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Are you ready to start your ecommerce business? All that you need is the right platform. In this Etsy Vs Shopify review, I will compare features, SEO, support, fees, design, ownership, and more.

Etsy Vs Shopify: 8 Differences (Easy Choice)

After reviewing everything you will see that the choice is easy. I guarantee you that you will make the right ecommerce choice in just a few minutes.


SEO comparison

SEO is extremely important. In my Wix vs Shopify review I recommended not choosing Wix because it is awful for SEO. SEO might be the single greatest aspect of your website’s success. You can have the best looking site in the world, but if no one can find your website in the search engines, then it doesn’t matter. Most of the most popular online shops rank well in the search engines. You want to be able to use SEO to your advantage. You want to rank for keywords that the competition is not ranking for.


Etsy is not what you want if you want to rank well in Google, Bing, and other search engines. Etsy is more community based. It’s going to be harder to gain search engine traffic. You are most likely going to have to get a majority of your sales from your social media followers. With Etsy you are missing out on longer term customers and over 60% of future customers that find you from the search engines.



There are many successful Shopify sites such as Budweiser, Tattly, Tesla Motors, WaterAid, Red Bull, Bootea, Kylie Cosmetics, Sunday Somewhere, and more.

Shopify websites rank well in the search engines. When you pay for Shopify some of the thing that you are paying for are a 99.99% uptime, blazing fast dedicated servers, and unlimited hosting bandwidth, which all help you with ranking higher.

Start a 2 week trial.


Payment gateways

More payment gateways means greater opportunities for profit. We have evolved beyond just using PayPal.


One of the great benefits of using Shopify is that Shopify integrates with over 70 payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world. Besides PayPal you can use Stripe, 2Checkout, First Data, Amazon Payments,, NETbilling, PayJunction, TrustCommerce, Bambora, and more. I think that you immediately limit yourself as an ecommerce entrepreneur when you forget about shoppers in other parts of the world.

Think about your Australian, Indian, Canadian, Chinese, African, German, Italian, United Kingdom customers, etc. You need as much payment options as possible to maximize your revenue and this is where Shopify greatly excels over Etsy and other ecommerce platforms.



Etsy does have PayPal, but it’s missing some of the other large payment gateways in the world. Etsy’s direct payment is not available in India which can lead to issues for sellers. Etsy must improve in their payment gateway options.


Pricing & fees comparison


Etsy is free to use and there are no monthly fees. However, free platforms have to make a profit as well. Etsy does charge a $0.20 listing fee. If you have a lot of products, then this can be pricey. With Etsy, you also have transaction fees and a payment processing fee. The transaction fee is 3.5% and the payment processing fee is 3% + $0.25. For example, if your sales price is for $100, then you are looking at a fee of $6.95. Also, you still have to remember the additional PayPal fee.



Shopify gives you your own ecommerce website so it is going to cost you. With Shopify you are looking at paying either $29/mo for their Basic plan, $75/mo for their middle plan, or $299/mo for their advanced plan. Depending on the plan that you choose you will get reduced CC rates. Their Basic plan is going to be 2.9% + 30¢. The middle plan is going to be 2.6% + 30¢. Their Advanced plan is going to be 2.4% + 30¢. Shopify allows you to start a free trial.

Start a free 2 week trial here.


Design, themes, and uniqueness.

Etsy makes your page boring and unoriginal. It’s difficult to customize your shop. There is no uniqueness with Etsy. Everyone looks the same. As an entrepreneur, you want to reveal your creativity and stick out from the pack! If you are selling the same exact product as your competitors and you look the same why should people purchase from you? It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Think about brand growth! Think about other Etsy users who might easily steal your product descriptions to help their sales which always happens.

Shopify allows for creativity. There are hundreds of beautiful themes to choose from. There are thousands of apps that you can implement on your website distinguishing you from others. You even have onsite and offsite developers if needed to get the perfect look. Shopify has many options that you can utilize that Etsy does not have.



It’s dangerous to use a free based platform such as Etsy. It is not uncommon to undergo policy changes and it is not uncommon to have your site deleted overnight. This has happened to many sellers for unknown reasons. Your business is going to pay your bills. Imagine the horror of waking up and finding out that your main source of income is gone. Why risk it?

With Etsy, you give up control for the cost. With Shopify, you are in charge. You don’t have to worry about your site being terminated. It’s never wise for you to put your business at risk even if you are in the early stages.

Start a Shopify free trial.


eCommerce plugins


Plugins are my favorite thing about having a website builder. They extend the functionality of your website and increase profit revenue. Shopify has an app store that allows you to easily install both free and paid apps. Some of the apps that you can install are Facebook Chat by Beeketing. This app allows you to live chat with customers via Facebook messenger. This free app has been proven to increase conversation rates. Their free Sales Pop app notifies customers of recent sales to create a sense of urgency. Discounted price gives you the ability to offer volume discounts on products. There are thousands of free plugins. You are given plugins for sales, marketing, social media, shipping, inventory, tools, reporting, and more.

Some of my favorite Shopify apps are their social media apps. For example, Shopify has an Instagram Shop by Snappt app which allows you to let your customers shop your Instagram feed. They also have a Facebook shop app that allows you to sell products directly on Facebook. These are just some of your app options. There are just too many different apps that you don’t want to miss out on. These apps save you and make you money in the long run.



Etsy does not offer any of these plugins/apps so you will miss out on the creativity and the fun of having your own website.


Feature comparison 

Shopify features

  • Pinterest Buyable Pins
  • Thousands of apps
  • Sell in store (POS)
  • Discount codes
  • Discounted shipping labels.
  • Unlimited number of products.
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Blogging platform
  • Search engine optimized
  • Gift Cards
  • 100+ themes
  • Free stock photos.
  • Easy integrate with fulfillment centers


Etsy features

  • Free
  • Custom orders
  • Supportive community
  • Ready to go
  • Etsy Studio
  • Etsy Credit Card reader
  • Shop Manager
  • Multi-shop checkout.
  • More accurate pricing



Etsy offers email support, they have various guides for you to choose from, and they also offer forum support. What Etsy lacks in is phone support for their customers. If you’re anything like me you always want your platform to offer phone support. It brings me anxiety when I have to wait for emails. Phone support is a must.

Shopify gives you 24/7 phone support, ticket support, and they offer live chat support. SiteGround has more support options and just like with Etsy they too have a large help center and forum.


Which is better?

There is no way around it. Shopify is clearly the superior platform. I believe Shopify is the best overall ecommerce platform in the world. Etsy is just not a wise choice for those who desire their own ecommerce business. With Etsy you have no control, you pay more on fees, you don’t have the best SEO, and there is more competition which can drown out your site.

Shopify gives you a real website with actual ecommerce features to boost sales. The future growth of your site matters! Shopify allows your brand to stand out and grow. With Shopify you are given more tools to generate more profit. Lastly, Shopify is more exciting and fun! You are embarking on a new ecommerce journey and you have cool apps to help you.


I strongly recommend to get the feel of Shopify and build your new site today!

The setup process is quick and easy. Try it for yourself.

(Click here for a free 14-day Shopify trial no CC required.)


Quote – “Entrepreneurship is like a computer game in which you have to master every level before achieving success. Startups repeatedly stumble and have to go back to the drawing board. The best way to skip some levels and to increase the odds of survival is to learn from others who have already played the game.”
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