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eHost Vs GoDaddy

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Let’s compare web hosting between eHost vs GoDaddy to help you start up your blog. We will be comparing the performance, prices, support, features, etc. The choice will be easy after reading this review of both hosting services. At the bottom I have added a step by step tutorial to help you create a website with the winner today.

eHost Vs GoDaddy: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)


GoDaddy is a publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company.  In addition to domain registration and hosting, GoDaddy also sells e-business related software and services. has been operating since 1998. They are based in Houston, Texas and they host over one million websites on their platform.


Speed test comparison 

Speed matters because Google uses page load speed as one of their ranking factors.

When using different tools to compare the hosting speed we see that although it is close, eHost offers faster web hosting than GoDaddy. eHost has an average load response time of around 600ms. GoDaddy’s load response time is slightly above 700ms.


Uptime comparison 

GoDaddy started as a domain registrar. They used to have less than average uptime, but through the years they have gotten better. When we monitor the uptime of both companies on average GoDaddy has a 99.93 – 99.94% uptime.

This is not the best, but this is still a good uptime. eHost on the other hand has an uptime of 99.98-99%, which is one of the best in the industry. For customer satisfaction eHost users will be given one month of credit on their account if they receive any downtime.


Pricing comparison 

When it comes to the most attractive pricing option it is clear that eHost has the better pricing options. eHost advertises their $2.75/mo, which is one of the cheapest prices. Let’s compare the prices.

36 month plan – GoDaddy has a $3.99/mo plan and of course eHost has the $2.75/mo plan.

24 month plan – GoDaddy offers a $4.49/mo plan and eHost offers a $3.49/mo plan.

12 month plan –  When it comes to the 12 month plan both hosting companies offer a $4.99/mo plan.

1 month –  I never recommend paying month to month so you can save money, but both companies give you the option of paying month to month for $6.99 a month.

When it comes to pricing they are similar in some areas, but eHost has the better prices.

Start eHost here at 50% for $2.75/mo.


User-friendliness comparison

One of the good things about both of these companies is that they both offer cPanel. cPanel is the easiest hosting control panel to use. Not only is it the easiest to use, but it is also the most popular.

You can expect POP3/IMAP Email Accounts, Third Party Mail Client Configuration Support,  Create Forwards & Aliases, Autoresponders, Account Level Filtering, Spam Assassin Anti-Spam Tool, BoxTrapper Email Verification, PHP, PERL, etc.


Domain name comparison 

Another thing that both of these companies have in common is that when you start hosting with them you will not need to buy a domain name. You will be given a domain name for free.

When it comes to the free domain name there is a difference. With GoDaddy you are going to have to pay when it is time to renew your domain name. With eHost the domain that you create will be free for life. You will never have to pay to renew it.


Features comparison 

GoDaddy features

  • cPanel
  • CloudLinux
  • Resources On-Demand
  • Cage FS
  • Free Applications
  • 50 FTP Users
  • One-click migration tool
  • Temporary domain name

eHost features 

  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Email Address
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • 1,000’s of Templates
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Free Listing
  • Site Analytics Software
  • Website Authentication Seal
  • SEO Tools & Tips


Support comparison 

GoDaddy support has gotten better over the years from what they once were. They used to have low rated technical support. Now I am hearing good things about their support. Both hosting companies offer 24/7 phone support, live chat support, and ticket support.

Both companies offer many tutorials and set up guides to help you get started.


Which should I choose?

This wasn’t a really hard comparison. In all honesty I would not recommend GoDaddy as a web hosting company. It was built to be an awesome domain registrar not a hosting company. Choose an actual reliable hosting company like eHost.

Not only is it cheaper, but it offers better speed for your website, it has better reviews, and it has a higher monthly uptime rating. eHost is the best choice and I will even help you create a website below.


Create a website today in 5 minutes with eHost: Step by step tutorial. 

Click here to start ehost at 50% off for $2.75/mo.

  • Click on get started now and create domain name
  • Add your name, email, password, and other information.
  • When you press complete you will have the option to purchase add-ons, but it is not needed.
  • Click no thanks and you will see an order confirmation. Exit out of the popup.
  • You will see cPanel on the left side and website builder on the right. Select the cPanel.
  • Their system sets up your account for you: Click manage when it’s done processing.
  • Go to quick installs at the bottom and click WordPress.
  • Install WP for free.
  • Now add your domain on the left side and leave the install/path/here box empty.
  • Add your info and click install WordPress. You’re done.
  • Now view credentials, click the admin area link, and log into your site.
  • Congratulations!


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