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Let’s compare SiteGround Vs Media Temple to help you pick the best web hosting company for your website today. Both of these companies offer premium performance, but upon examining both companies the choice is clear and easy. Let’s begin with the review.


SiteGround Vs Media Temple: 7 Differences (Easy Choice)

Domain name comparison 

One of the best things about going with SiteGround is that they will give you a free domain for your website. This free domain feature is something that you will not get with MT. It is going to cost you $15 a year when you create a domain with MT.


Performance comparison

Don’t think that the price difference means that one offers better performance than the other. Upon testing both hosting companies we found that both hosting companies leave your website backed with 99.99% uptime reliability.

You don’t have to worry about downtime. When it comes to speed SiteGround has a slightly lower page load speed which makes it more ideal for those who want a faster website with optimal features. I must also add that between the two SiteGround has a higher customer satisfaction rating which says something about their hosting.


Price comparison between them.

When it comes to pricing if you are considering Media Temple, then most likely the price is not really an option. Media Temple is not the cheapest hosting company. MT is going to cost you $20 a month to host with them. You can also get your WordPress hosting for a little less by paying more in advance.

SiteGround is going to cost you $3.95 a month. This is an amazing affordable price for everything that you are getting with SG. When it comes to pricing SiteGround defiantly has the better pricing for premium web hosting. $47 a year is a more attractive price for hi-quality hosting than $200 a year.


Control panel comparison

One of the great similarities of both of these companies is that they use cPanel. If you are familiar with web hosting, then you probably used cPanel before, which is the most popular hosting control panel. It is very easy to use and offers a plethora of features to benefit your website.


Features comparison

Media Temple features 

  • SSD Storage
  • Easy site migration & setup
  • WordPress-certified 24/7 support
  • DDoS & intrusion protection
  • Automatic WP core updates
  • 30-day backup & restore
  • Site staging and cloning
  • Git, WP-CLI, SSH/sFTP and PhpMyAdmin access
  • SSH access, GIT integration
  • Cutting-edge front-line security
  • Daily malware scans
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring


SiteGround features

  • Unlimited data transfer for your website
  • Free Domain Name, Drag & Drop Builder, Site Setup or Transfer
  • Unlimited MySQL DB, Sub and Parked Domains
  • WordPress Autoupdate
  • WordPress Advanced Security, WordPress Related Support, and Anti-Hack Systems
  • WP-CLI Pre-installed
  • WordPress Special Cache
  • One-click WordPress Staging
  • SG-Git for WordPress repo creation
  • Servers on Three Continents
  • Full SSD Storage
  • Free CDN for speed with Each Account
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers
  • SuperCacher
  • High level electricity redundancy with multiple failover options including multiple power feeds, own power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology.
  • LXC-based stability
  • Unique Account Isolation
  • The Fastest Server Monitoring


Support comparison

When it comes to support I have never used a company with better support than SiteGround. I am not exaggerating. SG has the fastest live chat response time of all hosting companies. They answer in seconds. They don’t leave you waiting like some companies and you can check out their support for yourself.

I’m a real big live chat guy so this is a huge plus for me. Not only do they have fast live chat, but they have fast 24/7 phone support and ticket support. Another advantage of SiteGround is that they have meet ups all around the world all the time. You can meet up with the SiteGround team and other SiteGround users. Check to see if they are coming to your area soon.

Media Temple has good customer support as well. They have everything that SiteGround has such as guides, tutorials, phone support, live chat, ticket support, except the meet ups. Once again while they do have good support it is not on the same level as SiteGround. Support is just one of the things that SiteGround is known for.


Reviews and popularity comparison

Popularity is important because it shows what most people are choosing. When I searched the average monthly keyword volumes of both companies (Media Temple) has 22,000 monthly searches. (SiteGround) has 80,000 monthly searches and it is rapidly increasing.

Out of 600+ verified  reviews SiteGround scored a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars.  This is the best customer satisfaction rating among all hosting companies.

Out of 60+ verified reviews Media Temple scored a 3.4 rating which is decent, but not the best.


Reviews from happy customers of each company.

(MT) – Outstanding support, really fast and reliable host. I’m running the $20 p/m Grid Service and it’s been fantastic, been with them for just over a year.

(SG) – Superior support and hosting products provided by SiteGround. I’m a web developer, have used many hosting services over the years, SiteGround is the best choice! The server is stable, fast, excellent features meet most people’s requirements. The best of all is the support, no long waiting, fast respond, and the professionals provide valuable technical advise and solutions.


Which one should I choose for my site? 

I strongly believe that anyone who is seeking to create a website should use SiteGround. Media Temple offers great service, but it cannot match up with SiteGround. The price is way in SiteGround’s favor. SiteGround is more popular, it has better reviews, it offers more features, and it offers slightly better performance for your site.


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Step 5: Let their preinstall wizard automatically install WordPress and you’re done.

SiteGround makes everything quick and simple.


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Web Hosting
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