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Make the easy choice! If you’re contemplating between a CMS vs Html for your next site. Let me show you why you are way better off with a CMS.

CMS Vs HTML: 12 Reasons Why The Choice Is Easy

If you choose to go the HTML route it will take you longer to design your website.

Something that could have been done in less than half an hour turns into a tedious task that could take a few weeks. This is assuming that you already know some basic HTML. This is not taking into account the additional information that you have to learn in the whole process.

This is not taking into account the different trial and errors that will indeed happen. Also, you have to remember that you have to take the time to get to understand the ins and outs of the editor that you are using.


When you take the HTML route you are making sacrifices to your design.

Most Html sites look kind of old and they are usually flat. There is usually one page that holds a large amount of information. The Html route usually does not produce good looking sites unless the design was stolen, which is not only unethical, but also illegal. A CMS opens a lane for people without coding experience to make a beautiful responsive website. Some sites you can look at them and think wow this site must have cost at least 5000 dollars, but in actuality it was built with a $50 ready made theme.


A CMS doesn’t require training.

As of right now if you do not know anything about HTML, HTML5, Ajax, PHP, CSS, and tags then it wouldn’t be wise to choose the HTML option. Most people who want to put content on the web are worried about three things. Which way gives better results, how long will it take, and how much will it cost? A CMS gives the best answer to all of these questions. It takes time to learn code. Some people get it and some people don’t. A CMS lets you go online and compete with the best of them. You don’t have to sit through a boring course, watch long videos, or read a lot of pages. Instead of learning from scratch you could be learning how to boost your CMS site on Google and Bing.


A CMS is better for your business?

How is it better for your business you ask? If you have employees or if you plan to have employees a CMS makes it easier for them. It makes it easier for them to maneuver around the site and use it effectively. Your employees might not be strong in code and that is where a CMS has its advantages. It helps your business run smoother.


Making changes becomes easier.

You finally set up your HTML site now you have to make a change/update, but you don’t know how. You can either pay for someone to help you or you can search everywhere for the answers to a simple change. With a CMS everything is user friendly and making changes will not be a problem for you. It doesn’t get any simpler. You have a section for your appearance, plugins, tools, settings, etc. You even have your hosting platform to help you with this. Life is really sweet for all the people who are using a content management system.


Most people are using a CMS and it’s not even close.

There is obviously a reason that more people are going with a CMS like WordPress. You may ask why does this matter? It shows you that it has more benefits and it matters because you are going to have more people to assist you. You are going to be lonely without a CMS. Everything will become harder for you. There were many times where my WordPress family has helped me do things I didn’t know how to do yet for free. The support is there for you when you need it, but with HTML you are turning down the free support.


With a CMS there will be more addition to your site.

All the top content management systems have plugins that you can install. A plugin is a collection of code files that adds different features and extends the functionality of your site. Instead of having to hand code different buttons just install one that is already there. On this blog you will notice a floating share bar on the left, that is a plugin that I installed. When you go to a website and you see PayPal buttons, comment systems, Like Boxes, banners, related posts, large search bars, forms, etc. Those are plugins. That’s just the beginning. Those are just the plugins that you can actually see. Those plugins are barely scathing the surface and what a CMS plugin is capable of doing.


HTML gives you no room.

Coding your site on your own gives you no breathing room to do anything, but a static site. I am not saying that it is not a great option for customizing from a blank page. I am talking about the years of experience that it takes for the flexibility that you desire. If you don’t care about flexibility and just want a plain old website then you can look into HTML.


Schedule your posts and access your work from a different computer.

Have you ever wanted your post to be published at a certain time? A CMS allows you to do that. It allows you to schedule a post. This is good for when you have promotions going on and this is also good for when you are not going to be near your computer and don’t have the time to publish them. Also, a CMS benefits you because you won’t need to use the same computer or a special software to access your website. You can access your dashboard from any laptop, mobile device, tablet, iPad, etc.


A CMS is built for SEO.

If you are not a good coder I guarantee that you will run into problems when trying to rank. You have the option of paying someone to do it for you or you can install WordPress and install the powerful Yoast or All in one plugin.


A CMS still allows you to check your motor.

Many people are code junkies and they get a thrill out of coding from scratch and editing code. A CMS still allows you to do that if you choose. Why get one option when you can get both options? If you want to be technical, then fear not because WordPress, Drupal, and more allow you to mess with codes, customize, and check under the hood.


With a CMS the price is right. 

Most likely if you choose to make an HTML static site you are going to be using Dreamweaver, which is what most people use. The problem that I have with DW is that it is unbelievably expensive. Full CC is going to cost you 600 dollars a year. This price makes a CMS even more attractive because all you need to pay for is hosting. I recommend Bluehost, which is only $3.95/mo. You have to pay annually, but they also give you a free domain, unlimited storage, and amazing performance.


You need a CMS

A CMS requires no coding knowledge. You will thank yourself later if you choose a CMS, preferably WP, which is the most used, easiest to use, what I use, and the one that gives you more features.


Let’s start

Your site can be online in the next 10 minutes. That is how long it takes with BH to set up a WP site. The setup is a piece of cake.

Start with Bluehost here.


Quote – The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks. Mark Zuckerberg
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