blog if you want a professional looking blog without the work.

With you will need to buy hosting to hosting your website. Are you wondering, how much does web hosting cost? Monthly web hosting is pretty cheap. You can purchase hosting such as SiteGround for $3.95/mo.



Blogger is pretty much a nonprofit ward of Google, so there aren’t many bells and whistles as far as widgets, plugins, and other useful features. Blogger does offer a pretty good record of statistics, using their experience with Google to make Blogger an excellent record keeper of traffic and useful reporting. Tumblr doesn’t offer any features or plugins outside of their templates.

With WordPress you will receive over 50,000 plugins such as live chat plugins, SEO plugins, social media community plugins, and more. There is no plugin that you will find in their plugin library.


Ability to monetize compared to

With Tumblr you can’t easily install platforms for membership or set up ecommerce. While Blogger allows you to have multiple pages, you still can’t easily set up membership or ecommerce. You can, however, make advertising dollars relatively quickly and easily, and with much less effort than Tumblr. Blogger is one of the oldest platforms out there, and because it was acquired by Google, it is ready to go with Google’s AdSense. This means that all you have to do to make money with Blogger is sign up for AdSense and post content that gets people reading your blogs.

With both platforms there are many restrictions, but with WordPress there are no monetization restrictions. This allows your business to make more revenue.


Ownership – TOS agreement

Blogger is owned by Google, and so is your blog. Google could choose to shut down all Blogger sites, or remove your access to your blog, at any time.

While Tumblr doesn’t explicitly claim to own your blog or content, they do have license to use anything you post without your permission.


Commenting system differences

Tumblr relies primarily on reposting to share and socialize. You have to manually enable commenting in your preferences so that users can comment on your posts, and other Tumblr bloggers will have had to turn on this feature as well for you to comment. You must subscribe to a blog for two weeks before you can comment, unless you both follow each other and mark a special setting. You cannot comment on your own posts, so the blogger whose blog you commented on cannot simply reply to your comment. They will need to repost your comment and reply there.

On Blogger, the blogger whose blog you are trying to comment on has to enable what kind of information a potential commenter needs to provide if they aren’t a Blogger user. If the blogger doesn’t enable posting with just a username and URL it is very hard for anyone not using a blogger account to post. Within the Blogger system, however, commenting is quite easy if it is enabled. If enabled, bloggers can even comment on comments.


Exporting comparison

Tumblr does not allow for easy export of your posts in batches if you want to change to another platform.

Blogger allows you to export your blog to your new site, but you may lose SEO. Be careful to redirect RSS feeds.


Permalink structure comparison.

Blogger allows you to configure your permalink on single posts. You can’t strip the year or month, but you can at least fill your permalink with keywords. If you want to change the permalink after publishing, you can use Blogger’s redirect option.

With Tumblr, you can completely customize the URL, simply by selecting custom URL and entering the desired URL.


SEO comparison

Choose a template that is responsive for your Blogger page or you may be missed. Tumblr does not allow for you to negatively affect your SEO by choosing the wrong template. Moving your Blogger blog to another platform may result in losing your SEO.

Both platforms struggle to achieve positive SEO compared to WordPress. WordPress gives you a number of plugins that will increase your website’s page load speed and enhance your website’s SEO.


Theme and design comparison – What is available to users

You can customize your Tumblr blog with CSS or install a template. Templates tend to work smoothly but are inflexible. Choose a theme you like because you won’t be able to tweak it much. This is no problem for those who are less computer adept and just want a good-looking blog without much work.

With Blogger, you can customize font, color, and many other visuals. You can also download and customize a variety of attractive templates. While all the customization options may be confusing for someone who just wants a blog now, it is good for those who are willing to work for the perfect blog.


Ease of use comparison

Tumblr is by far the easiest to use. It is almost more like using social media than blogging, although it is much more customizable and more robust than social media. Like in social media, you can easily and quickly post good-looking pictures with some text that you hope will be reposted and get you followed. More expensive and powerful templates require more artistic and administrative skill to take advantage of, but are still much easier to use and maintain than a Blogger site.

Blogger’s dashboard can feel a little clumsy, and the lack of continuous scroll like Tumblr has makes using Blogger less addictive (not a good thing for bloggers). is easy as well. Creating a WordPress website with SiteGround can be done in 5 minutes or less and you will be given 50,000 plugins to help you.


Better option for blogging

Tumblr is a good fit for you if your main goal in blogging is to connect with other bloggers and share media, and if you want your blog to be an attractive collection of images and brief links to things you like that you found on the internet, on Tumblr, or that you posted yourself. Tumblr is a quick, easy blogging experience. If you want to dig deeper or monetize Blogger offers more customization, text-centered blogging, commenting, and AdSense. With that said, WordPress is the best blogging option. Tumblr does not compare well to WordPress, nor does Blogger.


Support comparison

With Blogger your support options are very limited. There are basic instructional documents and a forum to talk with other users about problems, and that’s about it.


Bottom Line 

Although Blogger and Tumblr offer decent blogging options, they will decrease your chances of achieving success as a blogger. I strongly recommend WordPress which gives you better SEO, more monetization strategies, more support, more features, thousands of more themes, etc. Below I will teach you how to easily start a website with WP today in 5 minutes.


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