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Choosing the right website builder can be difficult, but we will help you to make the best choice.

WordPress Website Builder: 5 Comparisons And Things To Know

In this WordPress website builder article, we will compare WordPress with popular site builders. At the end of the article we will help you to set up your new website.


Building a website with WordPress

Although, you can use WordPress to build your site. It is not your typical drag and drop site builder. WordPress is more of a CMS than a website builder. However, although WordPress takes an installation approach, you will be able to install plugins if you desire drag and drop functions. WordPress is an easier and faster option than well-known site builders. With WordPress all that you have to do is install. Website builders can take hours to get the right look. From experience I know that it can get extremely annoying. With WordPress installing a theme or a plugin takes seconds. It takes me 5 minutes to create a WordPress website with SiteGround hosting.



Differences with WordPress 

There are different WordPress plans that you can choose from. gives you the option of using the Premium $8 a month plan and other plans. I recommend self-hosting with WordPress, which I will show you how to do below. When you self-host you will receive greater SEO capabilities, thousands of plugins, more support, more design options, etc.


Website builder vs WordPress


Weebly was founded in 2006 by David Rusenko, Dan Veltri, and Chris Fanini. There are a variety of things that you can do with Weebly such as starting a website, starting an ecommerce store, and more. With over 40 million users, Weebly is one of the most popular site builders in the world. It’s easy to create a Weebly site. You will have 60+ beautiful themes that you can customize to your liking.

Weebly has a free option that gives you the basics such as a drag and drop builder, 500MB storage, and SSL. The downside of the Free plan is that you will have to use the subdomain which can hurt your website’s SEO.

You are more than likely going to have to use their Starter, Pro, or Business plan. Their Starter plan costs $8 when paid annually. Their Pro plan costs $12 a month when paid annually and their Business plan is going to cost $25 a month when paid annually.

The Best Weebly plan is the Pro plan which offers up to 100 members, HD Video & Audio, video background, password protection, site search and more. With this plan no Weebly ads will be displayed.

Weebly can get very expensive compared to WordPress and there are a lack of themes available.




Wix was founded in 2006. Three years later Wix reached one million years. Two years later the company had 10 million years.

Wix Premium plans give you 100s of templates and unlimited pages, but there are disadvantages. Their cheapest plan is their Connect Domain which costs $5 a month, but you will only have 1GB Bandwidth, 500MB storage, and Wix ads will be displayed on your website.

The Combo plan is for personal use and costs $11 a month. This plan comes with 2GB Bandwidth, 3GB Storage, a free domain and you will be able to remove Wix ads.

Their Unlimited plan is for entrepreneurs and freelancers. This plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and offers $300 ad vouchers, a site booster app, and a form builder app. If you want an ecommerce store, then you are going to have to use their eCommerce plan which is best for small businesses. This plan gives the highest amount of storage space possible, which is great if you have a large number of products to sell. This plan costs $17 a month.

Their largest is their VIP plan which costs $25 a month and comes with VIP Support, Priority Response, and Professional Site Review.

The problem with Wix is that sites hosted on the Wix platform are not known for performing well in the search engines. If no one can find your website, then you are missing out on potential revenue.




Squarespace was founded in 2003 in Baltimore, MD. Today the company has around 800 employees and millions of users.

Squarespace prices range from $12 to $40 a month. Their Personal plan costs $12 a month when you purchase annually. This plan allows for unlimited pages, galleries, and blogs.

Their Business plan costs $18 a month when you pay annually and $26 when you pay month to month.

This plan comes with an announcement bar, premium blocks and integrations, complete customization through CSS and JavaScript, mobile information bar, 3% transaction fee, sell unlimited products, and more.

Their most affordable online store plan costs $26 per month when you pay annually and $30 when you pay monthly. This plan allows you to sell unlimited products, no transaction fees, powerful commerce metrics, checkout on your domain, customer accounts, label printing via ShipStation, and more.

Their Advanced plan costs $480 yearly and $46 when you pay month to month.

Extra features include gift cards, orders API, flexible discounts, real time carrier shipping, abandoned cart autorecovery, and more.

Your Squarespace website will be optimized for mobile with any plan that you choose.

The drawback of Squarespace is that there is not any phone support. With WordPress you will receive phone support through your hosting company. Here is a full WordPress vs Squarespace review.

There aren’t too many notable Squarespace sites which is due to their SEO functionality.




Ucraft offers a 14-day free trial.

A Ucraft website is going to cost $8 a month. This plan offers

  • 1 Website / Unlimited pages
  • Drag & Drop builder
  • Edit / Add your content
  • Multilingual website
  • Unlimited articles
  • SEO App
  • Invite your team members
  • Free hosting
  • 15+ Integrations
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Ucraft watermark

Their eCommerce plan costs $16 a month and allows you to sell up to 50 products. With this plan you will not have a transaction fee.

A few features include:

  • 70+ Payment and Shipping methods
  • Multi-currency support
  • SEO for products
  • Payments and orders management
  • Real-time tracking
  • Unlimited storage


The Ucraft Pro plan costs $39 a month and comes with extra features that are not on the eCommerce plans.

Features include:

  • Offering discount coupons & volume discounts
  • Editing invoices
  • Store Management App for iOS & Android
  • Enabling Favorites/Wishlist
  • Enabling tax exemption
  • Reverse-charging VAT

Their Unlimited plan costs $76 a month. This plan allows you to sell on eBay to increase sales. When you pay Ucraft yearly you will be able to get cheaper rates. Although Ucraft gives you cheaper rates, there are less than 80 templates options. With WordPress you have thousands of themes to choose from.




Jimdo was founded in 2007.

Jimdo offers a Free plan, but they also have 4 other plans with more features.

Their most affordable Pro plan costs $7.50 a month. This plan comes with all basic features and more such as a free domain for the first year, 5GB storage, 10GB bandwidth, pro support, and mobile optimization.

The best-selling Business plan is the Jimdo Business plan which costs $20/month.

Their SEO plan is the plan that you would choose if you want to rank better with Jimdo. This plan costs $30 a month when billed annually. The SEO plan comes with Search Engine Optimization, Professional SEO Add-on, and more.

The Platinum Jimdo plan is the plan with the most features. This plan costs $40 a month when billed annually. With this plan you will receive Premium support, HTTPS Encryption, and an Expert website review. This ensures that your website is ready to go.

Compared to WordPress Jimdo lacks in themes, features, and it can be expensive for features that should already be built in. It should not have to cost you $30 a month to get good SEO.


Should I use a website builder?

No! The best thing would be for you to do is use WordPress. Why pay more than you have to? There are various reasons why I suggest WordPress over other platforms. WordPress offers better SEO than any other platform. You can easily install a plugin such as Yoast with optimal results.

WordPress sites rank better than any other platform in the world which is why many popular brands are using them. WordPress has 50K+ free plugins to choose from to extend the capabilities of your site. Most site builders offer less than 100 plugins or only have built-in features.

WordPress has over 30,000 themes that you can install to help you find the right look for your business. I encourage you to try WordPress for yourself today. Below I will help you to create a site with the top WordPress hosting service (SiteGround). SiteGround automatically installs WordPress for you. SiteGround offers a 300ms load response time, 99.99% uptime, multiple data center locations for a better page load speed, and more.



Create a WordPress website.

1. Start with SiteGround here ($3.95/mo)

2. Choose a WordPress plan.

3. Create a domain for your WordPress website.

4. Add your personal information.

5. Use the Setup Wizard popup to install WordPress.

6. Create your WordPress platform.

7. Congratulations!

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