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Whether you want to become a sports blogger, mommy blogger, etc. You will need a good cheap yearly web hosting company. It’s always great to pay yearly to help cut the cost, but many services can be expensive. In this list I will give you various cheap companies and I will even help you with [...]

Are you debating between Modx vs WordPress for your next website? Both of these companies are well known content management systems and in this review of both platforms I will show you why the choice is simple and I will even help you to set up your site today so you can start gaining search [...]

Are you looking for the perfect ecommerce/membership website. In this Kajabi vs WordPress review, we will be comparing two popular platforms.  Kajabi was founded in 2009 by two friends Kenny Rueter and Travis Rosser.  Kajabi’s mission is to help you to market, sell, and deliver your content online. WordPress is the worlds largest CMS that was founded in [...]

Would you like to learn step-by-step how to start an anonymous blog? In this article, I will show you how to setup your site with a hosting company. I will provide motivational benefits and I will give you advice on how to keep your identity a secret. If you want to go straight to the setup [...]

Do you need a powerful web hosting company? Read along as I compare SiteGround Vs DigitalOcean to help you choose the best hosting company for your next website. This is truly an easy debate and below I will show you which is the best hosting company and the reason why it is the best.   [...]

Let’s compare two well-known ecommerce shopping carts. In this AbanteCart vs PrestaShop review we will compare extensions, themes, features, and more. Let’s find out a few things about both shopping carts.  AbanteCart was founded in 2010 and it is a New Jersey-based e-commerce technology and business solution provider that was created by Pavel Rojkov. PrestaShop [...]

Let’s easily compare KartRocket Vs Shopify. This is not even close and with this ecommerce comparison you will know why Shopify is a better platform to use for your next website. Price comparison The KartRocket professional plan is going to cost you 3000 Indian Rupee/mo, which is $45.41 in the U.S. The next plan is [...]

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