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I will save you time in choosing the right platform for you with this Shopify Vs Squarespace comparison. Many people think that Squarespace is a full ecommerce platform, but it is not. It’s a website builder that happens to have ecommerce tools. Shopify was made to be an all in one ecommerce platform. You can use it to blog, but it wasn’t made for that it was made for entrepreneurs who need a professional platform to sell their stuff.

Shopify Vs Squarespace: 7 Reasons Why The Choice Is Easy

Which offers more and better functionality for an online store?

The answer is easy, everyone will agree that Shopify is better when it comes to functionality. It’s better built to be a top of the line ecommerce platform. Squarespace has the basics. It is less about the capabilities and more about the presentation of your site. Let’s compare features.


Shopify features

  • Allow people to buy directly from their SM accounts without leaving.
  • Integrated FB store feature – results in an increase in sales.
  • Buy it button – results in over a 100% increase in profits for Pinterest users.
  • Buy Now – Sell your wonderful physical products, digital products, or your services directly within a Tweet via Buy Now. – Results in making your business  look more impressive and increasing profits.
  • Shoppable Instagram integration – Creates shoppable posts on Instagram in minutes.
  • Abandoned cart recovery – Save your customers time and increase conversion.
  • Promotion codes
  • POS – Sell your stuff in person. Works with Shopify equipment or third party equipment.

Shopify offers over 1000 robust apps to transform your site. You name it, it’s in their app store. Fraud filters, sitemap generators, notifications, popups, announcement bars, robotic chat, auto backups, SEO, bulk discounts, popular items, shop translators, notify customers for sales, marketing apps, increase sales apps, customer service apps, shipping apps, tools, and more.

There is an app for everything. This feature is one of the reasons why Shopify sticks out from the other platforms. There are ones that are free and ones that cost. Go to their app store and install whatever you want from their inventory.


Squarespace features

  • Drag-and-Drop Management
  • Gallery Blocks & Display Effects
  • Auto-post your content to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr.
  • Custom WYSIWYG Editor
  • Announcement Bar & Mobile Information Bar
  • Simple Likes
  • Powerful Spam Blocker
  • Direct Editing
  • Commenting Feature


Templates and design

Shopify offers users more templates to choose from. All of their templates are ecommerce targeted. They’re designed specifically for selling. Squarespace themes are beautiful, but as I stated before Squarespace is more of a website builder so many of their themes are not for selling. Another thing is that with Shopify you are able to modify HTML/CSS, if you choose of course. While modifying the CSS can be done with Squarespace you can’t modify the HTML. Shopify themes range from $0 to $180. You can also get them from third party sites.


Which one has more payment gateways? Here comes the huge problem!

One of the reasons that many people stay away from Squarespace is because it is handicapped in this area. You are not given full PayPal integration and all business owners know that this is crucial for any business. I guarantee that you will receive emails from customers asking about PayPal options especially if you have high end customers. There is a lot of hacking and identity theft going on today. People trust PayPal, it is a clear must have. Squarespace needs to step up in this area. Their customers are screaming for help to no avail. You will lose sales over this!

Squarespace payment gateways – Squarespace only gives you Stripe to work with to process the payments of your customers and there are limitations with Stripe. When comparing Etsy to Shopify, a lack of payment gateways were a knock with Etsy just like with Squarespace.

Shopify payment gateways – Shopify gives you 70 payment gateways. Amazon payments which will increase conversions. PayPal of course. Stripe, SecurePay, PayJunction, iDEAL, Ogone, DirectLink, PacNet Raven, PAYMILL, Braintree, 2Checkout, GoCoin, IATS Payments, Ignite Payments, TransFirst, NETbilling, Cybersource, Trust Commerce, FirstData US, Shopify Payments, and much more.


Pricing and storage comparison

squarespace pricing comparison

Squarespace has 2 plans, well actually they have 3. Their first plan the Personal plan($8/mo) only gives you the ability to sell one product and have 20 pages. Squarespace gives you no choice, but to choose their next two plans .

The Business plan($18/mo) which goes a step further only allows 20 products, but you get unlimited pages. The problem with this plan is that it gives no room for growth. For people that have countless ideas in their head about their inventory it doesn’t allow them to put their ideas to use. What do most successful stores have in common? They have a lot of products. More inventory for their customers to choose from. More inventory will result in better rankings on Google for different keywords and it results into more profit. Once again it’s not good for the future.

The Commerce plan ($26) has unlimited everything. You even get extra features such as Real-Time Carrier Shipping, Label Printing via ShipStation, and Integrated Accounting by Xero.

Don’t forget the  2.9% + .30 Stripe fee per transaction.


shopify plan comparisonsShopify – The $9 plan is not a store plan. All of the store plans allow you to sell an infinite amount of products. The difference in plans has to do with more features, cheaper shipping label prices, and cheaper CC rates per plan. I would also note that when you pay annually the price becomes cheaper.


Ranking comparison

Both have built in SEO, but it’s not a secret that Shopify sites outrank Squarespace. There are a lot of things that attribute to this such as, Shopify’s lighting fast global server network and their extensive list of SEO tools and apps to aid your search engine presence.

They even automatically generate a page title and meta description. Squarespace has limitations when it comes to editing meta descriptions and your titles. Also, upon using some of their themes you will find that some of their themes awkwardly force your meta description to be part of your page.

This is another problem that Squarespace needs to fix to help their customers with more precise SEO. At the end of the day Shopify sites rank better than any other ecommerce store platform.


Ease of use 

They are both beginner friendly. You will have no trouble with neither, but Shopify takes the crown because you can install a bundle of powerful and helpful modules in just a few clicks.



Support is something we always have to look at when choosing an ecommerce site. Squarespace lacks in phone support. Even though Squarespace is easy to use as with Shopify sometimes new business starters want to talk to someone as they go through the process and make a change. Sometimes we want answers immediately or fast help because of a worst case scenario.

Even though they don’t offer phone support, what they do offer is live chat, which is available to you from 3AM and 8PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

They also have guides and videos on every aspect of Squarespace. In the top right corner you will find a search tab to help you. Add your question or topic. I would like to add that Squarespace support also has as a wonderful forum filled with customers.

Shopify gains the edge. It has 24/7 phone, chat, email, guides, videos, tutorials, and a forum networking community for entrepreneurs and experts to connect and discuss all things commerce.


In conclusion

Only choose Squarespace if you are building a website for informational and blog purposes. If you plan on making money with a professional ecommerce platform and you want to grow, then Shopify is your best bet.

Shopify is hands down the better platform. It offers you more features to improve your shop and increase your revenue. In all honesty I’ve compared ecommerce platform after platform, but Shopify is the best period. There is no other platform that offers what Shopify has to offer while still being easy for beginners.


Try it: Instead of wondering, get the feel of it.

Build your site today, it is quick and easy: (Click here, Try a 14 day Shopify trial no CC required.)


Quote – Shopify is helping people who don’t necessarily have the web development skills to connect directly to consumers. I see that as a real shift in the opportunities available. Patrick Buckley – Co Founder of Dodo Case
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