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eNom Vs GoDaddy

Web Hosting

Let’s review eNom Vs GoDaddy to help you find the best web hosting service for your website. Both of these companies are not traditional web hosting companies. They are domain registrars that also offer web hosting.

eNom Vs GoDaddy: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)

Not only will I compare these two companies, but I will also be comparing them to a true hosting company SiteGround, which is the top hosting provider of 2017. I will also add a setup guide at the end of this article. Let’s begin!


An introduction to both companies. 

eNom is a domain name registrar and web hosting company that was founded in 1997 that sells other products closely tied to domain names, such as SSL certificates, e-mail services, and website building software. As of 2017 eNom manages over 16 million domains around the world.

GoDaddy was founded in 1997 and it is a domain registrar and a hosting company that manages over 60 million domains. GoDaddy is the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar in the world.



With GoDaddy just like with SiteGround and other hosting companies you are given a free domain name with their annual plan. Unlike GoDaddy eNom does not give their users a free domain so with GD you are saving more money. However, both plans do allow you to host multiple domains on your web hosting plan


Control panel differences

eNom uses  the Plesk Control Panel which is the web-based interface that allows you to manage your web hosting account. You will receive localization, skins & customizations, mobility,
state of the art control panel interface, email components, DNS management, database options & management, development environment, CloudLinux, etc.

GoDaddy along with SiteGround use cPanel for their VPS and shared hosting plans. cPanel is an easy-to-use control panel designed for managing particular domains, or hosting accounts, on your dedicated or virtual dedicated server. I have cPanel for all of my sites and I will not be caught without it. It is the easier control to use, it offers the most features, and it is the most popular.



Website uptime is the percentage of time that your site is working. The less downtime from your hosting company the better it will be for your website.

After observing GoDaddy we see that it has a hosting uptime of around 99.94%. This is 2% better than eNom which has an uptime of 99.92%. There is a greater chance of your site being successful with GoDaddy hosting, but there are other hosting companies that I recommend over these companies.

My top recommendation is SiteGround which has the highest customer satisfaction rating of all shared hosting providers. SiteGround actually displays their monthly uptime for users and future users to see. They currently have an uptime of 99.99%. Check out SiteGround.


Website page load speed 

You want a fast page server response time which will result in more customers and more readers to your website. GoDaddy has a page load response time of around 750ms, which is a little slow for some people. Enom is slightly faster with a page load response time of around 650ms.

SiteGround cuts both times in half because of their speed features such as SSD drives, NGINX web server technology, PHP7, CDN’s, and more. SiteGround has a load response time of 300ms, which is at the top of the hosting industry. SiteGround compared to GoDaddy is not even close. 


Price comparison


eNom has three plans that you can choose from. eNom has a starter plan for $4.88/mo, an advanced plan for $8.00/mo, and a business plan for $17.60/mo. 


If you choose the GoDaddy 3 year plan you will get hosting for $3.99 a month. You can also select a 2 year plan which will cost you $4.49/mo and a 12 month plan for $4.99 a month. 


Both plans offer cheap yearly hosting packages for your blog. However, compared to the other two hosting companies SiteGround offers far cheaper hosting. SG hosting is only going to be $3.95 a month. Start hosting at 60% off.



eNom Features 

  • 1-click WordPress installation
  • WordPress toolkit
  • Intuitive Plesk control panel
  • Supports 50 domains
  • DNS management
  • Website auto-optimized for search engines
  • Automatic Website Hacker prevention tools
  • Automatically block attacks on known vulnerable applications
  • SSL Ready
  • CentOS 5 64 bit


GoDaddy Features 

  • Free domain with annual plan.
  • 100 GB disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Industry-standard control panel cPanel.
  • CloudLinux
  • Protect your content 24/7 with this virtualized file system.



eNom offers 24/7 phone support and ticket support. Their support team strives to answer all inquiries within 24 to 48 hours. They also have a knowledgebase and a YouTube channel to help you.

GoDaddy offers not only 24/7 phone support, but they also have ticket support and live chat support. GoDaddy has a large community with articles, forums, and guides.


Which to choose?

Between GoDaddy and eNom the best company is GoDaddy. It has a slightly better uptime, they use cPanel, and it is cheaper. But, if we compare both of these companies to SiteGround we immediately see that they both fall short.

Both of the reviewed companies were built to be domain registrars, but later added hosting features. If you want better web hosting performance, then you must actually get hosting from an actual hosting company like SiteGround. SiteGround offers far more hosting performance features, speed features, it offers a free domain for life, more support, it is cheaper, and it is easier to set up.


I will show you step by step how you can set up your website right now in 5 minutes with SG. 

Start SiteGround here at 60% off.

1. Choose the $3.95 plan, choose a domain, and complete the setup.
2. After you have completed the setup process, choose the first option on the WP setup wizard popup that appears.
3. Create your login & pick any template for now.
4. You have just created a powerful website with SG!


Quote –  “It is not enough to begin; continuance is necessary. Mere enrollment will not make one a scholar; the pupil must continue in the school through the long course, until he masters every branch. Success depends upon staying power. The reason for failure in most cases is lack of perseverance.”

Web Hosting
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