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Are you a beginner seeking to start a website? I will show you the differences between Ruby On Rails vs Joomla and why this is a very easy choice to make.

Ruby On Rails Vs Joomla: 6 Differences (Easy Choice)

The difference between both. 
  • Rails is an open source framework for Web development in Ruby.
  • Joomla is a free and open source content management system designed to help you build SEO friendly websites and other online apps.


Ease of use comparison.

When it comes to ease of use this is not a fair comparison. The reason it is not fair is because these are two different animals. Joomla was built to be easy. It is a CMS and it is the sexiest option for beginners because no coding is required. Although coding knowledge would be useful a newbie can create a website in under 10 minutes with Joomla. I recommend SiteGround hosting which does everything for you. You get incredible power and speed for only $3.95 a month. You definitely need SiteGround

With Rails you are going to need to be an experienced coder. Rails is not for the weak so if you are just learning about website building and you want to start a website today, then don’t use Rails. It will be a huge pain for you and the learning process will likely kill you and your hopes.


Add-on comparisons

One of the things that lure people into Joomla are the thousands of free plugins that are available to Joomla users. Some of the plugins that you are able to use are multimedia, ecommerce, navigation, marketing, mobile, languages, and communication plugins. Plugins extend the features of your website with just one click. Instead of having to pay people to add extra features for you, you can do it yourself.

These quick plugins are not available with Ruby On Rails. Plugins that would be free are going to cost you thousands of dollars. Are you willing to pay $1000 and up to developers for every new feature that you might need on your website? If you are not willing to pay developers, then you are going to have to build new features yourself which means more learning. You are looking at, at least 6 months of learning and 20+ hours a week of studying and sometimes this number is even more.


Price comparison

Although the price of Rails will vary it is defiantly not cheap. Rails has some of the most expensive developers and you might be looking at paying $10,000 and up. You have to also take into account, support, maintenance, more expensive hosting, etc.

Another reason why Joomla is the more attractive option for beginners is because it is free to use. All that you have to do is sign up with SiteGround, which is $3.95 a month and you are ready to start a website. A CMS basically does the maintenance for you. They even give you a free domain. There are a plethora of ways in which Joomla beats out Rails in the price comparison.


SEO comparison

One of the ways that Joomla sticks out in this comparison is that with Joomla you are given several SEO plugins such as SEO Boss Pro, JSitemap, Maniac SEO, SEO Links, SEO Keyword Factory, and more. These SEO plugins will help you to boost your rankings and higher rankings means more leads.

Rails websites rank well just like Joomla websites rank well, but the problem is that they are not structured for SEO like Joomla is. Your SEO has to be your brain. It has to be all the things that you have learned. You are not going to have plugins available to you. This means that once again if you are a newbie you are going to have to pay money for developers.


Complexity comparison

There are many beautifully created websites that were built with Rails. Then, there are some not so beautiful websites that were created by beginners. You have to remember that the Rails course is very intense so even though some can build a site doesn’t mean that their website will come out appealing to the eye.

With Joomla you can use a 100 dollar click install theme and your website can look like a $25,000 website. Most websites that you go to on the internet are powered by a CMS with a theme that costs less than $150. Not only do you have the option to buy themes, but you can also hire developers for way cheaper.


Support comparison

If you check the Rails website you will see that Rails falls short in documentation so that means an even harder task for beginners. They need to improve in this area. Joomla has a larger community so that means more resources, video support, better documentation, and more help for beginners.


Here is why you are better off with Joomla.

Please understand that Rails is a great platform to use, but it is not recommended for beginners and small websites. Joomla is recommended for all users and websites of all sorts, blogs, static websites, ecommerce websites, etc. Joomla allows you to create your website today with no headache involved. It is more flexible, better for maintenance, easier, cheaper, etc.


Start Joomla Today.

All that you need to start Joomla and create a site in under 10 minutes is SiteGround hosting. They have a full money back guarantee.  They give you a free domain and they will basically do everything for you. I will walk you through everything. 

Click here to start SiteGround here at 60% off.

  • Go to their Joomla services on the top. Start their 1-Click Joomla Installation.
  • Click on get started and choose a plan. 
  • Create a domain and proceed. 
  • Add your name,  password, and payment information and you are done. 
  • Let them do the rest. 
  • It will take you less than 5 minutes. It is that easy. 


If you need a powerful SEO theme I recommend Genesis.


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