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Web Hosting

In the fight between DigitalOcean Vs Bluehost both of these companies offer great performance. You must first understand that Bluehost is shared hosting and DigitalOcean is unmanaged VPS hosting. I will help you with making the best hosting choice for your blog today.


Difficulty & Security

Digital Ocean is for the more advanced. With DO you have to configure, manage, and maintain your servers. If you don’t want to get too technical and you want to make it easier for yourself then shared hosted is the way to go. Bluehost can be set up in minutes and it will allow you to sleep good at night without worrying about the other things. Think about this. What is going to happen when you have spam?

Shared hosting takes cares of the dirty work for you so you can be at peace. BH will fully protect your blog from any unwanted guests like DDoS attacks. When you choose DO you must understand that you will have a greater responsibility. You have to make sure that you are keeping up with security.



This is a big one for beginners. I don’t care if you are VPS or not. One of the things that all beginners need is good customer support because you never know when you are going to run into a problem. I can get very impatient sometimes. If you are anything like me you need answers to your questions right away and this is where DO can fall short.

DigitalOcean does not offer any phone support for their users. They also don’t have live support. You have to contact them by creating a ticket. I am in no way saying that their ticket support is slow because it is not. Even though they don’t have phone support their email support is still fast, but for me personally I desire more.

Bluehost has phone support, live 24/7 support even while signing up, and you can submit a ticket.


Checking bandwidth

With DreamOcean it is not possible to monitor your bandwidth usage from your control panel. This is a downside for some people. With BH there are various different ways you can check your disk space and bandwidth. For example, you can go to the File Management section on the cpanel and go to Disk Space Usage or File Count. In your cpanel you can also go to your statistics section and go to Bandwidth.



When it comes to the price, both Bluehost and DigitalOcean are very cheap, but you have to remember to factor in the site space in your choice.

BH – Bluehost will either cost you under 4, 5, or 6 dollars a month depending on your plan length.

DO – DigitalOcean will cost you either $5, $10, $20, $40, or more a month depending on the plan that you choose.

  • $5                                            $10                                        $20                                    $40
  • 512MBMemory                  1GBMemory                     2GBMemory                  4GBMemory
  • 1 CoreProcessor                 1 CoreProcessor              2 CoreProcessor          2 CoreProcessor
  • 20GBSSD Disk                  30GBSSD Disk                  40GBSSD Disk             60GBSSD Disk
  • 1TBTransfer                       2TBTransfer                        3TBTransfer                  4TBTransfer


Site Space

When it comes to website space, I would choose BH. All of the plans on Bluehost are meant for long lasting blogs. People who are hoping to be professional full-time bloggers. The BH starter plan, gives you 100GB of web space, which is awesome. With DigitalOcean with their cheapest plan, which is 5 dollars you will get 512MB. While this might be good for small sites you are eventually going to need to upgrade because this will not be enough. Their $10 a month plan gives you 1GB of memory. Their next plan, which is for 20 dollars a month gives you 2GB of memory.


My take on the price and site space. 

For me I would never choose the first DO plan because I am a full-time blogger and I need more than 512MB. If you were to choose DigitalOcean you would have to at least start off with the popular $10 plan. If you are trying to save money then BH will be the cheaper option, but always remember that with BH you have to pay upfront for the full year.



They both are great in this category. They both have fantastic uptimes. With Do you can expect about a 99.98% uptime. With BH you can expect a 99.99% uptime.


Which one should you choose?

I truly like them both. The only problem that I have with DO is the no phone support. Do has great reviews everywhere. Choose Digital Ocean if you want to pay month to month. Pick Digital ocean if the 512MB doesn’t matter to you because it’s only going to cost you 5 dollars a month. Choose Do if managing your site is not a problem for you.

Bluehost is easier for beginners. Choose Bluehost if you want your hosting to take care of everything and if you want a cheaper price in the long run.

It’s your choice, don’t wait try for yourself today.

Check out DigitalOcean and get a $10 credit with this link.

Check out Bluehost here and receive a cheaper price


Blogging quote – I blog because I have something to say. – Eddie Huang
Web Hosting
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