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Let’s compare MotoCMS Vs WordPress. These are two well-known content management systems, but there are huge differences between them.

MotoCMS Vs WordPress: 8 Reasons To Choose WP

I will compare the cost, features, ecommerce, support, and more. I will even show you how you can get your website online in a matter of minutes.



MotoCMS is a website builder that was founded in 2008 by Demetrio Fortman under the name FlashMoto. In 2010 FlashMoto was re-branded to MotoCMS. MotoCMS allows you to easily build a website without being a coder.

WordPress was founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and just like MotoCMS it is a great software for those who have little to no coding skills. WordPress started as a free and open source blogging tool. Since the beginning of WordPress it has grown into the top content management system in the world.


Pricing comparison


MotoCMS gives you a free trial, but then you have to pay either $199 for a MotoCMS 3 website template or $139 for an HTML website template. This does not include hosting. Upon checking out you also have the option of purchasing their recommended services such as installation assistance from MotoCMS specialist’s($49), ready made website option($149), SEO audit($49), template that you choose optimized for Facebook($39), buyout license($4500) this type of license guarantees that you are the last person to buy your template. After you purchase the template, it will automatically be removed from their website.


One benefit of using WordPress is that it is free to use. You don’t have to pay upfront. With any CMS all that you need is hosting. SiteGround is the official hosting of WordPress and it offers the best performance of all hosting companies. With SiteGround all that you have to pay is $3.95 a month. Start SiteGround at 60% off.




WordPress offers over 31,00 plugins to help you extend the functionality of your website. This is the selling point for many people. You will never have to hire someone when you can install the feature yourself. These plugins are free.

I never paid a dime for any of my plugins. All you have to do is go to your plugins section and select add new and choose from SEO, ecommerce, sales, blog, cache, security, optimization, client, video, chat, forum, display plugins, more. You can turn your site into anything in an instant with over 31,000 plugins.



With MotoCMS you can buy a few plugins as stated above, but they are not going to be cheap. MotoCMS also offers widgets for your site such as social media widgets, contact forms, maps, iframes, galleries, etc.


SEO comparison

With MotoCMS you are going to have to pay $49 for a SEO Audit for better SEO. You are also given basic SEO such as titles, descriptions, keywords, etc.

WordPress offers more than basic SEO features. You are also given free SEO plugins that do wonders for your website. Not to mention plugins that will increase your websites speed. WordPress sites rule the search engines. That should tell you how powerful WordPress is when it comes to search engine optimization.


Ecommerce comparison

If you would like to turn your website into an online store both platforms offer an ecommerce plugin to easily accomplish this. The MotoCMS ecommerce plugin is going to cost you $99. This is not that bad, but many platforms offer this feature for free.

With WordPress you get to instantly install Woocommerce which powers more online shops than any other platform in the world. Woocommerce is completely free and is used by many notable websites.


Template differences


With MotoCMS you are given 300+ paid templates for your website. MotoCMS offers both HTML and responsive MotoCMS 3 templates. You can find the template that you want by adding keywords into your search box.

You can also look at the category box on the left. You can choose from agriculture, animals, beauty, art, business, cars, cafe, fashion, media, sport, transportation, web design, real estate, food, and other template categories.


WordPress offers far more themes than MotoCMS. Not only does it offer more themes than MotoCMS, but it offers more themes than any other platform. In your WordPress dashboard, if you go to your appearance section and click on themes you will see that you have over 2100 free themes available to you.

If you want more themes, then you are easily able to purchase and download from over 15,000 themes all over the internet. I strongly recommend Genesis a highly popular SEO theme that will give your site a boost in the search engines. You can also purchase themes from,,,, and more.


Blogging platform

For those who want to create a blogging platform or have a blog feature integrated into their website or store WordPress is the best option. WordPress is not only the top CMS, but it is also the top blogging platform.

WP offers a plethora of writing and editorial features. You have a large amount of built in blog features. When it comes to being a blogging platform this is one of the weak points of MotoCMS. MotoCMS needs to improve in the area of blogging in the future.


Popularity comparison

MotoCMS powers close to 150,000 websites. This is nice, but it’s not on the same level as WordPress. The statistics for WordPress are incredible. Over 75 million sites depend on WP.

CNN, Forbes, Sony, Mashable, and more all use WordPress. The keyword MotoCMS and Moto CMS only combine for 8800 monthly searches. The keyword WordPress has over 3 million monthly searches.


Support comparison


MotoCMS is known for their unbelievable support. 95% of their customers are satisfied with their support as seen on their support page. MotoCMS offers 24/7 phone, email, and live chat. MotoCMS even has a call back option.


I have never had any issues when seeking for support for any of my websites. WordPress powers over 30x the amount of sites that MotoCMS does. This is amazing news! Most likely if someone has a website it is going to be a WordPress website, which means more help for you. All over the web there are blog posts from WordPress blogs.

You will find a plethora of forums, videos, developers, and more. A larger community means security for your website. Although you don’t have phone support with WordPress. You don’t need it. SiteGround offers 24/7 phone, live chat, and email support. SiteGround offers you help from WordPress specialists that will dig into your site if you have any problems.


Which is better for your website? 

MotoCMS is a good up and coming CMS, but this comparison is like comparing a Ferrari to a Mustang. While a Mustang performs well you, you have more to work with in a Ferrari. I strongly recommend that you choose WP.

It is easily the wisest choice. WordPress allows your site to have more features, it gives you a better opportunity to grow, better SEO, it is cheaper, it offers more design options, it is more fun to use, etc. WordPress makes setting up so easy. It will take you only 5 minutes to get your site up and running.


Create a website in 5 minutes

  • Let’s start with SiteGround. (60% off)
  • Click see plans.
  • Select the ($3.95/mo) plan
  • Create a domain for your website.
  • Account details
  • Skip extras
  • Click get WordPress preinstall option. Their awesome preinstall feature handles everything.
  • Create your sign in info to log into your WordPress login
  • You’re now on the web! Congrats!


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