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Web Hosting

Many people ask do you need to buy hosting on GoDaddy and the answer is no. Did you recently purchase a domain name or are seeking to purchase a domain name? If you need hosting, then never recommends to get hosting from GoDaddy. The ideal thing might be to keep your domain and hosting within the same company, but not in this case.

GoDaddy is not worth the headaches and the phone calls. GD was never intended to be a hosting platform, but just a domain registrar. While there is nothing wrong with getting your domain name from them and we actually recommend them in this case, there are way better hosting companies you can choose from for your blog or business.



The first hosting company that I recommend for beginner bloggers for their WordPress site is Bluehost. Not only does Bluehost offer an easy setup to start blogging in minutes, but Bluehost is the top recommended hosting site for and many of your favorite bloggers. The good thing about Bluehost for people who haven’t purchased a domain name yet is that it is free when you choose your hosting through them.



Arvixe is another great hosting company that we recommend. What you are getting when you go with Arvixe is a free domain just like Bluehost. This is so awesome because the free domain that they give you is free for life. That means you never have to worry about it again. Once you renew your hosting with Arvixe they will renew your domain free of charge. No more having to pay 15 dollars to renew it every year. Arvixe also offers one-click installs, great customer support, easy to use control panel, no hidden fees like some other companies, and great security. Arvixe has a far better reputation than GoDaddy and they are known for giving quality results.



For new bloggers I also recommend DreamHost which has been around since 1997. The only thing with DreamHost is while they are a great hosting company you will save some money by choosing to go with BH.



Can you use GoDaddy? Yes you can, but just because you can use something doesn’t mean that you always should. I would prefer that you use one of the three hosting companies provided preferably BH. I can only refer the best to others and before I refer anyone to GoDaddy they have to fix a few things with their hosting platform first.


I Recommend that all WordPress owners use Bluehost. Receive a discount and set up your site in minutes today with the link below.


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Web Hosting
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