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Which CDN is better out of KeyCDN Vs MaxCDN? Within this article you will see why this is an obvious choice. I am currently using MaxCDN for my blog and I am beyond satisfied.

KeyCDN Vs MaxCDN: 7 Differences For An Easy Choice Today

A CDN is something that you need if you want to increase your traffic and increase your blogging income. I strongly recommend that you implement one today, you will not regret it.





What is a CDN and why do you need one?

A CDN is essentially a network of geographically dispersed servers. What a CDN will do for you is cache all of your static files (images, CSS, JavaScript,) from your original server and deliver them with great speed to your end users. In that way they will offload your server and your site will load much faster. When your files are placed in various different places, visitors will receive the nearest file to them.


What should I look for in a CDN?

What you need is great speed and stability. You need a company that works great with your setup. You need good coverage worldwide, you need the best support team, and you need an awesome user-friendly control panel where you can see your usage, raw logs, etc.


Performance comparison between both CDN’s

KC is operated on 3 performance layers to address low latency and high-throughput requirements. KeyCDN network has grown a lot since when it first started and now it has 22 global POPs. KC works with strategically positioned infrastructure and peering partners around the world.

MaxCDN is known for their amazing performance. They have over 500 peering partners worldwide, which is great news for your business.

Peering partners lessen the number of hops between internet service providers which results in a more direct route to your mobile users. Here are just a few peering partners. AT&T, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner Cable, Verizon Wireless, China Telecom, Swisscom, Deutsche Telekom.

As of right now MaxCDN has 18 global edge locations and they are constantly growing. Not only that, but they also have direct reach into over 90 countries. MaxCDN HAS 56 POPs and there are 22 in the united States alone.

Upon examining small download tests MaxCDN’s time was half of KeyCDN’s time.

KeyCDN lacks in POPs. Do they help increase your site speed? Yes, but not to the extent that MaxCDN does. When we accumulate all the data it is as clear as day that MC outperforms KC. It is a guarantee that your site will be faster when you choose MaxCDN.


Price comparison. 

keycdn pricing plansThe KeyCDN price is something that catches everyone’s eyes. KeyCDN has a pay as you go pricing plan. With KeyCDN you are charged $0.04 for 1GB of traffic. KC offers some of the cheapest prices on the market. Most likely you are probably going to pay $1-3 dollars a month when you choose to go with them.


how much does maxcdn cost?MaxCDN is cheap, but not nearly as cheap as KeyCDN. With MC you will get a set monthly rate. (Click this MaxCDN discount link) and you will get 25% off. That means the prices are reduced to $6.75, $29.25, $59.25, and $224.25. I will also like to note that when you pay annually you will get 2 months free, which is a really attractive bonus.

I was thinking about switching to KeyCDN when I first saw their prices, but my goal is to have a faster better performing site and MaxCDN is way better in this area. With a CDN you want the best performance possible. KC is cheaper by a few bucks, but for what you are getting with MC, the $6.75 plan is a steal.



Both CDN’s are easy to set up and can be set up in 10 minutes. All you need is the W3 Total Cache plugin.


User interface

Both CDN’s have a friendly user interface. In the overview tab of your dashboard, KeyCDN shows the remaining traffic, used storage, your account credits, zones, and a credit chart.

MaxCDN shows your zones, GB transfered, Cache Hits, Non-Cache Hits, and your CDN Usage Overview. Regarding this category it is a tie because both are simple to use, but I find that MaxCDN stands out more. You will find that their dashboard will capture your eye more.


Feature overview 


  • Custom FastStack is powered by highly optimized NGINX caching on 100% SSD bare metal servers.
  • Best-path routing and on the fly analysis to monitor packet loss and latency.
  • 10GB Connections
  • Origin Shield
  • Instant SSL
  • Direct reach into over 90 countries
  • Anycast
  • Access Through API
  • Realtime reporting
  • Raw Log to S3
  • Instant Purging
  • Two Step Authentication
  • Rollover Bandwidth



  • Pay As You Go (PAYG)
  • Custom SSL for Free
  • No minimum Usage
  • No Charges for HTTP Requests
  • Real-time reporting
  • Responsive UI for your mobile and tablet
  • Over 20 POPs
  • Instantly purge zone caches or single URLs


Technical support

One of the things that MaxCDN prides themselves on is their 24/7 support. Their goal is to have the best support and they are accomplishing their goal. They have the fastest and most well trained live chat employees ever. Some companies respond with bot answers which I dislike, but MC gives you genuine answers and they take their time to assist you.

I have only used their phone support once, but they responded extremely fast. They have articles for anything that you might have a question with. Both companies have ticket support and you will get a response in under 20 minutes, both have guides and phone support. The way that they differ in this category is that MaxCDN has live chat and KeyCDN doesn’t.



KeyCDN is a fairly new company so a lot of people don’t know about it. You are going to feel more comfortable with MaxCDN because most people are using it including big companies and top bloggers.

Here are just a few companies and blogs that use MaxCDN: BuySellAds WPEngine, WebPageTest, WPBeginner,, Template Monster, StumbleUpon, Nissan, Kodak, etc.

Just recently RebatesZone increased their traffic by 1495% with MaxCDN. They had 188% faster page load times and 60% increase in revenue.


Facebook and Twitter fans.
KeyCDN – 715 likes – 835 Twitter followers
MaxCDN – 5275 likes  – 7245 Twitter followers


Final take 

KeyCDN is a good up and coming company, but it’s no match against MaxCDN. While it is slightly better in price when it comes to performance, which is why you want a CDN MC takes the victory.

MC has done great things for my site: (Try MC! Click here to get 25% off today.)


MC Quotes

“As a Web Performance testing service, it was critical that WebPageTest was really fast and always available. I looked at various CDN offerings and really liked what I saw with MaxCDN and have been an exceptionally happy customer for several years.” Patrick Meenan | Founder, WebPageTest

“The MaxCDN service has helped optimize our web performance significantly, which was especially important for us because of the growth and success we are experiencing.” Arjen Schat | Co-Founder, The Next Web

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