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Are you starting a blog soon and are you wondering can you make money on blogger? I always write and talk about this topic. I constantly warn people if you actually want to do things on your blog and have profit later on in your blogging journey then, run from and sites similar to it. When I say run I mean Usain Bolt out of there and don’t turn around. Once you choose Blogspot you are already at a huge disadvantage. You’re setting yourself up for failure and I will explain why and set you on the right path below.


Think about years from now.

Just reading a post with this title shows that you want to be blogging in the long run. You’re determined to make your blog generate income, which is good. The problem is that just because you’re in it for the long run doesn’t mean that your Blogspot will be in it for the long run. I know that this statement might have sounded very confusing to some people, but let me explain. If you don’t know by now you do not own a free hosted site. Why do you think that they tattoo the company name in your domain? For example, Since you do not own it your blog can be deleted for any small reason and this happens more than you think. It can happen out of the blue.

You wake up one day from a nap and you go to sign into your account just to find, “Blog has been removed”. Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs. This is the message that can one day give you a heart attack if you make the wrong choice. Do you really want to give Google the right to control and access your information? Imagine if you start making some type of income from the Blogger platform and that income pays for your cheap car insurance bill and without warning they shutdown your site. Don’t roll the dice with your future because it might not fall in your favor. Be wise and pay for your own hosting, which is very cheap.


There are many limitations that can hinder your journey to make steady income with Blogger.

To start if you were hoping to get Google search traffic from Blogger it’s possible, but it is going to be harder for you. Rarely will you see a Blogspot blog outrank a self hosted WordPress blog. There are many Blogger sites that have been online for years, but still have an Alexa rank of over 10,000,000. sites have an Alexa rank under 10,000,000 in just a few days. Many of the 3rd party plugins that WP users use to help them make money online are not available for Blogspot users. Say Goodbye to the huge free selection of eCommerce, SEO, shopping cart, and mailing plugins when you choose not to go with WordPress. The thousands of free plugins that make blogging easier which in return results in more profit can’t be used with BS.


Money making opportunities.

Many advertisers don’t like putting their ads on free hosted sites so you are lowering your chances of selling ad space on your website. Blogger sites are not brandable and you might not want to believe this, but they are looked down upon by others. When it comes to sharing they are shared less than self hosted sites. I wrote an article explaining the differences between Blogger and WordPress.



Many people blog with the sole purpose of gaining an income. Have you ever wondered why the top sites with high monthly visitors and the average sites with a decent number of visitors are never on Blogger? The reason is because they know they are hurting themselves in the long run. They know that the wisest choice is to pay for their own hosting.



You might be saying to yourself well BS is free, but what is free is not always the best choice. If you are worried about the price of hosting you should know that in a few months with hard work or a good strategy your blog will pay for it and more. One of the real keys to building a successful blog is by not quitting. I highly recommend that if you’re serious about blogging then get hosting with Bluehost today, which is the best, they are cheap, they give you a free domain, and they are the official recommended hosting of WP. In less than 5 minutes from now you can start blogging. Buy Bluehost hosting today here. If you need any help with setting up your blog just email me.


Blogging quote – “What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.
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