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Are you looking for the perfect ecommerce/membership website. In this Kajabi vs WordPress review, we will be comparing two popular platforms.  Kajabi was founded in 2009 by two friends Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser. 

Kajabi Vs WordPress: 8 Reasons To Choose WP

Kajabi’s mission is to help you to market, sell, and deliver your content online. WordPress is the worlds largest CMS that was founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.



It is never wise to host on someone else’s servers. It’s always better to have your own servers. When you self-host your WordPress website, your server belongs to you. You never have to worry about something happening to your website or breaking TOS agreements. I don’t know about you but I always love to own rather than rent.

When you use Kajabi you are on their servers which means their rules. At the cost of Kajabi they should have at least given you a free domain name. However, that is not the case and you will have to use their company domain such as unless you purchase your own domain.




Kajabi is a very expensive platform. It is not for those who are on a budget. Their Basic pricing plan costs $103/mo. This $103/mo plan is only if you pay 1 year up front. If you would rather host monthly, then you are going to have to pay $129/mo. Their Pro plan triples in price.

Instead of paying $103/mo you are paying $311/mo. For some small businesses, these monthly prices will put you at a disadvantage before you sell your first product. Kajabi’s last plan is their Premium plan for $719/mo. I only recommend this plan if your business is already doing well. $719 a month can be a killer for any startup business.


There are many different versions of WordPress. With you have their Personal plan and you have their WordPress Premium vs Business plan. I never recommend using, which is a free hosted platform. Most professional website owners such as myself use

The .org version is the self-hosted option. It is free to use, but you have to pay for hosting. There are various hosting companies such as SiteGround or GoDaddy. I strongly recommend (SiteGround) for $3.95/mo. SG installs WordPress for you and it is the highest rated web host provider. If you choose WordPress and SiteGround you are saving $99/mo which can be used for advertisement.

Start SiteGround at 60% off here.


Products allowed


Kajabi’s Basic plan only allows you to sell 5 different products. If you have a lot of different services and products, then this can greatly hinder your business and cut profit margins in half. I believe that Kajabi gives their customers no choice but to choose their Pro plan. 5 products are not going to cut it for most businesses. Their Pro plan allows you to sell 100 products. Premium goes above and beyond and allows you to sell an unlimited number of products and services.


To get your ecommerce site up with WordPress, all that you need is their Woocommerce plugin. Woocommerce is larger than Prestashop, Wix, and Kajabi combined. Woocommerce is the largest ecommerce platform in the world and it powers over 30% of all online shops. WordPress has no limits. When you self-host with SiteGround, you can sell an unlimited number of items.


Ease of use 

One benefit of using Kajabi is that it’s an all in one platform. I love that email marketing is included. You should have no trouble using Kajabi.

WordPress is easy to learn. With WordPress, everything is one click away. From start to finish it literally takes 4-5 minutes to create a WordPress website with SiteGround. I will walk you through the straightforward process below. WordPress does what Kajabi does and then some. With WordPress, you can install almost any plugin for free. You can install membership plugins for free. You can install plugins for webinars. You can install email plugins. Forums and social media abilities are just a couple of things that you get with WordPress that you do not get with any other platform.

Both are easy to use but WordPress can build a more complex site because of the ability to install plugins at the drop of a hat.



Having another companies brand on your website hurts your business. Imagine If Honda cars had the word Ford branded on them. That would hurt sales and it would affect the legitimacy of their business. You can only remove the “Powered by Kajabi” branding if you pay $200 extra a month and choose their Pro plan. With WordPress, this is not going to be issue. The only branding is going to be your branding.


Payment gateways

WordPress with Woocomerce offers various payment gateways such as Stripe, Amazon Pay, PayPal, PayFast, Authorize.Net, WorldPay, Klarna, PayJunction, and much more. With more payment gateways, you will have greater opportunities for profit from customers in different countries. Kajabi only offers Stripe and PayPal.


Feature comparison


  • Scalability
  • Free
  • Own your data
  • 40,000 WordPress plugins
  • Over 300 free and paid Woocommerce extensions to choose from.
  • WooCommerce is audited by Sucuri
  • Intelligent Shopping UX
  • Servers on Three Continents
  • SSD Storage and  NGINX web server technology  for a faster website.
  • Proactive updates and patches
  • Various Pre-installed payment gateways.
  • Automatic taxes
  • Unlimited possibilities.
  • Enable shipping option choices within your store.
  • Multiple Shipping Methods
  • Discount coupons and codes
  • 30,000 free and premium WordPress plugins
  • Reduce Page Loading


Kajabi features

  • Site Navigation
  • Pre-built Disclaimers
  • Content Monetization Tools
  • Built-In Payments
  • Built-in Blog
  • Payment Options: Stripe/PayPal
  • Code Editor
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Built-in Affiliate Tools
  • Create coupons to be used for special promotions
  • Multiple Currencies
  • VAT Compliance
  • Member List



Popularity matters because it shows what most people are choosing. It also reveals which is the more successful platform. The keyword “Kajabi” receives 10K – 100K average monthly searches. The keyword “WordPress” receives 1M – 10M and the keyword Woocommerce receives 100K – 1M. More people are desiring WordPress over Kajabi.

In fact, WordPress powers over 25% of the entire web. The closest platform after WordPress is Joomla with 3.3%. What is even more impressive is that a quarter of the top 10 million sites ranked by Alexa are powered by WordPress. This reveals that WordPress websites are ranking well in the search engines. Possibly due to the built-in SEO functionality and the SEO and speed plugins that you are able to download.


Support features


Kajabi gives their customers a large help center. You are easily able to browse through their Knowledge-Base Topics. You are able to search through topics such as Getting Started, Account Basics, Marketing, Store, Pro Tips, and Integrations. You are also able to search through helpful videos to aid you in setting up. Lastly, with Kajabi you can submit a request to their support team. You can submit requests for features, billing, a broken site, and more.


WordPress is being improved 24/7. There are many advantages to being the largest site builder. One advantage is that you will receive more updated documents, tutorials, and guides, than other platforms. Another advantage is that you will find more YouTube videos, podcasts, bloggers, blogs, Google hangouts, etc. that are geared towards WordPress users. With a larger platform, you will receive more help. Lastly, with SiteGround hosting you will receive 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support. SiteGround offers dedicated WordPress support. They are trained to go in and fix any problems that may occur.


Which is the better platform?

Kajabi offers limited support, I’m not fond of their analytics reports, and for the price that you are paying it should not be lacking in so many features. Kajabi is only for those who are already generating income with their list.

However, Kajabi costs too much for me to recommend it to others. WordPress is cheaper, easier, offers more support, is more popular, you have more features, it is more flexible, offers more scalability, etc. WordPress is the better all-around option hands down. Now I will help you in setting up your new website today!


5 Minute WordPress tutorial

Click here to start hosting with SiteGround (60% off.)

  • Choose your WordPress plan, Create a domain name, and fill in your hosting info.
  • A popup will appear choose the first option.
  • Create your WordPress username and pick any template for right now.
  • Congratulations!
  • Log in and install the plugins that you desire or install a free theme or upload a theme in the appearance section. I strongly recommend Genesis for the extra SEO benefits. However, themes can be purchased at Theme Forest and everywhere online.


Quote – “You must be very patient, very persistent. The world isn’t going to shower gold coins on you just because you have a good idea. You’re going to have to work like crazy to bring that idea to the attention of people. They’re not going to buy it unless they know about it.” -Herb Kelleher
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