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Would you like to learn step-by-step how to start an anonymous blog? In this article, I will show you how to setup your site with a hosting company. I will provide motivational benefits and I will give you advice on how to keep your identity a secret.

How To Start An Anonymous Blog Successfully In 4 Minutes

If you want to go straight to the setup part to get your website up and running now, then go to the bottom to the section titled create a WP website in 4 minutes. Let’s begin!


What are the benefits of blogging anonymously?

There are various benefits to being hidden as a blogger.

You are able to talk about hot topics – One benefit is that scrutiny is less painful. No one will know who you are if you have a blog that talks about hot topics, which means that there will be no hate articles against you on the web. When people disagree with you to such an extent, they will do whatever to bash your name on the web. If no one knows who you are, then they can’t bash you. Being anonymous allows you to talk about things that you normally wouldn’t talk about. Blogging is a way to express yourself and share things about yourself. Maybe you want to dish out your secrets to the world while being unidentified!

It might benefit your personality – Maybe you don’t like the spotlight. Some bloggers don’t like to be seen. Some bloggers would rather their work to be seen than their name. Some people remain anonymous because of their humility. Who cares about having a big name? I would rather push my message than push my name. Sometimes some people are just shy and introvert and there is no shame in that. Blogging is a great place for introverts to write down their thoughts and interact with others. It’s easier to interact when you are hidden.

You can be someone else – I know this might be confusing to some, but when you are anonymous you can take up a different personality than you normally would have. Surprise others so well that people who know you would never have known that it was you behind the article the entire time. Being anonymous allows you to change your writing style. It allows you to put a mask on to a distinctive character.

It builds anticipation – When you are anonymous and you start writing the juiciest blog articles people are going to start wondering who you are. For some reason, we are attracted to mystery and drama. We want to get to know the mystery person. We want to get to know the person behind the work. Being anonymous can lead to more popularity for your blog because people will eventually want to know more about you.

To better help others – People will have no problem with opening up to you. There are many people who are too afraid to even open up to people on the web in fear of being ridiculed. If people don’t know who you are it can be easier for them to go to you for advice.

Use it to your advantage – Blog to offer more promotions and gain more subscribers. You can offer to reveal your identity to those who subscribe to you. Think about the endless amounts of fun that you can have by remaining anonymous. Think about how you can use it to your advantage to make your blog greater.


What platform should I be using?

There are many anonymous blogging platforms, but they are not needed. You need an actual website so you need to use a platform such as Blogger and WordPress. I strongly recommend WordPress over other platforms.

WordPress offers 40K+ plugins, Real SEO features to help you to rank better, and more. Free platforms are never good for SEO. You will never rank well in the search engines. I use WordPress for multiple websites and all of them do well in the search engines.

Free platforms like Blogger or Tumblr never offer features that will help you flourish as a website owner. All you need to put your site on the web is WordPress and SiteGround, which is the top rated hosting company.


What name should I use?

The first step to being anonymous is to be anonymous. Make sure that you never add your real name anywhere. From the time that you create your WordPress username make sure that you never add your name.

When you create users for your WordPress website either use a fake name or use a name such as blogger. When you connect to your social media websites such as your Facebook, Pinterest, etc. make sure that there is nothing that displays your name.

I believe it will be a good idea to create new social media platforms pertaining to your business. When you comment on other blog posts or forums never leave your real name that links back to your website.


How to choose create a domain?

With the recommended hosting company SiteGround, you will have no problem with setting up your domain. Creating a domain is included in the sign up process, which is perfect. Choose a domain that is connected to your niche. For example, if you want to start a real estate blog for your company, then create a name such as Obviously, we want to be anonymous so you would never use your real name in your domain.


How to mask your IP address?

For those who want to take extra steps I highly recommend downloading Tor which is free. Tor gives you online privacy. With Tor  you will defend yourself against network surveillance, traffic analysis, and more.


Create a new email address.

This might seem extreme, but this is important. You can easily be traced back to your email address. It would be wise to create a new email. However, if you have an email that does not link to you in any way, then it can be used.


Do not be so quick to reveal who you are.

Be careful when letting people know who you are. Everyone knows that word goes around fast. Not everyone is trustworthy. You can tell someone not to tell but then they tell their best friend who tells their best friend and it’s an ongoing cycle until everyone knows the man/woman behind the blog.

You have to fight the temptation of wanting to let someone in on who you are. Even telling a family member can lead to people knowing. If you want to be kept a secret, then you have to do your part and keep your mouth closed.


Watch what you post.

Don’t post anything that gives people an idea of who you are. Be careful when thinking about posting your awards, certificates, achievements, and books. You can use everything in the world to remain hidden but if you are giving people hints, then you can easily be found out.

Make sure that you don’t have your work info anywhere, not even in your emails. Make sure that you don’t post your phone number anywhere on your website. Lastly, always be on the lookout online to see if your identity can be found. Look for small leaks in the search engines and other places and fill them.


Create a WP website in 4 minutes!

Start hosting your new blog with SiteGround. (60% off here)

  • Choose WordPress hosting in the WordPress services tab.
  • Choose one of three plans.
  • (Perfect for new bloggers) StartUp($3.95/mo) – Essential WordPress Features.
  • GrowBig ($5.95/mo) Essential and Premium WordPress Features.
  • GoGeek ($11.95/mo) Essential, Premium, and Geeky WordPress Features.
  • Enter your domain name for your new blog.
  • Fill out the account information field.
  • Fill out client information field.
  • Fill out the payment information field.
  • When you get to extra services. Keep the domain privacy check mark checked. When you register a domain, your personal info becomes publicly available through the whois services. You do not want creeps or people knowing your name and address. To protect it, use Domain Privacy.
  • Make sure that you uncheck SG Site Scanner because it is not needed.
  • Once you are finished with everything, select the pay now button.
  • You will now select their WP preinstall option. SiteGround automatically installs WordPress with their preinstall wizard.
  • Create your new WP login info. Remember not to include your  real name in your username.
  • Choose a SG template. Don’t worry you can change it later.
  • Congrats! You can now login to your new account.



Go to plugins area in your new dashboard. Click on add new and type in the plugin that you desire in the search area. I recommend that you install Yoast and W3 Total Cache.

Here are some anonymous plugins that you can install with WordPress. Below I will name just three of the 40,000+ plugins that you will be able to install for free.

The Ask Me Anything plugin  – Gives you an entire page or a widget on your blog where your users can ask you questions anonymously. This plugin is perfect for those who want to build an advice blog to help others.

AccessPress Anonymous Post – A simple, easy and secure way to allow your visitors to submit a standard WordPress post.

Simple content editing – This plugin gives anonymous users the ability to edit and/or delete their comments for a period of time.


Change your permalink structure and add a theme.

Go to settings, go to permalinks, click on post name, and save changes.

You are able to go the appearance section and change your theme by choosing from one of their 2000+ free themes. I strongly recommend instead of choosing a free theme, purchase a (Genesis theme), which helps you rank better in the search engines. Genesis is the most popular WordPress theme.

Now that you are up and running you are now set. Go to add new in the posts section and start your blogging journey!


Quote – “I learn lot of things by Practicing them.The more mistakes I make on them, the closer I get to be right. You cant just be perfect or a master of something by just studying it. But you can be master and perfect by doing and practicing over and over. Repetition is equals to greatness and success.” ― DJ Kyos
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