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Let’s find the top hosting service for your business with a SiteGround Vs OVH Vs AWS comparison.

SiteGround Vs OVH Vs AWS: 6 Differences (Easy Choice)

All three of these companies are well known and they all add something unique to the table for your hosting needs but this is not a hard choice. Today we will be reviewing their uptime, speed, price, features, and more.


Easy of use

SiteGround is the easiest hosting company to use. SG makes setting up in 5 minutes a breeze. It doesn’t matter whether you choose their shared, VPS, or dedicated hosting plans. SiteGround comes with preinstall options, which is great for new site owners.

Amazon Web Services and OVH are far from the best option for beginners. I’ve been hosting websites for 4+ years and if I could go back I would still never choose them to start off with.

I strongly recommend shared hosting platforms unless you have an extremely large website. VPS, cloud, and dedicated will be unnecessary if you are just getting your feet wet. AWS and OVH require management skills which can be overwhelming for even experienced bloggers. If you are not a developer I would definitely stay away from OVH and AWS unless you know someone who is able to manage your servers for you.

Check out SiteGround.



Control Panel

SiteGround uses cPanel which is the industry standard control panel. With cPanel everything is straightforward. All their different feature options are perfectly displayed in their user-interface.

If you have absolutely no experience with managing a platform without the help of a control panel, then OVH and Amazon Web Services are not for you. You are better off with a managed hosting platform.


Price comparison


SiteGround offers some of the cheapest hosting prices in the industry. Let’s start with displaying their shared hosting prices. Their StartUp hosting plan which gives you 10GB Web Space is going to cost $3.95/mo. Their GrowBig plan which gives you 20GB Web Space is going to cost $5.95/mo. Their last shared plan which is GoGeek is going to cost you $11.95/mo and it comes with 30GB Web Space.

Their cloud hosting starts at $80/mo. With their Entry plan you will get 2 CPU Cores, 4GB Memory, 40GB SSD Space, and 5TB Data Transfer.



OVH is unmanaged so it is slightly cheaper compared to the other hosting companies. With OVH you have to do everything by yourself so you are not paying for a hosting team to back you up. Here are their cheapest cloud prices.


OpenStack KVM
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10


OpenStack KVM
1 vCore
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10


OpenStack KVM
2 vCores
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

OVH also offers public cloud starting at $28/mo and private cloud for $573/mo.



With AWS the cost of hosting depends on what you need. How much traffic are you expecting to receive? AWS can get expensive. For a small website with Amazon Web Services you might be looking at $40 a month for hosting.


Pricing conclusion

While OVH does offer cheap unmanaged hosting. SiteGround has the best pricing for the features.

Start SiteGround here at 60% off.



All three companies offer a 99.99% uptime rating. There is no denying that they all deliver when it comes to uptime. However, there is one slight difference when it comes to website speed.

While observing OVH I found that the load speed fluctuates. However, OVH has received response times as low as 400ms. If you’re in America, then you might want to reconsider OVH which has no Data Centers in America.

OVH owns 2 Data Centers in France and 13 Data Centers in Europe. You want the closest Data Center to you for the best speed for your website. Both SiteGroud and AWS offer servers on multiple continents. SG and AWS can both reach a low response time of 300ms which is one of the fastest times in the industry.


Feature comparisons 

OVH features 

  • OVH anti-DDoS protection
  • OpenStack API
  • 15+ Linux and FreeBSD distributions
  • Triple data replication and two series of disks
  • Unlimited snapshots
  • Flexible servers
  • Additional IPs – no monthly fees
  • Load Balancing IP and IP Block
  • Simplified control panel
  • Free SSL Gateway, Advanced SSL Gateway, and Enterprise SSL Gateway


AWS features

  • Easy to use – for developers
  • Flexible
  • No long-term contracts.
  • Secure global computing infrastructure.
  • AWS tools.
  • Auto Scaling
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • 42 Availability Zones within 16 geographic Regions around the world.


SiteGround features 

  • 1-Click Installer
  • Staging for WordPress
  • Autoupdates
  • GIT Integrated
  • SuperCacher
  • SSH & WP-CLI
  • LXC-based stability
  • SSD Storage
  • Apache/Nginx & CentOS
  • Private DNS Server Setup
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • 5 PHP Versions & HHVM
  • IP Tables Firewall


Support comparison

OVH has 3 different support teams which can be reached 24/7. The FASS team handles all the support for OVH products. The SWAT team are trained professionals that will fix all onsite issues immediately. The DERT team will always be by your servers for more peace of mind. Alarms are immediately raised for any hardware weakness to ensure that your systems are running properly 24/7.

AWS is the only hosting service on this list that does not actually have phone support that you can call. AWS allows you to create a ticket which will result in chat support, mail support, or they can give you a call back. AWS really needs to step up their support. A fast call back is not guaranteed. This can be crucial if you have a serious problem that needs to be fixed.

I believe SiteGround offers the quickest support out of these three hosting providers. Similar to OVH SiteGround offers 24/7 phone support, a large knowledge-base, live chat support, and ticket support. In addition to these support options SiteGround also offers a webinar series, an intuitive setup wizard which makes setting up easier, and events around the world. Just last month they were in my area. Check here to see if they are coming to your city soon.


Which is better?

To be honest all three of these companies have their upsides. Taking all things into consideration I would never not recommend one of these hosting companies. However, (SiteGround) is the clear top hosting company. SiteGround is managed so it is fear easier to use. Since you have a team that is handling your server you will have time to grow your business. SiteGround is the only service on this list that can be set up in under 5 minutes because of their preinstall wizard. SiteGround offers better prices than the other companies and it comes with more hosting features.


Create a Site today (5 minute setup)

Start hosting with SiteGround (60% off)

  • Choose the plan that best fits your needs.
  • Create your domain name.
  • Enter setup information and proceed.
  • Choose the option to use the WordPress preinstall wizard when the popup appears.
  • Now create your WordPress login information and pick any theme for now.
  • Congrats!
Web Hosting
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