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Let’s compare Strikingly Vs WordPress to find out, which is the best website builder for your next site. We will be comparing ease of use, designs, extensions, support, and more. Let’s begin.

Strikingly Vs WordPress: 10 Reasons To Choose WP

Company footer comparison


With a free account you cannot remove the huge company footer. Removing the “Powered by Strikingly” footer is a Pro account feature. I have never seen a company footer so large and it follows you everywhere. It’s extremely noticeable and out of place. If you want a professional website, then you have to choose their most expensive plan.



WordPress is self-hosted so you won’t have to worry about unprofessional company footers.


Pricing comparison

strikingly pricing plans


Strikingly offers a free plan, but I never recommend that anyone choose that plan because it is not built to last. The problem with the free plan is that you have to have a company domain. For example,

This domain looks terrible, it’s terrible for SEO, it is terrible for branding, etc. Other limitations are that you only have 5GB Monthly Bandwidth and you are only allowed to sell 1 product which I will talk about more in the ecommerce comparison below.



If you choose Strikingly then I strongly recommend that you choose their yearly plans so you can save money. Their monthly plans are a little costly. If you pay yearly with their premium plan that is going to drop the price to 16 dollars a month. If you pay yearly with their limited plan the price is dropped to 7 dollars a month. You can save even a couple more dollars by paying 2 years in advance.



With WordPress all that you need to pay for is hosting. I strongly recommend SiteGround, which is an amazing hosting company. It gives you 99.99% uptime, it is very fast, they give you a free domain, and you only pay $3.95 a month.

Would you rather pay $3.95 a month or would you rather pay $8 – $20 a month?


Domain name


To use a custom domain with Strikingly you have to choose a paid plan and you have to purchase a domain from a registrar and connect it to your strikingly site.



Once again, SiteGround gives you a free domain upon signing up with them. The fact that the domain is free means that setting up your site is going to be easy.


Plugins/apps comparison


WordPress gives you the option of installing any extension that you want to give your website any feature. I have never been left hanging in my search of the right plugins for my site. To give you an idea of the type of plugins that you can install for free, there are plugins that will allow users to login to your website using their social media accounts.

You can actually have fun with your site because the possibilities are endless. There are plugins to add slider effects to your website. There are podcast publishing systems. Add a membership section to your website, which is great for earning income. With these free plugins you can add popup banners or turn your website into the newest video sharing or social media site.



The Pro plan gives you an app store, but it’s not really anything special. It gives you things that you would expect from a website builder such as the ability to embed Facebook comments. They don’t have any jaw dropping apps and there is a really small amount of apps to choose from.


Ecommerce comparison


WordPress+Woocommerce powers over a quarter of all online shops on the internet. That means there are way more Woocommerce sites than any other platform. If you don’t know what Woocommerce is it is a free plugin that you can install that turns your site into a full feature online store. With Woocommerce you can store and sell unlimited products. You can install sales banners, discount codes, different payment gateways, you can install live support to chat with your customers, and more.



Strikingly has ecommerce limitations. Their free plan only allows you to sell 1 product. With their Limited plan you can only sell 5 products, and their Pro plan only allows you to sell 20 products. As you can see, you are not really able to grow your business. Also, you don’t have the features that you will have with WordPress.


Which is easier?


Strikingly is very ease to use. It will take you less than an hour to create a site. You will find that using the editor to fix your site the way you want it to be is a breeze. The problem with Strikingly is that it is too easy of a website builder and here is why. It offers one page sites. There is not a lot that you can do with one page sites. If you want a complex site with a lot of links you are out of luck.



WP is easier because you don’t have to build anything. All you have to do is sign up with SiteGround. Install WP, install a theme, install any plugin that you might want and that is it. You can create a good looking site in less than 10 minutes. I love WP because all you have to do is click. I will give a quick walkthrough at the end to show you how easy it is.


Themes and designs


Strikingly is very limited when it comes to themes because there are only 13 themes to choose from. The news gets worse because once you choose a theme you will not be able to switch to a different theme. You can’t transfer your content when you switch templates. If you switch you will lose all of your data that you had on that page, which is a huge bummer.



WordPress offers themes everywhere that you go. You can immediately install thousands of free themes. If you would rather purchase a premium theme, which is what I recommend WordPress has the largest selection of themes out of any website builder. You are sure to find the theme of your dreams from websites like StudioPress, Forest Theme, etc. On top of that WordPress allows for more customization unlike Strikingly.


Search engine optimization 


Strikingly does not have the best SEO. Strikingly offers one page websites and one page websites are not good for SEO. You’re going to be limited to one page that you can link to. SEO is going to be very tricky for your site. It’s going to be harder for you to rank for keywords. Do yourself a favor and never start a one page website.



Most of the top sites on Google are WP built sites. WordPress is optimized for better rankings. You have the ability to add awesome SEO plugins that will give your site a boost in the search engines. The good thing about WordPress is that you can even install SEO themes like Genesis for an even faster and SEO friendly site. When it comes to SEO, WordPress kills and that is why WordPress is always my first choice when making a site.


Custom Domain Emails


Strikingly does not allow for a company email address. It is not professional to reply to your readers with a personal Gmail account. If you want a custom domain email you have to pay 50 dollars for one using Google apps.



With WordPress all you have to do is log into your hosting control panel and make a company email. It takes less than 60 seconds and best of all it is free.


Support comparison


Strikingly has a nice amount of guides to help you get started, but there are no video tutorials. You can also drop their team a message and they will respond in a respectable amount of time.



With WP although you don’t really need everything you are going to get tutorials, video tutorials, Youtube videos, a large community, blog posts, experts, 24/7 phone and live chat support through SiteGround hosting, and more.


Choose WP Today.

WordPress is the clear winner. You can’t beat the plugins, better SEO, better and more themes, more features, better support, cheaper price, easier set up, etc. Over a quarter of all websites are built on WordPress. Strikingly is a fairly new site builder. It can’t compete with WordPress.

Start your WP today. You will be on the web in less than 10 minutes. All you need is SG. They even offer live chat while signing up, but you really won’t need it.

Start SiteGround here at 60% off.

1. Choose the $3.95 plan and complete the set up process. 
2. Choose the first option on the WordPress website setup wizard popup that appears after you have completed the set up process. 
3. Set up your login info & pick a template.
4. You’re done!


Quote – “If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going. That doesn’t mean quit your job and jump into your idea 100 percent from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.” -Kevin Systrom, Founder of Instagram
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