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Are you wondering, which is a better blogging platform out of Tumblr Vs WordPress? This is an easy comparison. The choice is clear. I will show you the differences between these two popular blogging platforms and I will help you start your blog today!

Tumblr Vs WordPress: 12 Reasons To Choose WP Today

I would like to add that this is a review of self hosted WordPress and Tumblr, not the free version. Never choose the free WordPress version. Always host your own site!


What are they 

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc.

WordPress is the world’s most popular tool for creating and managing websites and blogs.


Domain comparison


One huge con of having a Tumblr blog is that you have to have a terrible looking Tumblr domain. For example, if you wanted to start a fashion blog or beauty blog, then you would have a URL such This is an unprofessional look for your blog especially if you are hoping to make money from it. There are so many drawbacks of having a company URL such as less shares, less backlinks, it will hurt you when you are trying to rank, it’s terrible for branding, and more.



With and a hosting company you will get your own domain. If you want a free domain you are in luck because SiteGround, which is the best WP hosting provider gives you a free domain when you host your site with them. Now you won’t have to pay for it at places like Namecheap and GoDaddy.


Ownership comparison


Many people have gotten their sites shut down from Tumblr. You don’t believe me, well ask Bohemea a popular blogger. Tumblr shut down her blog and she lost over 5 years of hard work. She lost over 100,000 posts and over 100,000 followers. Imagine how she felt inside about losing everything. Tumblr can delete your blog for anything without warning and it has happened to a lot of people.

If you violate anything you better be careful. You must remember that you are hosting on their servers. It is not your blog. You are basically a renter. It is their blog and it is their domain that you are using. Are you willing to take the chance of your site being shut down? P.S. when you post your photos or allow others to post your photos on Tumblr you are giving Tumblr a World Wide, Transferable, Royalty Free License to use your work.



When you get your own hosting with WP everything belongs to you. You have your own servers so you can sleep good at night knowing that your site is going to be there when you wake up in the morning.


Plugin comparison


Plugins are probably the biggest reason why most people are choosing WordPress. Plugins give your site different capabilities. They give your blog the ability to grow. Say for instance that you wanted to add a forum. All you have to do is go to the plugin area and install a forum plugin. If you want to showcase your awesome Instagram photos, Tumblr photos, music, and Youtube videos onto your blog, all you have to do is install a plugin.

Do you want to show your social media posts or add share buttons? There are plugins for that. Do you want to start your own social media site? There is a plugin for that. Would you like to sell digital products, T-shirts, and more to your readers? All you have to do is install the Woocommerce plugin which powers over 30% of all online shops on the web. WordPress also has various Tumblr plugins. With over 30,000 plugins you will never have to worry about anything.



Sadly with Tumblr you will not have access to any plugins. It doesn’t allow you to grow like WordPress does.


Commenting system differences


Tumblr does not have a built-in comment system, so if you want to engage with your readers you can’t, but you do have the option of getting your comment system from other places such as Disqus. The problem with going this route with Tumblr is that sometimes these external commenting systems don’t fit too well with your Tumblr blog.



WordPress has a built-in comment system and you can also install various comment plugins such as a Facebook styled comment system, a social media comment system, and more. There are over 100 different comment systems that you can install and they all fit perfectly.


Export comparison


One of the reasons why you want to host your own site with WordPress is that it is going to be a breeze if you want to move your site somewhere else.



With Tumblr although there is a way that you can export it is going to be more difficult.


Permalink structure comparison.


A good permalink structure will help you rank better in Google. The problem that you will run into with Tumblr is that it does not allow you to customize your URL structure. That means your blog posts URL is going to look like this, As you can see the numbers make it look hideous and Google will not be impressed.



With WP all you have to do is go to settings and then permalinks and you will be able to have a post name or custom URL for all of your posts in just one click.


SEO comparison


Tumblr blogs don’t rank well. I can’t remember the last time I saw a Tumblr site ranking for keywords on Google. It’s not built for that. I took the initiative and used various tools to check the rankings and SEO of a plethora of Tumblr sites and even with a lot of backlinks the sites had terrible rankings.

I guarantee you that it is going to be hard for you to gain search engine traffic. That is why if you wanted to start a business or monetize your blog it is going to be very hard. The terrible permalink structure doesn’t help either. Don’t expect search engine traffic because Tumblr is not optimized to rank well that is why serious bloggers don’t use it.



Everyone knows that WordPress is optimized for SEO, that is why it is the top blogging platform in the world. Not only is it structured to rank well, but you can install SEO plugins like Yoast to help your site become even more visible and rank better on Google, Bing, etc. If you want even more SEO power, then I highly recommend that you install Genesis. It is the top SEO theme that the top bloggers like Darren Rowse, Neil Patel, and more are using.

25% of the top 10 million sites ranked by Alexa use WordPress. This is an astonishing number and this shows how awesome WordPress really is.


Tumblr is extremely abused.

What I mean by this is that when you use Tumblr you will be exposed to porn, nudity, and cursing because many people reblog these things all the time. It is out of control. If you used Tumblr before, then you know this. I would hate to use a platform where I would constantly be exposed to immorality. Tumblr even promotes it. Here is their response to adult content on their help page. “Sure. We have no problem with that kind of stuff. Go nuts. Show nuts. Whatever.”


Theme and design comparison


The issue that everyone has with Tumblr is that they don’t have a lot of themes to choose from and also they are not too appealing. Some of the themes don’t even let you change your own font, which is ridiculous. On top of everything you can’t customize your themes the way you want to. If you know HTML and CSS and you were expecting more, then you are out of luck. You can’t be yourself.  You’re going to have to pay money for better customization.



WordPress has way more free, premium, and SEO powerful themes all over the internet. You are guaranteed to find the theme of your dreams. There are even Tumblr styled themes if that is what you want. WordPress allows for better customization unlike Tumblr. If you need an easy to use SEO friendly theme, then make sure that you check out Genesis.


Ease of use comparison


Many people think that WordPress is hard to use. The people who say this have obviously never used WP because it is extremely easy to use. You don’t need to know how to code. When I didn’t know anything about hosting and WordPress it took me minutes to create a site and get used to it.

I can even walk you through it to show you how simple it is. In fact, it should take you less than 5 minutes to make a blog. Start with SiteGround, they are going to give you a free domain which is what makes it so easy. All you have to do is sign up just like you would with anything. After you are done signing up, allow their WordPress preinstall wizard popup to automatically install WP for you and you are done. 

Now you officially have a website. The dashboard is so simple to understand. You will not run into problems. What makes WordPress even easier is that you will be able to install any type of plugin that you want.



Tumblr is easy to set up and start as well, but once again no plugins to make life easier for you. Also, you will not be able to customize your designs.


Support comparison


Tumblr support is basically non existent. Yes, you can message their support team, but that is really about it. The community is there, but you don’t really have experts to help you.



There is no website community that is bigger than WordPress. That means more of everything. More experts, developers, tutorials, blog posts, videos, etc. SiteGround also gives you 24/7 phone, ticket, and live chat support.


Better for blogging comparison


Tumblr is not really a blogging platform. Why do you think it’s so bad for SEO? It is more of a social media platform. I don’t recommend that anyone start a blog with Tumblr. Most of their content falls into 3 categories. Basic Instagram photos and photos of people’s lives. Funny memes and pornography.



Once again WordPress is the best CMS and best blogging platform in the world. The blog post editing area is smooth and extremely user-friendly. WP has actual blog features. Distraction free writing, publishing tools, importers, full standards compliance, and much more. Many of the most popular websites are using WP. CNN, eBay,, PlayStation, MTV, ESPN product blog, Harvard, Mozilla, and much more. The resume speaks for itself.


To sum it all up here is why you should start WP right now.


With Tumblr it is not your blog. It offers limited blog functionality, it has terrible SEO, it lacks in plugins, lacks in design, you have to rent your blog, and I can go on and on.



WordPress is built for success. It gives you better SEO, thousands of sophisticated plugins, it has a larger community, more designs, better customization, it is better for music, video, and photo storage. It offers more support, you are the owner, it is better for ecommerce, it is better for the future, it is better for branding, it is better for making money, it is more popular, etc.


Start WordPress today. I will point you in the right direction. 

It’s not wise to use a platform and try to switch over later. You will be asking for trouble. Start a WordPress now. It only takes 5 minutes. Time yourself. In 2016 SG is the most popular hosting provider. I strongly recommend it for all beginners. It is extremely easy to use, it gives you a fast site with 99.99% uptime and it only costs $3.95/mo.

Remember all you have to do is sign up and allow their preinstall wizard to do everything else and you are good to go. They even offer live chat when you are signing up.

Start SiteGround here at 60% off.


If you need a powerful SEO theme – I strongly recommend that you check out (Genesis).


Quote – The winners in life think constantly in terms of I can, I will, and I am. Losers, on the other hand, concentrate their waking thoughts on what they should have or would have done, or what they can’t do. – Dennis Waitley
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