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I will help you choose between (DotNetNuke) DNN Vs WordPress for your next website. From this review you will see that it’s not a hard choice and I will help you put your business on the internet today.

(DotNetNuke) DNN Vs WordPress: 8 Reasons To Choose WP

What are they

Both are two of the largest CMS in the world. DotNetNuke is a content management system based on Microsoft .NET. WordPress is a CMS written in PHP.


Ease factor

They both don’t require you to be a techie, but most people find that WP is easier to learn, faster to set up, easier to use, and easier to maintain. You will definitely be more comfortable using the WP dashboard and not to mention WP has one click install plugins. Directly from the dashboard you can install plugins which makes it an even more attractive option for beginners. In all honesty I can create a WordPress site in 5 minutes with SiteGround hosting and you can too.


Module differences


There is no other CMS or website builder platform that offers more plugin features than WP. You can check, but you will never find it and you will never find it in the future. WordPress offers beginners and developers over 30,000+ plugins to extend your website or blog capabilities. This is my main reason why I am using WordPress. At any time if I want to turn this site into a full feature ecommerce store I can install a plugin in an instant. If I want to have my own social media site or display my Youtube videos onto my website I can install a plugin in an instant. Any type of comment sections, like boxes, share buttons, podcast features, hidden sections, or any other complex feature can be installed in one second with WP for free.



DNN does not even come close when it comes to plugins. Would you rather have 30,000 plugins or 1000 plugins, which is what DNN offers you? DotNetNuke plugins are not free. That means any time that you are looking for a new feature to install you are looking at paying around $50. The price can really add up on you. With WordPress I’ve used more than 20 plugins at a time. Imagine how much I would have spent if my site was built on DNN?


Template comparison

DNN does not offer a large amount of themes to choose from and the worst part is that DNN does not offer their users any free themes. If you were hoping for some free themes to install you will be disappointed, but not if you choose WP. WordPress allows you to install over 2.5K free themes directly from your dashboard. If you were hoping for premium themes you will be happy to know that there are over 7000 premium themes that you can purchase anywhere.


Browsers compatibility comparison

If you have ever used WordPress, then you know that WordPress can be used in all browsers, but with DNN you might run into problems especially when installing different themes and different modules onto your website. Many users have complained about compatibility issues with Internet Explorer while using DNN


Which is faster?

This is an obvious answer. The good thing about WP is that it uses PHP and MYSQL which means that your site is going to be faster. Another upside with WordPress is that you are able to install free plugins like W3 Total Cache which increases your website speed greatly.


Search engine optimization comparison 

You want to use the CMS that gives you the best chance to rank in the search engines. I guarantee that if you have two sites one DNN site and one WP site the WordPress site is going to rank better. I’m not talking about plugins I’m talking about out of the box. If you want to rank quicker you choose WP. People are constantly complaining about the DNN URL structure which will hurt your SEO, but that is just one of the problems. With WP when you start installing SEO plugins like Yoast, which is the most popular SEO plugin on the planet right now it then becomes a wrap.


Popularity comparison

Popularity matters because it shows what most people are choosing. Most people are going to choose the best platform. The stats show that over a quarter of the internet is using WP. WordPress powers over 50% of CMS driven websites in the top 1M. DNN is only used by 0.2% of the internet.

It is hard to find big brands and popular websites using DNN. Many big brands use WordPress such as CNN, Reuters, Forbes, Vogue, Mashable, UPS, Xerox, Blackberry, and more. WP blows DNN out of the water when it comes to popularity. The question is why are more people choosing WP?


Which is better for different type of websites?

You wouldn’t use DNN for a small website or blog. You would think about using DotNetNuke for a large business site, but even then I would choose WP. WordPress is versatile and can be used for blogs, small websites, large websites, ecommerce websites, etc. In fact, over 30% of all online shops are built on WordPress.


Here is a breakdown of why you should go with WP and I will show you how below.

WP is going to be cheaper for you in the long run because some of the things that should be free cost with DNN. WordPress has a larger community which results in more documentation, support, and developers at better prices.

WordPress is easier, it offers your more features, and website designs. WordPress is the largest site creation tool on the web. Some people don’t even know about DNN. I strongly believe that this a no brainier.


Build your WordPress website today.

I strongly recommend that you use SiteGround. They give you a free domain name, they offer top performance, extreme scalability for your business, they have a quick set up time, and the price is cheap at $3.95/mo. What makes SiteGround so easy is that they have a preinstall wizard that automatically installs WordPress for you. Even if you are new to website creation it will still take you 5 minutes or less. 

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Quote – “If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going. That doesn’t mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100% from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.” Kevin Systrom, Instagram
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