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Out of Ecwid Vs Shopify they both are amazing companies, but they are not the same thing. With this comparison I will explain the differences and show you that the choice is really easy and clear.

Ecwid Vs Shopify: Which Is Better? (7 Differences)

Quick difference between them

Many people ask will Ecwid host my site and the answer is no. Unlike Shopify Ecwid is not an actual ecommerce platform. Where do you think the name comes from?

It’s an ecommerce widget (Ec – wid). It’s a shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with an existing site. For example, let’s say that you already have a website with Dreamweaver or WordPress, Ecwid gives you the ability to easily embed this powerful cart into your site. With Shopify your shop will be hosted on their fast dedicated servers.


I will make it even easier for you. 


Shopify is a good option if you want more payment gateways, more features, you want to keep everything in one place, and you don’t already have a website. Try a 14 day trial.



Ecwid can be a good option if you already have a website and don’t mind paying for your current site and for EW. Try it free here.


Feature comparison

These are the features that make Shopify stand out among the ecommerce pack. Upon checking both sites you will see that Shopify gives you more flexibility and they even have their very own app store to add different pieces to your website.



Shopify POS – This is an awesome feature that provides an in-person checkout system on the iPad or the iPhone. It’s great because now you can process transactions in your retail store or at other places. Shopify supplies you with what you need such as a free credit card reader and a point of sale kit. (Works with your own third party equipment)

Pinterest Store – Allow millions of pinners to buy directly from Pinterest.

Spreesy – With this you can sell directly to your followers on Instagram.

Facebook store (Ecwid has this as well)

Allow customers to login with their social login.

Hashtag Me – Increase sales and allow customers to advertise for you. This feature allows buyers to tag all your products on Instagram and bring potential customers to your shop.

Cyfe – This app gives you an all in one dashboard with analytics, Shopify, support, social media and more.

Use fraud tools

Shipping label discount

Shopify integrates with over 70 payment gateways.

You will find hundreds of free and premium 3rd party extension in the app store. For example, free tools like live chat, personalized products, and shopping carts.



  • Ecwid has POS, but there are limitations with their POS.
  • Your Ecwid shop is translated into 45 different languages with their Language Detection. (With Shopify this feature will cost $17.50)
  • Customer Address Book
  • Let your customers check out shipping costs based on their location with Smart Shipping Calculator.
  • Let your customers favorite their favorite products so they can come back to it later.
  • Ecwid has automatic updates
  • Open a Facebook store and allow your customers to shop and pay without leaving.


Pricing and products

Ecwid has a free plan. This plan is not for those who desire a professional shop because it lacks in features, support, and it only allows you to have 10 products.

Venture plan – Ecwid also has a $15 a month plan. If you pay a year in advance it will cost you $12.50 a month. You are able to hold up to 100 products. As an added bonus you will be given discount coupons, enhanced SEO capabilities, iPhone Management App, live chat support and you get to sell on the go with PayPal Here and iZettle.

Business plan – For the ability to grow their best plan is their $35 a month business plan. If you pay a year in advance it will cost you $29.17 a month This plan lets owners hold 2500 products. You get everything in the venture plan and more. You get access to dedicated experts. Advertise on major marketplaces like Google, Amazon, and Yahoo. Offer wholesale pricing to your customers who purchase in bulk. Edit Orders, phone support, and sell on eBay with the business plan.

Unlimited plan. This plan currently has a special offer. If you purchase before November 30th 2015 it will cost you $69/mo, after this date the price will go back to $99/mo. If you pay a year in advance it will cost you $57.50 a month. With this plan you are given unlimited product uploads, customization services, and a Square POS integration.

There are no transaction fees for all of their plans, but you have to remember fees such as PayPal.



different shopify plan comparisons

The Lite Plan is not for people who want a professional shop. The Basic plan gives you what you need to have a professional store. When you use Shopify payments then there are no Shopify transactions fees. The bigger the plan the cheaper the CC rates. Shopify has unlimited item storage for all of their store plans.


Which helps with ranking?

Shopify delivers in the SEO category. Your site will be hosted on fast dedicated servers. They also have SEO plugins that you can get in the app store. EW sites are not already optimized for SEO. Many people in the Ecwid forum complain that their products are not being indexed by Google. Don’t worry because in their knowledge base you will find out ways to fix this.


Design options

One of the benefits of Shopify is that it offers you a large amount of free and premium ready-made themes. You can also find more on 3rd party sites. You have the ability to adjust the themes if you choose to your liking. For $399 with Ecwid you can let their design integration professionals do their magic so you can keep the look and feel of your current site. You can also buy image tools to let customers see products in great detail. On their website in the apps section you will see the option to buy Ecwid themes for around $35 – $60.


Let’s compare the support between Shopify and Ecwid
Email and Chat Support – Chat is available 24/5, Monday through Friday. Available only on the Venture Plan and higher.


Phone support – Only available with the Business plan or higher.

EW has an active forum filled with EW customers and the EW support team to answer questions and give tips.



Their support is available for all plans. They have live chat, phone, and email support 365 days of the year. They have a massive Ecommerce, Shopify, and General discussion forum.

With both companies you will find a lot of guides to help you.


Success stories

Although they both have success stories it was way easier to find popular Shopify sites than Ecwid sites and that is because Shopify has more of them.

Here are a few well known Shopify sites.

Here are a few well known Ecwid sites. Karbonspeed.comSwami’s Cycling


Which to choose?

One of the things that matter the most when choosing an ecommerce platform is the features. Also which one has the biggest potential for profit and allows me to grow? Shopify is the clear best choice.


Test it out for yourself today: Begin making your site

Shopify offers more features and all their store plans can hold unlimited products. Shopify is better built for professionals. Once again if you don’t have a site yet then go with Shopify.

(Try out a free 2 week trial today here.) No info needed


Ecwid is an awesome shopping cart, but I recommend going with the Shopify $29 plan because of what it gives you. Remember with Ecwid you have to have an existing site. You are going to pay for the monthly costs for hosting your site and the Ecwid cost.

If you already have a website and don’t wish to move it to the Shopify server,

then (try a free Ecwid store here.)


Quotes – If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful. Jeff Bezos
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