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Web Hosting

Are you in need of shared web hosting? I will aid you in making the right decision with this FastComet vs HostGator review.

FastComet Vs HostGator: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)

This article will be comparing and showing the differences between prices, features, support, performance, control panels, data centers and more. Below I will even help you to setup your website in minutes.


Domain name option

FastComet gives their customers a free domain for life. Never again will you have to worry about renewing your domain name. HostGator does not offer this free domain option. HostGator is going to cost you $12.95/yr when you get your domain through their website.

Start FastComet.


Data center comparison. 

The more servers that you have in different areas the faster the load speed for your site visitors. It’s always a great thing to have a company that offers many data centers. HostGator uses two data centers. One of their data centers is located in Houston, TX and their other data center is located in Provo, UT.

Check out HostGator.


FastComet offers a data center in Chicago, IL. This data center has over 2500 servers. They also offer data centers in Dallas, TX, London, UK, Frankfurt, DE, Amsterdam, NL, Tokyo, JP, and Singapore, SG. FastComet easily wins the data center comparison.

Check out FastComet.



In terms of performance both platforms are well known for their impressive performance. Both platforms give all your websites a 99.99% uptime and if you receive any downtime you will be compensated for the downtime. FastComet is slightly faster than HostGator due to their various data centers and their rocket booster. FastComet is about 100ms faster.


Pricing comparison

FastComet is far cheaper than HostGator. FastComet offers hosting for $2.95/month which is their StartSmart plan. FastComet offers one of the best budget hosting prices in the world. Their $2.95/mo plan offers Unmetered Traffic, 15GB SSD Space, a free domain, and more.

This is more than enough for most websites. Their ScaleRight plan is going to cost you $6.95/mo. Their SpeedUp plan is going to cost you $12.95/mo. The best thing about these prices are that the renewal price does not increase.

Start hosting with FastComet here.


HostGator’s basic plan is going to cost you $5.95/mo which is $3 more. In one year you will be paying $36 extra and you will not get a domain name. Their basic Hatchling plan gives you one domain, one click installs, and unmetered bandwidth.

HostGator offers a Baby plan which is going to cost you $8.95/mo. This Baby plan gives you an unlimited amount of domains. HostGator also offers a Business plan for the same price that gives you free dedicated IPs and  a private SSL.

Start HostGator here.

BLOGGER100 – 1 free month

WPBLOGGER25 – 25% off.



Both platforms utilize cPanel. cPanel was created in 1997. 20 years later it is now the most popular web hosting control panel in the world. cPanel makes it possible for non-techy users to manage their website with their beautiful user-friendly web interface. Everything is right in front of your face and you get more features than you would normally get with other control panels.


Features comparison

FastComet features 

  • RocketBooster 3x more resources per server.
  • Fast & Hack-free
  • 300% better performance on SSD storage.
  • High-end Intel SSD drives and the latest E5 processors with at least 32 GB of RAM per node.
  • Power redundancy
  • Fixed prices
  • Capacity of 150+ Gbps and 10+ Gbps between network layers.
  • Free app installation
  • Seven server locations
  • Daily & weekly backups
  • 24/7 service monitoring
  • free CloudFlare CDN on all plans.
  • Account Isolation


HostGator features

  • Over 75 open-source scripts in one click.
  • Automatic weekly off-site data backups.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Free HostGator website builder.
  • 500+ video tutorials
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts.
  • Free/Instant Setup
  • 32 Core AMD Opteron™ Processor 6376 or Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2630 v3
  • 64GB / 32GB RAM


Quick reviews from satisfied customers of each platform. 

(F) – Summit Web have used many different hosting companies in the past. None in my opinion have lived up to FastComet. Speed and stability are amazing.

(H) – 1: It’s cheap
2: It works 99.9% of the time.
3: It’s easy to install WP and configure emails
4: Did I mention it is cheap reliable and easy to use?



Both hosting providers are similar when it comes to support. You can rest assured that with either platform your website will be in good hands. FastComet gives you free video and text tutorials.

You will be given 24/7 phone, chat, and email support. FastComet has 142,500+ live chats served and 47,000+ mail requests handled. HostGator offer over 500 video tutorials and over 500 help articles. Just like FastComet you will receive phone, live chat, and ticket support. One thing that HostGator has that FastComet does not have is a community forum.


Which is the better hosting?

In all honesty, both are great hosting companies. However, FastComet wins this debate and here is why. FastComet is not as expensive as HostGator but it is slightly faster. FastComet gives you a free domain for life. Setting up with HostGator is going to take you over 20 minutes. Setting up with FastComet will take you 5 minutes. FastComet also offers better hosting features.


Build a site in 5 minutes today.


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Web Hosting
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