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WordPress is the most popular outlet for bloggers in the world. Are you thinking about starting a new blog using their platform?

WordPress Plans Comparison: 4 Major Reviews (Easy Choice)

If so, that is an awesome choice, but now the question is, which one of their plans should you use? This is what we will seek to find out today.

This is what I am using for all of my websites. is what your favorite bloggers such as Neil Patel, Chris Lema, Kevin Muldoon, Joost de Valk aka Yoast, and more are using. If you are serious about blogging, then you are going to need to use WordPress. The difference between vs is that with .org your website will be held on your own server and with .com your website will be held on their server. What sounds better to you? Does having your own server sound better or does someone else’s server sound better? If we’re honest having your own server is the much better option especially in the eyes of Google. Setting up your site is simple. Unlike with the .com version there is no signup process. All that you will need is your own web hosting provider. I recommend that you use SiteGround, which is currently the highest rated WordPress web host for its performance and affordable web hosting cost. SiteGround can be purchased for as low as $3.95 a month but there are multiple plans that you can choose from for shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting. 

SiteGround will install WordPress for their customers with their awesome preinstall wizard tool. What features will you get with the platform? With .org you get all the features that the plans do not offer you. You will get real SEO capabilities to help your site rank. You will get 50,000+ plugins to extend the functionality of your website. You will get 3000+ themes to get the design that you want. You have more ways to monetize your site when you host your website yourself.

With .org everything belongs to you, so you do not have to worry about anything happening to your blog because you are the owner of the site.

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WordPress Free plan 

If you are serious about being a blogger, then you will not want to use the free plan. With this plan you will get a subdomain and not a real domain name. With the free option, WordPress can place their ads and their branding on your site. You will receive a few free themes and basic design options, but you will not receive the full capabilities that WordPress has to offer. If you want to blog for a living, then the WordPress plan would not be your first option due to the limited features. 


WordPress Personal plan 

The Personal paid WordPress plan is the cheapest WordPress plan that you will find. This plan is going to cost you $4 a month. This plan comes up to $48 a year. Is it worth it? With this Personal plan you will easily be able to get a custom domain name and you will not have to put up with annoying WordPress ads. With this plan you will get more WordPress support options such as email and live chat support. With the Personal plan you will not be able to receive 50,000 plugins like you would with self-hosting your website, but you will be able to receive the JetPack plugin. Jetpack Essential Features include SEO, spam protection, social sharing, site stats, and more. Just like the Free plan you are given basic design options and dozens of free themes. The Personal will give you 6GB of storage space to store all of your website files. 


WordPress Premium plan 

Premium is probably the most popular plan that WordPress has to offer. Premium is a mixture of the Personal and Business plan. It has the cheap price of the Personal plan and it has the large library of themes that the Business plan has to offer. The Premium WordPress plan can be purchased for $8 a month. The Personal Plan comes up to $96 a year. For $8/mo you will be given CSS editing abilities and extra design tools to better customer your website. Instead of 6GB storage you will receive 13GB storage. If you desire to have ecommerce options, you will be happy to know that Premium now allows you to have a PayPal button to help with monetizing your site. Another monetization upgrade on the Premium plan is WordAds. WordAds is an AdSense alternative that pays you less than AdSense. You will not be able to use AdSense with this Personal, Premium, or Business. With the Premium plan you will receive VideoPress support, which helps you to upload and display videos on your site. 


WordPress Business plan 

This is the best option if you have a small business. It won’t take long before you find that the WordPress Business plan is an expensive plan for a blogging option. At $24 a month the Business plan will come up to $288 a year. I hate the price of the Business plan, but I do love that the Business plan allows you install plugins similar to Instead of 6GB of storage or 13GB of storage you will receive unlimited storage space.

When you select this plan, you will be able to remove branding, which means that promoting your brand will become easier. With this plan Google analytics is made easy. This plan allows you to upload custom themes on your website which is awesome if want to use a theme from somewhere else. Business users are able to attend live courses by Happiness Engineers.

Lastly, the Business plan is the only plan that gives you SEO tools to help you to rank better in the search engines.


Which WordPress plan is the best?

The only plans that I would personally choose would be the self-hosting plan or the Business plan. Why? These are the only plans that help you to rank in the search engines. With that said, the top choice is easily the option. With you will receive more features, more support, more design option for a cheaper price with SiteGround hosting. Below I will help you to set up your website today.


Create a website with WordPress today. 

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  • Click on WordPress services.
  • Click on WordPress hosting.
  • Select a SiteGround web hosting plan. 
  • Enter your domain name. 
  • Enter your web hosting details. 
  • On the next page click on the WordPress preinstalled option.
  • Create your login information.
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