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Let’s compare PHP Vs WordPress to help you to find out what is right for you. First, let me explain something. This is an incorrect comparison and let me explain why. PHP is an open source programming and scripting language to create web applications.


PHP Vs WordPress: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)

WordPress is a content management system built using PHP. The real comparison should be a custom PHP website or WP. WordPress is what you can create using PHP.


Ease of use

WordPress is extremely simple to use. Unlike a custom PHP site there is no learning process involved. It literally will take newbies 5 minutes to make a website with SiteGround hosting. WordPress is a house already built for you.

PHP is a house that you have to build from the ground up which can be overwhelming for those with basic coding knowledge. Whether you know coding or not I strongly recommend that you choose WP because it is already built for you. Editing a post, adding a new post, accessing your settings/tools can easily be accessed within your dashboard.

Most programmers will not be able to create a site that looks better than a WordPress site. With WordPress all you have to do is install a theme of your choice and you’re done. Starting from scratch should only be done as a hobby unless you are an experienced coder. Building a custom PHP site can take you weeks, months, etc. It’s going to take longer if you need to learn PHP.



Plugins give your website extra features at the drop of a hat. With WordPress all that you have to do is go to the plugins sections and add a plugin that you want for free. With PHP you have to develop your own plugins or you have to find someone who can do it for you.

WordPress has over 40,000 free plugins to choose from. Plugins are probably the main reason that I strongly recommend WordPress. Plugins make building a website easier, faster, and more exciting. Allow me to name a few plugins to help you understand the type of plugins available to you.

BuddyPress is an awesome plugin that gives your website social media features in seconds. With BuddyPress WordPress developers add community features to their websites with user profile fields, activity streams, messaging, and more.

Woocommerce, ecommerce, and various other plugins instantly turn your website into an online store where you are able to sell products, digital downloads, services, subscriptions, etc.

Jomres Online Booking System – This plugin gives you the complete hotel booking system for WordPress!

WI Games widget Plugin – This is an amazing plugin that allows you to integrate WI Games widget to your website.

Online Games plugin allows you to create your own arcade website with classic games such as Mario, Pacman, etc.

All that you have to do is type the plugin that you desire in the plugin search area and a list of plugins will be available to you.



Once again if you choose the from scratch option you have to be the SEO. Your SEO is your brain. You have to build your site to rank in the search engines.

WP is out the box ready to use. If you choose WordPress you have built-in SEO to help you rank in the search engines. If you want an added boost, go into the plugins area and add a few plugins. Some of the SEO plugins I recommend are Yoast, W3 Total Cache, Leverage Browser Caching Ninja, and EWWW Image Optimizer.

There is no other platform that ranks more keywords than WordPress. Also, most of the top 10 million websites in the world are WordPress. These statistics reveal to us the great SEO affect that WordPress will have on your blog or your business.



If you are not a programmer, you will need to hire someone to do the job for you and depending on what you need it can be expensive. Think about every time that you need a new feature or plugin, in the long run you will be spending a lot of money. If you don’t have the money, then your website is going to be plain.

WordPress is free! All that you need to pay for is hosting for your website. I strongly recommend SiteGround for its cheap price ($3.95), 24/7 support, speed, and uptime performance. Once your website is up and running, it’s smooth sailing from there. Everything will be at your fingertips.



When it comes to security any website can get hacked. I’ve been blogging for several years with WP and I have never been hacked nor have I met anyone who has been hacked. WordPress is great for security. I always update my sites, update my plugins, etc. WordPress also allows you to install plugins for more security such as Wordfence Security.

With a custom PHP site you can have a well-secured website, but it depends on your knowledge. If someone creates a poor-quality PHP site, then their site is vulnerable to malware and can easily be hacked.


Email list

Adding an email list is a huge part of starting a business. Whether you choose Aweber or MailChimp, WordPress makes it simple to set up. All you have to do is add a newsletter plugin to help you capture emails and you’re done. With a custom PHP, this once simple task turns into a hassle. When we add up all the small things about owning a website we see how a custom PHP site can hurt the success of your future website.



WordPress has a large amount of documentation, you have various forums, YouTube videos, blog posts, bloggers, and you have more developers than any other platform.

The WordPress community is the largest community in the world and it is growing at a rapid pace. Also, most hosting companies offer WordPress expert support. Although there is PHP documentation online, the support for your website is scarce.


Which is better?

Most hosting companies offer WordPress expert support. Although there is PHP documentation online the support for your website is scarce.

If you want to start a business, regular website, or a blog then I highly recommend going with WP. WordPress is the largest CMS in the world. It is being used by brands like IBM, Forbes, EBay, UPS, Sony, IZOD, TechCrunch, and more.

WordPress is used by 27% of the entire web. To show you how great of a number this is, the next 3 largest platforms are Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. All three of these platforms combined are not even being used by 10% of the entire web.

WordPress is better because you have built-in SEO, a mobile-responsive site, more support, built-in features, plugins, built-in security, thousands of themes to choose from, and more. Once again if you desire to start a business or want to be a blogger, WordPress is clearly the best choice. Below I will help you setup your new WordPress site in 5 minutes to help you to start ranking on Google.


5 minute setup tutorial 

1. Start SiteGround here at 60% off.

2. Choose a plan

3. Create your site’s domain name. (Free with SiteGround)

4. Add personal information.

5.Their preinstall wizard will install WordPress for you.

6. Create your WordPress login info, pick a template for now, and log into your dashboard.

7. Congrats. You’re a website owner!

8. Once you’re logged in, go to appearance, go to themes, and choose from 2000+ free themes. If you want the top SEO themes, then I strongly recommend Genesis, which is what top bloggers are using. I also recommend Theme Forest.


Quote – “Circumstances may cause interruptions and delays, but never lose sight of your goal. Prepare yourself in every way you can by increasing your knowledge and adding to your experience, so that you can make the most of opportunity when it occurs.” — Mario Andretti
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