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Many soon to be bloggers wonder why should I choose WordPress to start my website? The answer is WP is the best. It’s more popular and better than other content management systems and it’s better than any free hosted blogging platform. Some of the sites you visit daily are being powered by WP. When WP comes to the ball park it comes to play. Let’s learn why you need WordPress below.


1. WordPress is better for the future

It surprises me by how many new bloggers only think about now when really we should be thinking about the future benefits that can come from blogging. Think about it. The famous bloggers such as Nick Denton, Ewdison Then, Michael Stelzner, Ben Huh, Darren Rowse, etc. had to start somewhere. Something clicked in their head and said this blog can actually go somewhere in the future. The true bloggers and the people who expect to do something with their blog or website never start off with a free hosted platform. Never! You have to use WordPress, Blogger is not cutting it if you want to be a successful blogger. When I first started blogging I knew I was going to one day make a living online and I knew I wanted to be able to brand my site. Free web hosting sites decrease your chances of making money and being shared. I weighed my options and it was clear to me that I had to get my own hosting and start with WordPress. All business owner think about the future and with blogging the mentality never changes.


2. You’re in control with WP

With WordPress you are the owner. You are the CEO. With WP you don’t have to worry about your site being shut down for any reason because you are in full control and your site will be hosted on your own server.


3. WordPress is better than Joomla and Drupal for beginners. 

WordPress is super easy to set up. It cuts the setup time vs these other content management systems in half. If you are a young blogger and you want a CMS that is easy to set up and user-friendly then you need WP. Not only that, but did you know that WP has twice the number of downloads than Joomla and Drupal combined. 12 year old kids are building awesome blogs with WordPress and they are killing the blogging community. There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world. WP has a bigger community. There is more support, more developers, and more clients for your business. Nobody wants a complicated site. WP is very easy to manage and most of your needs are just a click away.


4. WP is a money saver. 

Because of the fact that it is so easy to use that a cave man can do it, it will be cheaper for you. You don’t have to worry about hiring outside designers for simple tasks. You can do it yourself. WordPress could be saving you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run. WP even allows you to add a Paypal account to your site for free for business or donations instead of an expensive monthly shopping cart. That means instead of losing you are gaining.


5. WordPress is search engine friendly. 

Let’s all be honest for a second. We love ready to use things. Whether it is food that you pop out the box and throw it in the microwave or gadgets that we can plug in and start using immediately. WP does basically all the SEO work for you. All you need to do is activate a free SEO plugin such as Yoast or All in One and you will be able to start dominating the web with your awesome content immediately. Google will be your best friend.


6. Flexibility 

You can do everything on WordPress. The website possibilities are endless. With WP you can create an awesome video blog site, eCommerce site, etc.


7. Awesome themes

WordPress offers users thousands of free and awesome themes. They are very easy to customize. As soon as you set up your WP all you have to do is go in your dashboard, go to appearance, and click on themes. Once you are there click on add new and you will find thousands of free themes to choose from. If you don’t want any of the free themes you can buy a super fast premium theme such as Genesis or the Thesis Theme.


8. Plugins

Once you talk about the huge number of themes, you have to talk about the enormous amount of plugins that WP has to offer. There are over 31,000 free plugins. There are plugins for everything. You have plugins for search bars, contact widgets, Facebook Like Box’s, social sharing, cache, beautiful slideshows, comments, email lists, games, and the list goes on. A beginner can easily make an eye dropping site in minutes. Notice I said that there are over 31,000 thousand free plugins that will accommodate your site needs. Don’t forget that there are also more advanced cheap plugins that you can buy from sites like Envato Market.


9. Advantages 

There are some companies who only offer their services to WordPress and not other content management systems. An example of this would be some hosting companies.


10. Support

There is more WordPress support than any other CMS or blog platform on the web. If you do run into any problems there are a plethora of forums you can go to and people you can talk to for help.


11. The WordPress resume speaks for itself.

The Top bloggers and the top websites are on WordPress. Sites like ForbesTechCrunch, BBC America, and more are all using WP. WordPress has great credentials.



If you want sites such as the ones in the WP showcase for your blog or your business, then choose WP today. Don’t procrastinate. The longer you wait the longer it will take to make a living online. You know WordPress is the best and you know you’re going to choose it. You came to this article to assure yourself of why you should choose WordPress. always recommends Bluehost, which is the largest and best hosting company. It comes with a free domain name and you can start writing posts in less than 10 minutes. It is very easy to install. Click the link below to start your WP site in minutes.


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Blogging Quote – WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time. –
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